Chapter 578: Forbidden Area, Divine Slaying Array

Time always passed without being noticed. Life changed and sometimes suddenly reverted, yet there would still be great changes.

“Yet another night.” Long Yi sighed, watching the bright night sky. He didn’t know why he sighed with such emotion. The past had already passed, and the future remained unknown. Compared to this starry sky that had existed for an immemorial time, the life of a person was insignificant.

“Yes, this night is so beautiful.” No one knew whether Liuli understood Long Yi’s mood or not, yet she still agreed with him.

Long Yi looked over in surprise. Then, laughing at himself, he reached out a hand and hugged Liuli’s slender waist. The night was indeed very beautiful. Wasn’t this already all they needed?

“You two, can’t you whisper sweet nothings to each other later? We are leaving soon,” Midi’er muttered from behind. They were going to the forbidden area of the Dragon Clan soon, so she was very nervous and was tense compared to yesterday. These two people acted as if they weren’t nervous at all. Moreover, they were cuddling in front of her, a single person. Wasn’t that intentionally provoking her?

“It isn’t time yet. Besides, you’re just jealous. How about coming here and letting me hug you to soothe your lonely heart?” Long Yi turned his head and suggested with a smirk.

“Sometimes, I truly hope that you were dumb and mute.” Midi’er angrily glared at Long Yi but felt helpless.

“Sometimes, I truly hope that you find a man,” Long Yi shrugged his shoulders and said with a smile.

“You… what do you mean?” The beautiful face of Midi’er became hot as she asked.

“It is said that a female T. Rex will become gentle and soft after she is claimed by a man. With yin and yang blending… Hey, what do you want to do? A gentleman only uses his mouth and not his fists.” Seeing Midi’er’s dragon aura soaring, Long Yi hastily grabbed Liuli and retreated two steps back. Placing her behind him, he adopted a defensive posture.

“I am not a gentleman,” Midi’er gnashed her teeth and said.

“Then, that’s good. Come, I will say this in advance: you are responsible for your own actions.” Long Yi made a bad smile and reached out his hand toward Midi’er.

Midi’er just stamped her feet. Turning around, she simply ignored him. She knew full well that she could hardly be considered his opponent in a fight. Perhaps, he would use this as a pretext and take cheap advantage of her and eat her tofu.

Teresa looked at these two bickering people and smiled faintly, shaking her head. This niece was unable to endure Long Yi’s teasing. It seemed she also had some affection for him. Teresa truly didn’t know what would happen in the future.

“Okay, it is almost time. You all should go now. I have to take care of Xingxing, so I cannot go together with you all. I will pay attention to the movement on Dragon Island for you all. If you encounter something dangerous that you all cannot resolve in the forbidden area, then don’t force yourself; just return,” Teresa looked at the sky and warned.

After coming out of the master island, Long Yi’s group had stayed here and discussed their next steps for a long time. However, because no one had explored the forbidden area, they were unable to predict what they would encounter inside. Thus, Long Yi had laid out a transfer magic array in Teresa’s log cabin. Writing several transfer magic scrolls, he passed one to everyone. If they encountered mortal danger, they could teleport back using these scrolls. This was the safest way they had conceived after discussing for a long time.

Everyone agreed and flew away, disappearing from Teresa’s vision.

A group of islands shrouded within mist all year round, the Dragon Clan’s forbidden area was at the edge of Divine Dragon Archipelago. One couldn’t clearly see it, and the only visible parts were just a corner of the iceberg. Only God knew how big it was.

There was only one entrance to these islands. It was useless to try to enter the forbidden area from any other direction because they would then only arrive at a hazy place and fly about, before somehow ending up outside again.

At this moment, it was late at night. Most of the dragons on Divine Dragon Archipelago had already gone to sleep. Since everyone had concealed their auras, they didn’t fear anyone seeing them.

The crowd quickly landed before the sole entrance to the islands. The mist surged around that area, and they could only see a towering cliff with eight grooves.

Long Yi took out the Dragon King Seal and the seven Elder’s seals from his space ring. Then, he embedded Dragon King Seal in the groove that was located at the topmost location without any hesitation before successfully placing the seven Elder’s Seals into the remaining grooves. Immediately after that, a mechanism sounded, and the cliff cracked open in the middle. The gap gradually enlarged until it was wide enough for a person to walk, then all movement stopped.

“Big sister, are we truly going in?” Leguxiya was nervous in his heart and asked in a whisper. One should know that there was a strict rule in the Dragon Clan: entering the forbidden area without authorization was punished with death.

“Are you afraid? If you are afraid, then scram back.” Midi’er glared at Leguxiya as if her palms were not drenched with sweat due to nervousness.

Long Yi turned around. After thinking for a while, he said, “You two brother and sister don’t need to enter these muddy waters. In any case, we are not of your Dragon Clan. Your clan matters don’t affect us. But if you two go in, then the consequences might be truly unpleasant.”

Midi’er took a deep breath. Rolling her eyes at Long Yi, she said, “Do I have a route of retreat now? It was me and Leguxiya who stole the elders’ seals. But, you don’t need to worry. I have never regretted anything I have done,” After saying thus, Midi’er took the lead to enter the path in the cliff.

“Let’s go.” Long Yi rubbed his nose and entered behind her. Even though Midi’er had already said so, he truly felt somewhat sorry. It seemed he had truly pulled down these siblings into his naughty plans.

Several light balls dimly illuminated the path in the middle of the cliff. They were not very useful because this path was filled with dense fog, so the visibility was still very limited.


At this time on Divine Dragon Master Island, one of the seven elders, Elder Feili, was pressing down his young wife with vigor. Suddenly, he trembled and stiffened, a look of disbelief appearing on his face.

“My husband, how come you are so fast today?” Elder Feili’s wife opened her eyes and reprimanded with dissatisfaction.

The dragon power of Elder Feili surged, and an elder seal appeared in his hand. Then, after examining it carefully, he exclaimed, “It’s a fake! There is a mishap.” He pushed away his wife and hastily ran out after putting on his clothes.

At this moment, all the other six great elders also noticed that the forbidden area of Dragon Clan had been opened. Immediately after that, they took out their elder seals and discovered that they had been swapped without anybody knowing. They hastily flew toward Dragon King Peak.

The seven great elders gather and hastily used their spirits to call the Dragon King. However, the Dragon King didn’t reply. Only the two great guards of the Dragon King came.

“Please inform Dragon King that something major has happened in the Dragon Clan,” One of the seven great elders hastily requested.

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“Replying to elder, Dragon King is in complete seclusion and attempting to breakthrough to Dragon God realm. He has instructed that if something happens, the elders should discuss it among themselves and deal with the matter,” One of the Dragon King guards said.

The seven elders looked at each other in blank dismay. They knew that when one was in complete seclusion, unless others broke through the barrier and woke one up, one would not wake up by his or herself.

“Are Princess and Prince still within their prison?” Elder Feili suddenly thought of a matter and asked.

“This… they aren’t. Moreover, we don’t know where they are.” One of the Dragon King guards nervously spoke.

The Elder Feili’s beard trembled. Looking at the remaining six elders, he gravely said, “I am certain that our elder seals were stolen by the princess and prince. In addition, taking advantage of this time while Dragon King is in complete seclusion, they stole the Dragon King Seal too. Now, they have opened the forbidden area of our Dragon Clan. Presumably, they want to rescue those two damned sinners. What should we do now?”

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“Entering the forbidden area without authorization is a capital offense. Even imperial kinsmen are no exception. We absolutely cannot let them save those two damned sinners. I suggest that we, the seven of us, activate the Divine Slaying Array. If they have the luck to escape death, then that is heaven’s will. This way, even if they are killed, Dragon King cannot blame us old fellows.” Among them, one elder with a ruddy complexion, white beard, and cruel face said. His name was Aluosi. If Long Yi were here, he would have recognized him as the Dragon Elder he had fought in Illusory Forest.

“The evils brought on oneself are the hardest to bear. Even if Dragon King blames us, we should activate the Divine Slaying Array. There is no loss in punishing sinners,” Elder Feili said.

The rest of the elders thought for a while and successively nodded in agreement, although some were a bit reluctant.

After that, the seven elders flew toward the forbidden area. By the time they reached it, the gap of the cliff had already closed, and the Dragon King Seal and the seven Elder’s seals embedded in the grooves had already disappeared.

The seven elders stood in a circle and began to chant an obscure spell of the Dragon Clan. Then, golden light spun in midair above them, forming strange magic runes.

When all of those magic runes combined into one multi-leveled magic text, the entire forbidden area shook.

The Divine Slaying Array activated, and the seven great elders rose with different expressions, watching the thick fog surging in the sky.

The might of this Diving Slaying Array was incomparably great. It was a powerful and peerless magic array which was equally famous to the Divine Trapping Array. Once it was activated, even gods couldn’t escape the might of this array.

In the Dragon King’s treasure cave, Dragon King, who had been in complete seclusion, suddenly opened his dragon eyes. There was worry flickering in his eyes as he muttered, “Although the might of the Divine Slaying Array is peerless, with that kid, there shouldn’t be any problems. As long as they survive the Divine Slaying Array, even if Sa Lianya and Fandi are released, these old fellows will also have nothing to say.”


At this moment within the forbidden area of Dragon Clan, Long Yi’s group who had just emerged the crack within the cliff had no time to glance around before everything started shaking. It was as if the world were breaking down. A huge pressure condensed in the air, making people gasp for breath. Sharp ear-piercing hissing sounds resonated, making people feel as if their internal organs were churning and teeth tingling.

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