Chapter 29 – Scarred Blood Massacre

Storm Beasts was the overall reference for the wild monsters roaming East’s Storm Domain.

Their strength varies. From weak insect-types with small and light bodies to powerful dragons circling the skies.

Based on Onion’s description, there was a place called Twilight Forest between Lin Xiao Bei’s base and the Lobster Man Tribe. That place was the territory of wolf-type Storm Beasts.

Wolves were pack animals that work together in cooperation, their power would not be weak.

From what Onion has said, their Lobster Chief Commander had once brought 200 men into the forest. In the end, only 50 of them survived and came out.

That was why when they arrived at Twilight Forest, Onion kept wanting to return to the base, even the allure of becoming the Number One Husband was not enough to change his mind.

Lin Xiao Bei would only helplessly send that useless back before entering the forest with a map marked with O·O·X·X.

Within the green primal forest, the sounds of cold wind were blowing.

Along the way, Lin Xiao Bei encountered countless small fries, all of them died under his embers.

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“I have walked nearly three miles within the Blade Silver Wolf’s territory, how come not even a wolf pup appeared? Did that coward Little Lobster deceive me?”

As he spoke, Lin Xiao Bei felt a wind coming from his back.

He quickly turned around to see a huge gaping mouth.

“What the hell is this?”

He might be startled by the astonishing speed of this thing, but Lin Xiao Bei’s hand was not slow.

He stretched his hands and grabbed hold of the snout of the animal.

[Ding. You consumed 5 MP and successfully used Precise Probe. You obtained the following information.]

Monster Name: Scarred Blood Massacre (Chris)]

(Explanation: A relative of Silver Wolf King Lupus, its blood color body was at least three times larger than ordinary wolves. On its left eye was an awe-inspiring Contract Scar. It was currently heavily injured)

[Species: Beast (Blood Wolf Species)] [Level: 18 (Elite)] [Health: 78/800/1600] [Attack: 60] [Defense: 15] [Speed: 150] [Element Affinity: Wind] [Trait 1: Haste (Using the power of the wind to increase its speed, achieving a speed that is much faster that one could imagine)] [Trait 2: Deterring Scar (Contract Scar was a Paramount Contract recognized by the 689 Wolf Species of Alderman Continent. The number of inheritors did not exceed 10)] [Weakness: Belly (Canine Creatures. Their soft bellies would allow you to deal Critical Damage when attacking it)] [Temporary Weakness: All Attributes reduced by half (Heavily Wounded)]

Skills: Wolfman Transformation, Death Gaze, Wind Shredding Bite, Wind Claw, Fang Blade Technique, Bloodthirst Recovery]

“F***, did I forget to check my fortunes before I leave the house today? Instead of a wolf pup, a big guy appeared, are you here to deliver your head?”

As he spoke, Lin Xiao Bei’s eyes turned vicious as he kicked at the lower body of the wolf.

[Ding. You attacked the other party’s Little Ding Ding. However, the opponent is a she-wolf and you missed the crucial spot by 2 centimeters. Attack not effective]

What?  2 Centimeters? Mother Earth, what sort of precision measuring machine did you use!

When he missed, the startled Lin Xiao Bei quickly pushed out his hands and forced the huge wolf back by 3 meters.

However, the huge wolf managed to shift its body and slide through the air.

With a twist of its body, it sent a wolf claw and Lin Xiao Bei, landing the strike on his ass.

[Ding. Your ass has been hit by the opponent and received Critical Damage. The opponent’s Attribute has been reduced to half and is unable to break through your defense. However, the Wind Element attached to its attack has forcefully reduced your Health by 40. Opponent’s Bloodthirst Recovery activated, absorbed 40 Health from you]

As the saying goes, if you dare to attack my lower body, then I will bust your ass. This was the exact situation.

A huge pain was felt as Lin Xiao Bei tightened his ass and shouted in pain.

“F*** you! Little She-Wolf, you are just a bloody lecherous wolf!”

He screamed in pain, but this did not mean that Lin Xiao Bei was slow in reacting. He pushed off with his left leg while using his right leg to clamp onto the wolf’s head. Performing a 720 degrees spin, he sent Scarred Blood Massacre flying away.

However, after the throw, Scarred Blood Massacre once again slide through the air like a fish and came back to bite Lin Xiao Bei’s ass again.

“Why the bloody hell you still attack there!?”

Lin Xiao Bei was terrified, he turned his body and started a brawl with Scarred Blood Massacre.

Dammit. The first time his ass was attacked, he could still take it as the opponent not deliberately doing it, causing him to get attacked at that place helplessly.

Now that a second time appeared, it was without a doubt that this Little She-Wolf was doing it deliberately.

Currently, Lin Xiao Bei was unleashing his punches and kicks, exchanging blows with Scarred Blood Massacre.

However, the Little She-Wolf’s body might look large and heavy, but it was in fact extremely agile.

Seeing it twisting and turning in the air without problems, Lin Xiao Bei was starting to suspect if Newton’s apple really did fall or not.

“F***! What twisted method is this?”

At this rate, he could fight all day until he goes offline and there would still be no result.

Lin Xiao Bei was feeling urgent.

When it heard him, Scarred Blood Massacre released a howl…

And started speaking human.

“Humph. Weak human that did not even know about Rank 2 Element Affinity. Truly laughable.”

Element Affinity?

Lin Xiao Bei’s eyes focus, he, of course, understood what that was.

After becoming Rank 2, there would be a Passive Skill spot created. This empty Passive Skill was to be used to lockdown your Element Affinity.

Once you confirm the element of your body, all physical and magic skills would be boosted by the effects of the element.

However, it was also true that Lin Xiao Bei did not know that Element Affinity could be presented in such a way. Allowing one to resist gravity and give evasion.

From the looks of it, he needs to quickly get a Fire Element Affinity Skillbook and learn it.

But first, he needs to deal with this Little She-Wolf now.

“Do you even dare to have a direct confrontation with me?”

Lin Xiao Bei tried to taunt it, as long as the Little She-Wolf stops evading, he would be able to easily deal with it.

“The proud wolves will never avoid a challenge. I accept your challenge human!”

Scarred Blood Massacre looked at Lin Xiao Bei arrogantly, Wind Elemental Energy was beginning to gather around its claws, waiting for it to deal a lethal attack.

Seeing that, Lin Xiao Bei’s eyes started to turn serious. This Scarred Blood Massacre was very proficient with its skills and has ignited a competitive interest.

Just like that, one man and one wolf stared at each other.

How parties were searching for their opponent’s opening and did not act rashly. For an instant, the entire battlefield entered a strange pause.

At that instant, the Scarred Blood Massacre’s blood red eyes suddenly shined.

[Ding. You receive the Death Gaze attack. Verdict: Your Health was higher than your opponent’s highest Attribute: 150 Agility. Death Gaze instant death failed. You received 150 True Damage. Opponent’s Bloodthirst Recovery activated, absorbed 150 Health from you]


His health bar dropped by one third instantly, shocking Lin Xiao Bei.

Along with Lin Xiao Bei’s shock, an opening was revealed.

A blood color figure blurred before a sharp claw instantly smashed towards Lin Xiao Bei’s head.

During that instant, Lin Xiao Bei also went all out.

Instead of retreating, he changed his palms into claws and grabbed the paws that held glowing green sharp claws from being imbued with Wind Element.

At that instant, a huge wolf mouth came down and bit Lin Xiao Bei’s shoulders.

[Ding. Your shoulder has received your opponent’s Wind Shredding Bite attack. Received 20 Damage. Opponent’s Bloodthirst Recovery activated, absorbed 20 Health from you]

“Dammit, I am just waiting for this bite. No more attacking methods already? Now is my turn, [Flame Jet]!”

[Ding. Consumed 5 MP and used Flame Jet. Opponent received 102 Fire Damage]

After the exchange, Lin Xiao Bei only has 100/130 Health remaining.

While the Scarred Blood Massacre has 150/800/1600 after sucking health for 3 times.

At this rate, the Scarred Blood Massacre needs to bite Lin Xiao Bei five more times to kill him, while Lin Xiao Bei only needs to use Flame Jet two more times to kill it.

Feeling a sense of danger, Scarred Blood Massacre instantly shook free from Lin Xiao Bei’s grasp and retreated 3 meters away.

And howled again… ‘Ah… woo…”

A strange female voice appeared.

“Human, you are very powerful. Come catch me if you have the ability. If you can catch me, I will submit and be loyal to you. Even if you just make me your mount, I am fine with it!”

After speaking, a weird light flashed though Scarred Blood Massacre’s eyes before it turned into a red shadow and disappeared into the forest.

Lin Xiao Bei smirked when he heard the words, this Blood Wolf does look majestic, turning it into a mount was not a bad idea.

“Interesting Little She-Wolf, I will surely ride you today! Activate [I Am Omnipotent], convert Spirit into Agility.”

[Ding. You used I Am Omnipotent successfully. Spirit -62, Agility is now 93]

93 Agility, 93 Speed.

With that, Lin Xiao Bei chased after the blood trail left behind by Scarred Blood Massacre.

1 minute.

2 minutes.


7 minutes went by.

Lin Xiao Bei’s 93 Agility was slightly faster than the Scarred Blood Massacre with its Attributes halfed.

Currently, he saw a blood red wolf tail in front of him.

“Little She-Wolf. Stop running, I have already touched your tail!”

“Human, don’t be smug. If you have guts, then just keep following me!”

Scarred Blood Massacre seemed to be unaffected by Lin Xiao Bei’s presence. With a leap, it jumped over a wall covered with vines that were hidden by the vegetation.

“Dammit. You are still acting arrogantly in front of me now?”

Lin Xiao Bei caught the bushy tail of the Blood Wolf, borrowing its momentum, he also jumped over the wall.

‘Rustle rustle’

The sea of green vegetation masked Lin Xiao Bei’s eyes after the fall.

However, it did not affect Lin Xiao Bei from positioning and riding on the wolf’s back as it charged through the vegetation.

After passing through the vegetation, he saw a clear blue sky. Lin Xiao Bei felt excited as he sat on the wolf.

“Little She-Wolf. You lost. Hahaha!”

Hearing Lin Xiao Bei’s voice, the Scarred Blood Massacre stopped moving. Its charming female voice revealed a strange tone.

“Yes. Human, I am yours. However, the pride of the wolf will not allow a deserted soldier. My master, thank you for sharing half of the burden.”

“Burden? What meaning is this?”

Lin Xiao Bei was confused.


“Ah… woo…”

Howls appeared from the forest.

When he turned around, Lin Xiao Bei saw a dense pack of wolves gathering towards the top of a cliff not far away, they have surrounded and were attacking several dozen white wolves gathered at the top of the cliff.


Scarred Blood Massacre howled.

Lin Xiao Bei did not understand the wolf language. However, seeing how the black wolves had split into two groups and charging towards him, he understood what it meant.

The black wave charged at him, from the looks of it, there were no less than 500 wolves.

Lin Xiao Bei’s expression was stern.

“Little She-Wolf, you laid a trap!”

“My Master. Once again, thank you for coming here. Go, escape while you still can. I bid you farewell forever!”

Scarred Blood Massacre shook Lin Xiao Bei off its back.

Its ferocious eyes were filled with determination, Lin Xiao Bei would be able to attract a portion of the Black Fang Wolves away from here. It will use the chance to kill a path and save it’s brother-in-law Wolf King Lupus.

Its wolf body was primed to charge, Scarred Blood Massacre no longer bothered about Lin Xiao Bei and adopted a charging posture.

At that moment, a powerful hand pressed down on its head, causing its body to stop.

Scarred Blood Massacre angrily looked at Lin Xiao Bei.

“What are you doing?”

“Little She-Wolf, since you called me your Master, then I will perform my duties as your Master. Stay there and rest, I will make this unruly wolf pups cry in a fire.”

With a surprisingly charming smile, Lin Xiao Bei stride towards the charging black mass.

Lin Xiao Bei would forever not know that the words that he had spoken today and the actions that he displayed, would forever leave a mark within the heart of his confidant and trusted lieutenant [Scarred Blood Massacre (Chris.Terl.Fitzgerald)].

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The only thing he knew now was that a pile of black colored experience was delivering themselves to him.

“Dear experience, Daddy loves all of you.”

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