Chapter 27 – Entering The Game Again

C City Great Public Square’s Lucky Café has been blown up, causing chaos everywhere.

Shan Shan’s subordinates had suffered heavy casualties and were also berated by the Qin Clan’s Demon Shadow.

Shan Shan was searching for Ye Qing Ling, the source of all the chaos, and to confront her. So it was natural that she no longer bothered about searching for Lin Xiao Bei and about the missing Li Ming Yue.

Of course, Lin Xiao Bei and Li Ming Yue did not know all these.

Then what were they currently doing?

The hotel room was cleaned and cleared of debris, looking as good as new.

Lin Xiao Bei was still being tied up, his 100 Million Rich Daddy has flown away. Within his heart he had cursed and was still cursing Li Ming Yue, however, all that was heard was ‘wuu wuu wuu’.

Of course, despite Li Ming Yue tying him up, it was certainly not enough to really hold Lin Xiao Bei. However, that Crazy Bitch has been guarding him and did not leave him no matter what happened. Even if Lin Xiao Bei could easily escape his bindings, he was still unable to escape from her.

So why did Li Ming Yue not leave?

It was because she did not have the courage to do so.

As of now, she has been missing for an entire day and night. In addition, she had committed a grave mistake.

Yet Shan Shan had not given her a single call.

Based on Shan Shan’s suspicious nature, she would have called her immediately when she knew what happened. One was to check whether if this puppet had deliberately sacrificed her loyal subordinates and had turned into an unstable factor, the other was to give her a round of scolding.

This was too strange.

Just now, Li Ming Yue could not hold back any longer and tried calling Shan Shan to test the waters, yet Shan Shan did the unimaginable thing of looking over the entire incident. In addition, she even told her to not beat herself up about it and to take the next few days off to rest.

This was simply too peculiar, certainly not the ways of the Snake Scorpion Queen.

Li Ming Yue quickly contacted her most trusted aide.

The other party told her that Shan Shan had gathered a large group of men in the morning and disappeared after that.

This, this method was simply too familiar.

Wasn’t this the ruthless method that Shan Shan often used to rise to her current status? Smiling to greet the person, before madly stabbing the person’s back.

Shan Shan was most certainly suspicious of her.

After emphasizing and tasking her aide to wipe off Lin Xiao Bei’s hotel check-in records, she ended the call. Since then, Li Ming Yue was in a panic-stricken state.

She wanted to run away, but where could she run to?

She, Li Ming Yue has been under Shan Shan’s control since a long time ago. Of the men that she has under her, the ones she could trust and use were too little.

She could only wait for Shan Shan to locate her, after that, experienced the same ending as the many obstacles that had stood in Shan Shan’s way.

As she thought of that, Li Ming Yue ferociously gulped down several cups of wine.

“Why? I gave everything to you, I never had the intention of vying for control with you! Why must you treat me like this?”

She started to hate Shan Shan, of course, that includes Shan Shan’s precious Lin Xiao Bei!

Time went by in a flash and the days quickly passed.

In a turn of the eye, it has been three days. February 17, the day to enter the game.

After being held captive for three days while watching Li Ming Yue going on a drunken spree, Lin Xiao Bei’s heart was also crumbling.

Over the past three days, Lin Xiao Bei had completely understood what sort of person Li Ming Yue is.

On the surface, she was a wild crazy bitch, while on the inside, she was just a coward that was afraid of the slightest of things.

From a psychological perspective, it meant that her ability to handle mental pressure was low.

This crazy bitch would turn to alcohol to escape whenever things got tough. Once she got drunk, she would bloody act as though she can’t recognize you and force herself on you.

“You are still drinking! Sister, listen to me. Running is not the way, you must face it with courage.”

“Face your ass. Lin Xiao Bei, enjoy what remaining time you have left. When Shan Shan finds us, I will kill you in front of her. Heh heh, even if I die, I will make sure she suffers as well!”

As she spoke, Lin Ming Yue had already taken off her coat and started to unbutton her shirt. Stealing Shan Shan’s man was also her way of exacting revenge.

“Are you dumb. Didn’t you say that Shan Shan has gathered her men two days ago? With her decisive ways of handling things, if she wants to deal with you, she would have appeared long ago. She must be attending to other matters.”

Lin Xiao Bei rolled his eyes.

Still coming? He was on the verge of being drained dry by her.

“Eh? What you said sounds logical.”

Li Ming Yue touched her chin and seemed to agree with Lin Xiao Bei’s words.

“It has been that way all along. Quick, come and help me wear my clothes and release me. If Shan Shan finds us after completing her matters and see us in this state, it is likely I, who would the one to suffer!”

Lin Xiao Bei revealed a helpless expression.

He might have been forced and had been together with Shan Shan for 5 years, but with Shan Shan’s emphatic nature, Lin Xiao Bei really has no idea how she would react.

“Wear your ass, everything you said was just a guess, who knew if it is true or not? What if it was because she was unable to locate me?”

Li Ming Yue displayed a face of distrust.

“Li Ming Yue, are you a fool? If Shan Shan wants to deal with you, your aide would have been the first to take the fall, how could he still be able to run around and acquire information for you?”

Lin Xiao Bei was speechless, he finally knew why Li Ming Yue has been suffering and played by others before she met Shan Shan. Bloody hell, she’s just a retard.

“True, but, what if he betrays me!”

Li Ming Yue instantly felt nervous.

“Betray you? Then you would have become a goner a long time ago, why wait till today? Li Ming Yue, quick, quickly let me wear my clothes and leave here!”

Seriously, this retard! Staying with such a person would only cause his IQ to drop.

Just as Lin Xiao Bei was about to continue complaining.

[Ding. Global Announcement!] [<Age of Worldwide Monsters> has been successfully updated. New update: Ranking Board. Players, please check it out after you enter the game!] [Ding. Global Announcement!] [<Age of Worldwide Monsters> will open from 18:00 to 00:00, during this period, Players could enter the game whenever they want.]

The two rounds of announcement marked the start of the game.

Lin Xiao Bei quickly urged Li Ming Yue.

“Hey Crazy Bitch, quickly login to the game. If you do not go online, Shan Shan will really become suspicious. If she comes here, you and I are both finished!”

As he spoke, Lin Xiao Bei laughed slyly within his heart.

As long as Li Ming Yue enters the game, he would be able to escape.

“But I am still afraid, what if Shan Shan sets a trap inside the game and is only waiting for me to fall into it?”

Li Ming Yue hesitated, it looks like she had developed a psychological shadow from witnessing how ruthless Shan Shan has treated her enemies.

“What the f*** are you scared about! I am in your hands! If she wants to kill you, tell her that I will starve to death if you die! Won’t that settle it?”

Lin Xiao Bei came up with a random idea.

“Oh right, she will not be able to kill me in the game. After I go offline, I still have you as a hostage, how come I overlooked this point? Lin Xiao Bei, you are truly a scheming thief!”

Li Ming Yue’s eyes shined.

Scheming thief your head, this is called resourceful, alright?

“Exactly! So, let’s do that. Crazy Bitch, congratulations, you have managed to kill three birds with one stone!”

Seeing Li Ming Yue getting tricked, Lin Xiao Bei quickly urged her on.

“Then I will go online now, you are not allowed to run.”

“Even if I wanted to run, you must first let my legs go. You have tied me up so thoroughly, how can I run? With my ass!?”

“Fine, I believe you just this once.”

‘Swoosh’ a white flash appeared and Li Ming Yue disappeared.

A few minutes later, Lin Xiao Bei’s muscles started to expand, easily shattering his bindings.

He opened his luggage and took out his backup handphone, a phone he used several years ago. Just starting it up required more than a minute.

“Dammit, this X** brand imitation was said to appear in a romantic drama during 2009. Now after so many years, it has turned into a stalling machine, f***!”

While waiting, Lin Xiao Bei went to use the computer that has been fixed by the hotel.

‘Ding. You have a message.’

‘Ding. You have a message.’


A chain of private messages.

(Very sorry, something happened. I will add another 10 Million, let us arrange another time and place again, please reply to me asap. I will be staying in C City for another 3 days.)

—— Us Workers Have Strength

It was sent today at 12 noon.

This was also the last message from ‘Us Workers Have Strength’.

“Eh, he also did not manage to attend the appointed time? My 100 Million Rich Daddy has not flown away yet!”

Lin Xiao Bei was extremely happy.

At the same time, the handphone has started up and <Age of Worldwide Monsters> has been downloaded as well.

With his mood refreshed and happy, Lin Xiao Bei immediately replied without a second thought.

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