Chapter 28 – News Of The Large Tribe

Golden beaches, sapphire coastlines. Not far away, seagulls were cheerfully flying about. What a beautiful scene.

That did not exist.

Currently, Lin Xiao Bei was in his base on Crab Cries Island, feeling the cold winds blowing at him while standing on its bare beach.

“That Bai Yiyi, how come she hasn’t come online?”

Lin Xiao Bei was puzzled. He had entered the game 10 minutes late, yet he did not see Bai Yiyi online when she has been emphasizing how she wants to level up. This did not make sense.

At that moment.

[Ding. Your battle power has entered the Top Ten Public Rankings of East’s Storm Domain: Crab Cries Island. Would you like to publicize your name or hide your identity?]

The Ranking Board was the new update of the game today. It was separated into Public Rankings, Internal Rankings, and of course, a hidden Apostle Rankings as well.

Since he was bored from waiting, he might as well have a look.

“Hide my name.”

After he spoke, Lin Xiao Bei opened the Ranking List.

—— East’s Storm Domain: Crab Cries Island Public Rankings ——

  1. Hidden Player. Level 11, Job: Pirate-Type
  2. Wu You Qian. Level 7, Job: Archer-Type
  3. Qin Shou Sheng. Level 7, Job: Archer-Type
  4. Zhu Yi Qun. Level 7, Job: Warrior-Type
  5. Chen Xiao Fei. Level 6, Job: Firearm-Type


  1. Zhang Meng Meng. Level 3, Job: Archer-Type


Within the small Crab Cries Island, Lin Xiao Bei took the lead.

However, the Ranking Board also provided quite a number of information as well.

That ‘No Money’, ‘Birthed by Beast’ and ‘Group of Pigs’ were obviously a small team. From the looks of it, they were developing quite well. Since they were also in Crab Cries Island, it would likely be just a matter of time before he encounters them.

(Cuppa: The ‘Names’ are wordplays, replaced by words with similar pronunciation.)

Of course, the Fifth Rank Chen Xiao Fei had also caught Lin Xiao Bei’s attention.

Everyone else had a job related to the Five Great Adventuring Jobs, including Lin Xiao Fei. Yet that fella has a special Firearm-Type Job.

“He even called himself Chen Xiao Fei, he might as well call Chen Solo Show!”

(Cuppa: There is a male singer in China called Chen Xiao Fei as well.)

Lin Xiao Bei was slightly jealous.

[Ding. Your battle power has entered the Top Ten Global Apostle Rankings. Would you like to publicize your name or hide your identity?]

“Publicize, I must publicize. Use Skr! I want to see who can beat my invincible Rank 2 Job Change!”

Chen Xiao Fei’s special Firearm-Type Job has provoked Lin Xiao Bei, he wants to show off in the Apostle Rankings and boost his sense of superiority.

Holding the lonely thoughts of being invincible, Lin Xiao Bei opened the Apostle Hidden Rankings.

However, his self-proclaimed sense of superiority has stepped on a landmine.

—— Global Apostle Rankings ——

  1. Adam (First Apostle: Adam). Level 18, Job: Warrior-Type (Magic Swordsman)
  2. Zero (Second Apostle: Professor Z). Level 15, Job: Machine-Type (Cyborg Apprentice)
  3. Hidden Player (Third Apostle: Nameless). Level 14, Job: Monster-Type (Storm Ranger)
  4. Skr (Sixth Apostle: Skr). Level 11, Job: Pirate-Type (Fire-Wielding First Mate)
  5. Vlad.D.Dracula (Seventh Apostle: Vlad.D.Dracula). Level 11, Job: Monster-Type (Vampire Lord)


A pile of, bloody Special Jobs.

The only one that held one of the Five Great Adventuring Jobs like him was the First Apostle Adam.

However, that guy stands out in the pecking order with a level of 18. This was truly a ‘Solo Show’, Lin Xiao Bei had no way to compete with that.

Of course, the one that Lin Xiao Bei was the most mindful about was still the mysterious Third Apostle.

Being placed below that fella had once again made Lin Xiao Bei feel pressured as though a mountain was weighing down on him.

“That’s it. I cannot wait for Bai Yiyi any longer, I need to go level up.”

Lin Xiao Bei was feeling a headache, he needs to find the Lobster Chief Commander inside the game, and there was also a pile of stuff that requires his attention in the real world.

Suddenly, he noticed a cowering Blue Lobster Man hiding within the cave of the base.

It was a Lv.10 Blue Lobster Guard.

With Bao Xiao Ting’s memories, Lin Xiao Bei naturally understood the weird Fishman Language now.

Lobster Man might be retarded, but it should be able to do a simple task such as relaying a message to Bai Yiyi when she comes online.

Only allowed on

Lin Xiao Bei spoke in the weird language.


(Fishman Language: You, come over here!)

The Lobster Guard quickly ran over.

“Lord Demon God, what are your orders?”

Eh, aren’t the Lobster Man supposed to be retarded? Yet the pronunciation of this little lobster is very clear, it was not as retarded as described by Bai Yiyi?

Lin Xiao Bei was interested, he tried testing with a question.

“Do you know where’s the nearest Lobster Base from here?”

“It will be east 5 miles away! It is a very, very, very large tribe! Lord Demon God, you should also watch out for the Storm Beasts along the way!”

The little lobster replied calmly and accurately, it even cautioned Lin Xiao Bei about the monsters along the way.

How was this a bloody retard? They are very intelligent.

“You will follow me from now on. Right, I will give you a name, it will make it easier for me to call you. Hmm, since you are so smart, I will call you Onion!”

(Cuppa: The Chinese word for Onion and Smart is pronounced similarly)

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Lin Xiao Bei was very satisfied with Little Lobster’s answer and happily gave it a name.


When a name was given, the Little Lobster was somewhat hesitant.

“Lord Demon God. Madam Demon God had already given me a name, I am called Dully.”

“Madam Demon God? When did I get a madam?”

Lin Xiao Bei was confused.

“It’s Bai Yiyi”

Little Lobster replied earnestly.

“F***! Why did you randomly start to matchmake others, and you are called Dully? No, you must be Onion!”

Lin Xiao Bei was tired of debating, that Bai Yiyi had given such a smart kid a poor name, what if he really turns dull?

“Okay Lord Demon God, I am called Onion now.”

The Little Lobster replied in low spirits.

It felt that the new name was not as nice as its previous one, its whiskers instantly pulled down.

Lin Xiao Bei had certainly noticed this change.

He frowned, why would I harm you?

“Listen now, Onion is a powerful name, you are destined to live an extraordinary life. Accompany me in the search of fortunes and you will become the Number One Husband of the Fishman Empire!”


When it heard Lin Xiao Bei mentioning the Number One Husband, the Little Lobster seemed to be pondering about something.

However, Lin Xiao Bei also saw the whiskers on its head were also slowly rising.


As the saying goes, every industry would have its own talents. Even a lowly race like the Lobster Man that has intellectual constraints, would also possess outstanding individuals.

At least, Onion was one.

Not only did Onion knew how to matchmake people, but it was also well versed in poetry, music, and literature.

Under the encouragement of Lin Xiao Bei, Onion drew out a map that indicated all the Lobster Man forces that it knew of in the region for Lin Xiao Bei.

When Lin Xiao Bei saw it, he happily patted on Onion’s shoulders.

“Onion, this Demon God do admire your work. However, wouldn’t it be better if you just accompany me on the road?”

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