Chapter 579: Guardian Dragon God

“Ting, ting.” Red, yellow, blue, green and cyan-colored radiances flashed. Immediately, a beautiful harp melody resounded, dispelling the ear-piercing shriek. The five colors circulated around the heads of everyone, making them feel at ease.

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Liuli played with her fingertips skillfully dancing across the strings of her harp. Although she had mastered only the first five notes of her Soul Locking Seven Notes, her current might already far surpassed her previous self. This technique could be counted as an attack magic that belonged to the spirit magic category. It could shake and disperse the spirits of opponents yet could also protect the spirits of allies.

Not long after, Liuli stopped, and her Seven Colored Glaze Harp disappeared. However, the five colored radiance circulating above everyone’s heads didn’t disperse even as the haunting echoes of her notes faded away.

Now without any pressure on their spirits, everyone relaxed and looked around them. The scenery around shocked them. The boundless green grassland they had glimpsed a moment ago was already shrouded by mist. What’s more was that even their companions standing beside them were barely visible.

Long Yi’s complexion changed upon sensing that the pressure around them was getting stronger and stronger, but he slowly calmed down and said solemnly, “Everyone, be careful. We cannot use barriers to defend ourselves in this god-damned place.”

“I know. Just a moment ago, I thought to put up an isolation barrier, but I was unable to do so,” Leguxiya bitterly said.

“Young Master, did we activate the magic array of this forbidden ground? I don’t think that Dragon King and the seven great elders would be attacked like this,” Li Qing said. His tone was flat without any anxiety. After going through the Moxi Clan’s 18 Paths of Testing, his nerves had already become tough and nearly indestructible. Even if he knew that he would die in the next second, he would not even frown and instead choose to remain calm. Relying on his calmness, he had escaped death many times.

“As I see it, those old fellows must have noticed us, so they activated the magic array of this place,” Midi’er hatefully said.

“Who cares! Whoever dares to obstruct me, Barbarian Bull, will be pulverized.” Barbarian Bull said, brandishing his Greenstone Rule. A familiar blood-red radiance appeared in his bull eyes. This was a kind of bloodthirsty radiance. The worldly pressure had made his blood boil with passion.

Just at this time, as if the Heavens had heard Barbarian Bull’s brave words, a hole suddenly split open beside him, and a silent suction force pulled him in.

Barbarian Bull was startled, but he quickly moved his center of gravity down and nailed his legs to the ground. But, his upper half had already sunk into that hole. He felt a chilly feeling had begun to spread all over his body.

“** your mother!” Barbarian Bull roared and swung his Greenstone Rule around him.

That strange hole vibrated, and a sad and shrill dragon roar resounded out of nowhere.

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay. Even Midi’er and Leguxiya also looked confused and shocked.

“It seems to be a soul, a dragon’s soul.” Long Yi said with a frown. He had noticed a powerful soul fluctuation, but there had been no undead aura. It truly was somewhat strange.

“Dragon’s soul? Could it be…” Midi’er exclaimed in surprise.

“What?” Long Yi asked.

“When one of our clansmen die, Dragon King and the elders will seal that dead clansman in this forbidden land. It can be said that this forbidden land is our Dragon Clan’s graveyard,” Midi’er replied.

Long Yi suddenly saw the light. So it turned out that the dead clansmen of the Dragon Clan were sealed in this forbidden land, becoming a part of this forbidden area’s big array. They were responsible for attacking. This truly was making the best use of everything. Even in death, the clansmen could aid the clan.

When Long Yi revealed his thoughts while watching Midi’er with a smirk. The she-T. Rex unexpectedly blushed. In the ruins of the Divine Dragon Main Island, when Long Yi had proposed to make use of those bones to create undead, Midi’er had obstructed him saying he shouldn’t blaspheme the dead. But now, in this place, her Dragon Clan was not only using the remains of their clansmen, they were also cultivating the souls using unknown magic.

Merely, this calmness didn’t last long, overwhelming attacks soon befell them. One after another, big space rift-like holes appeared around everyone, and a powerful suction force pulled at everyone. Without a doubt, if they were sucked into these holes, their final ending would definitely be death. Long Yi even wondered whether these holes might be the big mouth of those dragon souls and connected to a different boundless space. In other words, these holes might very possibly be true space rifts.

The Greenstone Rule of Barbarian Bull shone with a faint green light as he swung it around him, knocking these big holes shut. The Ice Sword of Li Qing was also no exception. With an indistinct god beast outlined around him, he emitted a powerful aura, his cold qi freezing the holes around him.

Midi’er and Leguxiya appeared far more hasty and disorderly: their dragon power and dragon breath were not too effective against these souls, so they could only dodge them to avoid being sucked in.

As for Long Yi, he alone was calm, standing still in the same place. Nevertheless, it was quiet around him; there was not a single hole around him. This was strange.

Long Yi raised his eyebrows and thought for a bit. Looking at the current state of affairs, it seemed as if these spatial distortions would never stop. Thus, he no longer procrastinated. His glabella flashed with purple light, and along with an earth-shaking rumble, a lightning bolt suddenly struck down from the sky and formed Lighting God Hammer. He looked fearsome with lightning flickering out of the weapon in his hand.

“Lightning God Strike!” Long Yi roared, and lightning bolts suddenly scattered all around in the sky. The mist suddenly dispersed as if it had encountered its nemesis. The Lightning God Hammer became as big as a mountain, and world-destroying might spread throughout the air. The entire space suddenly swayed as if the world were being destroyed, and lightning enveloped everywhere with crackling sounds.

Long Yi’s complexion became a bit pale, and the Lightning God Hammer sunk back into his body. The energy required to use this one attack was honestly too great.

Since the dense mist had already dispersed, the world regained its clarity. In front of them, there was once more a green prairie that stretched as far as the eye could see with a few umbrella-shaped trees scattered here and there. In the sky were green transparent dragon souls that densely covered the entire sky.

Everyone was stunned upon seeing this spectacular scenery. Long Yi was no exception. However, he was not stunned because he was shocked, but because he was lost in his calculations. With this many dragon souls, if all of them were summoned as his undead, that would be wonderful. Even if he couldn’t summon them all as his undead, he could also use them for energy and feed Long Two and Niur.

While he was thinking, the dragon souls in the sky suddenly began to move quickly before fusing together to form a huge dragon head in the sky. Compared to that huge dragon head, Long Yi and others were tiny like ants.

“Little dragon, hello! Good to meet you for the first time… that… what is your honorable name?” Long Yi took a step forward. Gazing at this huge monster, he asked politely with a smile. The reason why he was using such an opening was just to test whether this big fellow had a conscious or not.

“Lightning God Inheritor, this is not a place you should come to—at least not before you become a real Main God. Just leave this forbidden land of the Dragon Clan I guard. I don’t want to make things difficult for you.” The huge dragon in the sky spoke in the human language. Opening its big mouth, a magic door appeared in front of everyone.

“Bro-brother-in-law, let’s just leave quickly!” Facing the pressure of this huge dragon, Leguxiya’s heart trembled, and he shouted these words while cowering behind Long Yi.

Long Yi turned his head and glared at Leguxiya. “You useless fellow! Don’t ever mention that you know me after getting out of this place. Want to go, then you can go! I don’t guarantee that the other side of this magic door is not the stomach of this little dragon.”

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A hint of surprise flashed through the pupils of that huge dragon head in the sky, and it praised, “You are truly different from Lightning God. You have a stomach full of schemes, but you are very smart.”

The words of this huge dragon head proved that this magic gate truly had a problem.

“You never intended to let us leave from the very beginning, did you?” Long Yi, however, smiled and asked without a change in his expression.

“Correct, death is the only path for those who intrude this forbidden land. Even if you are the inheritor of Lightning God, you are no exception,” The huge dragon soul gravely spoke.

“How about we have a discussion? Release the two dragons that are imprisoned in this forbidden area, and we can meet your demands. Regardless of anything, they are your clansmen. Isn’t that so?” Long Yi said with a smile.

“Sinners cannot be forgiven. Besides, you don’t have the qualifications to haggle with me.” The dragon soul firmly said.

“I was only making a polite remark when saying that I wanted to discuss with you. To tell the truth, I am very interested in your huge energy body.” Long Yi snickered with a smile.

“Hahaha, since I became Dragon God 100,000 years ago, no one has dared to threaten me like this.” The huge dragon soul laughed as if he had heard the funniest joke in the world.

Hearing this person in front of them was a Dragon God, Midi’er and Leguxiya wanted to kneel down. Dragon Gods were the supreme existences in the eyes of all dragons. But, Long Yi stopped them and glared at them with disappointment, before laughing, “Although this little dragon claims to be a Dragon God, he has already died. Now, his current body is formed by absorbing the souls of these dead dragons. Without the support of these clansmen’s souls, he is inferior to even an insect.”

Upon hearing this, the dragon soul was furious. He opened his big mouth and like a black hole, a powerful suction force appeared. Everyone felt their body tremble, and they were unexpectedly unable to suppress the energy stored within their own body, allowing their energy to disperse outside.

“Devouring Dragon Physique…” Long Yi was stunned. This little dragon actually had the Devouring Dragon Physique. Long Yi felt a bit silly because he should have already guessed it. After all, if the little dragon didn’t have the Devouring Dragon Physique, how could he have absorbed and condensed so many dragon souls?

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