Chapter 580: Dealing a counterblow

(Part 1)

Throughout history, there were only three dragons who had possessed the Devouring Dragon Physique. Niur was one of them. This Dragon God guarding the forbidden land of the Dragon Clan was actually one of the remaining two that possessed the Devouring Dragon Physique. This was beyond the expectations of Long Yi.

Every dragon with the Devouring Dragon Physique was bound to become the leader of the entire dragon race and lead the dragon race to glory. One could well imagine the power of the Devouring Dragon Physique.

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Although this guardian Dragon God in front of them had already died, his soul still had the ability to devour. It could absorb everything that contained energy, no matter whether they were living or non-living things.

Long Yi became solemn, and he used a huge amount of spirit power and internal force to make a shield through a solid layer of energy in front of everyone to block the powerful suction force coming from this Dragon God.

The Dragon God was startled. Apparently, he was surprised by Long Yi’s resistance. However, he suddenly increased the suction force, seeking to devour that shield containing a huge amount of energy.

Merely, this shield created by Long Yi was connected with his sea of consciousness. How could the dragon devour it so easily? As for Long Yi, feeling this Dragon God putting forth his strength, his handsome face deformed as if his soul were having a back-and-forth warfare against this powerful suction force.

Long Yi gritted his teeth, but his eyeballs were already squirming. His whole body felt as if it might collapse at any moment. He quickly turned around. Looking at Liuli who was using her spirit power to help him stabilize the shield, he ordered, relying on their contract, “Take them and leave first. I will stall this Dragon God and meet you all later.”

“No, I am not going.” Liuli, nevertheless, bit her lower lip and said with her eyes filled with stubbornness.

“Be obedient. Do you still have no trust in this Young Master? I have a way to counter him, but I cannot go all out with you all here.” Long Yi expressed his thoughts with certainty.

Liuli looked at Long Yi, and seeing that he was determined, she gritted her teeth and retracted her spirit power before saying, “You all, follow me. Young Master said he has a way.”

Everyone looked at Long Yi and saw him nodding his head, so they chose to believe him without any hesitation because Long Yi had never disappointed them before.

After everyone flew away and disappeared in a blink of an eye, the Dragon God laughed, “Do you think that they will be able to escape like this? The Divine Slaying Array of this forbidden land is laid out by me in person. As long as my soul is not annihilated, it will never be dispelled. Even if I fail to devour you all, you all will die. No one can escape!”

As if confirming the Dragon God’s words, several screaming sounds could be heard from far away. Then everything became silent.

“Give up! You cannot hold on for much longer,” Dragon God said while watching Long Yi.

“Indeed, I cannot hold on for a long time.” Under the full powered devouring power of the Dragon God, Long Yi’s cheeks deflated, and his black pupils changed into glass beads without any fluctuations.

Suddenly, the shield in front of Long Yi was dispelled, and he was pulled into the huge dragon mouth of the Dragon God within the sky.


The Midi’er siblings and the others were drawn into a whirlpool. Countless ghost claws stretched out from that whirlpool toward them. This made them attack chaotically in panic.

“Big sister, where are you? Barbarian Bull, Li Qing, where are you?” After the whirlpool simmered down, Leguxiya found that he was alone in the midst of mist: everyone else had disappeared without a trace, so he could only shout for them at the top of his voice. But, he only heard his voice echoing in reply.

Leguxiya was very frightened in his heart, and he carefully walked forward while covering his entire body with dragon power to be prepared for all contingencies.

At that time, footsteps sounded behind him. Leguxiya immediately transformed into his true form and swept his dragon tail behind him.

“Dumb idiot! I am your big sister,” The voice of Midi’er resounded.

Leguxiya relaxed upon hearing this voice and turning around. Midi’er’s familiar figure appeared before his eyes.

“Well, since you are so frightened, quickly come with me.” Midi’er warmly looked at Leguxiya and said as she walked forward.

Leguxiya transformed back to his human form and followed Midi’er. After taking a few steps, he stopped. A hint of divine light flashed through his eyes before he punched at her head using all his power.

His fist penetrated her head without any obstructions as if he had punched empty air.

Midi’er turned around and asked with a smile, “How did you know that I was a fake?”

Leguxiya retreated two steps and snorted, “I knew it because of your coquettish appearance! My big sister never treats me so gently. Her gentleness is hidden within the bones, not on the surface. I and she have been siblings for over 2000 years, I know her every action like the back of my hand, do you think you can deceive me?”

“Even if you’ve realized it now, it’s already too late. Look underneath you.” Midi’er waved her hands and dispersed the thick fog around them.

Leguxiya looked down, and he was so startled that his heart jumped to his mouth. He saw that he was above a black swamp. Countless disgusting tentacles stretched out from that swamp and had bound his legs and were pulling him down. He wanted to fly up, but he was unable to struggle free no matter what he did.

Soon, Leguxya was completely pulled into the swamp. Something forced its way into his throat, making him unable to breathe. He wished to cough out the disgusting gunk that seemed to crawl toward his lungs. In addition, he felt like he was sinking into this bottomless swamp. Only the complacent laughter of Midi’er reverberated through the sky.

“Clang, clang, clang.” At that time, a harp sound suddenly resounded, and Leguxiya who had already sunk into a semi-coma woke up with a start. He opened his eyes and looked around. Where was the swamp? Where were the tentacles? In addition, he discovered that his own big hand had been strangling his neck. If it weren’t for the harp sounds, he would have strangled himself to death. It turned out that everything was just his hallucination.

Leguxiya was terrified. That illusion had been truly powerful. But, at this moment, he saw two ugly monsters, each with a triangular head, four legs and four hands holding strange weapons approaching him from the dense fog.

“F**k, whether this is an illusion or not, I’ll stake it all,” Leguxiya roared and rushed towards those two monsters.

“Leguxiya, stop! I am Liuli!” Between those two monsters, one spoke with an unpleasant voice.

“You are Liuli, then I am your grandfather! Do you think I will be deceived like this?” Leguxiya was startled, but immediately afterward, he cursed.

“Leguxiya, because of these words, now you are certain to receive a hundred lashings from Boss.” Another monster said while swinging his four hands.  Long hair grew all over its body.

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Leguxiya was stunned. He was somewhat confused. He was unable to tell what was true and what was false, but the speaking tone of this monster made him realize that it was Barbarian Bull.

“But, why am I seeing you two as monsters?” Leguxiya asked.

“In our eyes, you are also a monster,” The monster that claimed to be Liuli said.

“Then, how do you recognize me?” Leguxiya was also not stupid. He immediately expressed his doubt.

“We have our own ways. Don’t talk too much nonsense. Now, walk 100 steps towards your right-forward direction. No matter what you see, ignore it. After you reach there, use all your strength to hit the air.” The monster that claimed to be Liuli indifferently said.

Leguxiya still wanted to ask what was going on, but the two monsters that had claimed to be Liuli and Barbarian Bull walked toward two completely different directions, step by step, as if they were also counting their steps. At this moment, he had already believed their identity. After looking at them for a little while, he also began to move towards his designated direction while counting his steps.

But, after taking a few steps, Leguxiya saw various kind of monsters rushing towards him, their wide-opened mouths emitting stinking odors.

“Illusion! It’s all an illusion.” Leguxiya repeatedly said to himself in his heart. Even when a monster with a wide open mouth bit his head, he still didn’t stop his steps. But, just when he felt pain in his neck and believed that he had lost his head, those monsters suddenly disappeared.

In the process of taking a hundred steps, countless illusions appeared in front of Leguxiya. He saw himself walk towards the abyss and also walk towards piles of skeletons. He saw Li Qing, Barbarian Bull and other companions calling him out. He even saw his father emperor, but he ignored everything.

After he took the final hundredth step, Leguxiya felt like thousands upon thousands of years had already passed, and his entire body was practically drenched with sweat.

“Watch out, behind you!” An unpleasant shout came from not far away.

Leguxiya turned his head back and saw a beautiful flower was being blown towards him from behind by the wind, bringing along a hint of delicate fragrance. He punched that flower without any hesitation, and a screaming sound resounded as that beautiful flower turned into smoke and disappeared in the air.

Leguxiya sighed in relief. He didn’t understand why Liuli and Barbarian Bull knew what was an illusion and what was a real danger, but he didn’t think about it too much. He transformed into his true form and attacked the air in front of him.

Boom! Leguxiya felt pain as if he had hit an incomparably hard thing.

“Put forth your strength, smash it!” That unpleasant voice resounded again, this time accompanied by a harp chord as well as several rumbling sounds. Clearly, Liuli and Barbarian Bull were similarly attacking different places.

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