Book I – Legend, Chapter 28 – My Sweet Horus

— Saint Anubis City, Magus District, House Trilleck

In the lovely looking courtyard of a large and beautiful palace, there was a garden full of multiple spirit plants, and a dozen or so maids scurrying around busily. A few meters away from the garden, a young boy was practicing a fist technique over and over again. The boy was wearing white training pants as he danced around the courtyard. Around his neck, there was a beautiful fang necklace made from origin gold and spirit wolf fangs, and his hair was dreadlocked hanging down to his shoulder. This boy was, of course, the young Joseph Trilleck!

Sweat dripped off his little body as he continuously exerted himself harder. After practicing his form for three hours, Jodye punched an ironsandbag for two more hours. This ironsand-bag was of his own design. However, his father just had Ke Si do the work of putting it together. The bag had the resilience to resist an Earth Science Realm Sage’s battle power, so the weight was quite a challenge for Jodye.

After exhausting himself, Jodye Trill retired to cultivate his mind, sitting on a lotus seat in the middle of a pond. There was a swirl of milky white origin energies gathering, with the boy as the center of the surge.

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“This Brave Fang Collar can augment my focus by 30% during meditation,” thought Jodye Trill, “Add that to the augment I get from Pharaoh’s Law4Lawthe rules and principles that create, govern, and maintain the energies of the universe. When laws come into harmony they form different systems naturally, with as many functions as the laws in harmony. For laws to enter a state of harmony, they must be compatible and have a proper conduit such as a star, or anything with its own unique Origin source law. With a good enough conduit it is possible to make incompatible laws reach a state of harmony, but in such a scenario there is a high chance of the force turning cancerous. The condensation of law energy produces what is known as Force or Qi.., and my energy control will dramatically improve!”

One month after his awakening, the now five years old Jodye Trill was sitting cross-legged, in the middle of a giant lotus flower seat floating in the bond. The origin energy in the surroundings was entering his body at a rapid pace. Only, it was leaking out just as quick. Many of the maids in the surroundings who had a decent cultivation base, and thus could feel the origin energy fluctuations, were shocked at the speed of Jodye Trill’s absorption rate. They were left speechless at his total lack of refinement, wasting so much energy.

On the top floor of a pavilion to the west of the courtyard, a stunning woman was wearing all white garments that made her look like an otherworldly queen. She was graceful like a celestial maiden descended from the skies. She sat at a little round table on the balcony, drinking tea with another petite and pretty woman in a pink dress that tightly hugged her proud assets. Unfortunately, this woman, who would have been otherwise very pleasant to look at, was making a face like she swallowed a fly.

“How could this brat cause such a stir but fail to benefit in the slightest? It’s an amazing waste.” The petite woman was currently upset, grinding her teeth in frustration. “First his mother becomes the Frozen Night Master, which I was able to slowly accept. After all, she earned it with skill and grace. However, what I can’t accept is that this seed of hers is just as dastardly talented.”

“You should watch how you speak, Enora. That boy is highly favored by our Lord, and who can blame him. He has caused such a disturbance in the surrounding primary heaven and earth forces, without even possessing a mental cultivation method. Such a bright star is our family’s good fortune.” Said the stunning lady in white, in a voice entirely devoid of emotion.

Others may not be aware of the boy’s circumstances, but she was. Most of the energy the boy took in would leak back out in a short amount of time, but that was only because he had yet to be given a mental cultivation method. The lord was still searching for one that was especially suitable to the child, he wouldn’t allow him to train in an ordinary method.

This, of course, made his other wives jealous on behalf of their children. It had to be known, the House Lord very rarely showed his kids any affection or even significant interest. He was typically far too busy. Take Kamila Trilleck for example, she had excellent talent revealed at her host awakening ceremony, which was a few months after Jodye’s. Two hollow souls of a mysterious rank, Kamila’s fate gem had exploded, and she had been experiencing her Sage Body rebirth for about as long as Jodye Trill himself at this point.

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She was practically another powerhouse in the making!

Why were this House Lord’s children so formidable?

However, similar to his first son, Horus, the House Lord only spoke some kind and perfunctory words at the ceremony. He hadn’t paid any more attention to this daughter of his since that time. Merely, it wasn’t exactly like the lord didn’t value his children, he was just truly too busy. He was, after, the lord of the estate! The leader of all the noble and humble members of the House, and they were a force comparable to Prism Rank sects!

The forces in the Great Motherlands were divided into six ranks, with the Prism rank powers counting as a fourth rank force. If the Grand Elder were factored in, then they would even approach legend rank status or in other words the fifth rank!

“Oh Lily, don’t tell me you’ve been put under the mongrel’s spell as well? Ugh.” Jodye Trill’s fourth mother, Enora Morning, slammed her teacup on the table, before standing up abruptly. “When my Jumoke woke up, his wolf soul blasted the origin chamber into glass shards and pieces of scrap metal! In six more months, at the House’s Young Wolf Celebration Dinner, Jumoke will ascend the Scholar-level battle stage! At that time we’ll see who the true fortune of the family is, hmph.”

Lylian Barong watched placidly as Enora Morning stormed out of the courtyard and onto her wind spirit wolf, Morning Cloud, before releasing a sigh. Her face became soft and gentle as she glanced at Jodye, “Such a diligent child. He follows his father’s instructions to the acme, doing physical training for eight hours a day, before meditating on the lotus seat for four more hours. No…rather then meditation it appears that he is attempting to cultivate his origin energy. Could he have inherited a legacy technique? Alas, it can not be, or he wouldn’t be unable to advance. Unless he doesn’t understand it enough?

“However, how many children are able to make this amount of commotion without sufficient knowledge? Plus, without any guidance how well can he honestly do? How easy is it to eclipse the light of the sun?” Lylian Barong’s voice was hazy and angelic as she shifted her gaze away from Jodye Trill, staring at the setting sun on the horizon, “I only hope that once you finally shine you can share your glory with your eldest brother, little Joseph. My sweet child Horus would surely never allow anyone to harm his little brother. Since it’s like this, neither will I. Otherwise, once he returns for the Young Wolf Celebration Dinner, he will surely fault me…”



Far away, somewhere in the Rodinia continent,

In a mystical region surrounded by a rain forest, seven youths in black and silver robes could be seen in pursuit of a young man and lady in yellow robes. Every now and then, a few of the seven youths would stop to attack. Streams of light were constantly flying out from the magic staffs in their hands, transforming into different elemental attacks!

Arrows of fire and ice crashed into the surroundings of the fleeing youths.

The young man and lady were both initially very good looking but currently had completely haggard appearances. They had competed with these youths for a treasure, and now they had to escape, or they would lose their wealth along with their lives.

“Hey, Goldwolf, you better hand over the vial of Lifetime Original Fluid!” said the leader of the thugs chasing them, “Your worthless master can’t protect you in this secret realm!”

“Horus, what are we going to do,” said the beautiful young lady in a panic. She had already been escaping for so long, but these enemy disciple40discipleone who accepts the knowledge of and assists in spreading the doctrines of another, taking them as a master.s were simply too persistent! “Black Mercury Sect will pay for this once my martial aunt finds out! Quickly, we must find a way to escape!”

“Don’t worry Alice, I’ll protect you!” roared the good looking young man Horus. Surprisingly, this young man looked more than 60% similar to Osiris Trilleck and 90% similar to Lylian Barong. This was none other than Jodye’s older brother, Horus Trilleck! A pale golden armor suddenly condensed around Horus, as if it transformed from his skin itself. Horus suddenly stopped and turned to face the pursuing opponents, “Take a step back, Arthur! Your squad leader is in over his head. Don’t make me use that ‘thing.’”

“Oh?” said the thug in the lead as he stopped abruptly, signaling his companions to stop as well. However, he only sneered and said mockingly, “Over my head you say? You wouldn’t dare, punk. Hand over the Lifetime Original Fluid and the girl. Do that, and I’ll let you leave here alive.”

Alice paled when she heard those words. Even though Horus was famed at their sect for being a chivalrous gentleman, when it came to a matter of life and death people would reveal their most savage nature. This was something any experienced cultivator was familiar with, even a youth like Alice.

However, Horus’ face didn’t change in the slightest as he responded plainly, “Not dare? Okay, Francis, let’s play. Why don’t we see exactly what I don’t dare to do.”

Horus’ hand traced the ring on his left hand, and a groovy looking talisman was retrieved. He began to chant obscurely, before shouting ‘Appear!’ The talisman lit up with white flames and emitted a blinding golden light that shot into the air.

“F***, Horus you’re crazy man,” said the young negus youth named Arthur. He had a spiked mohawk and beady eyes.

“NO!” the leader of the opposing team, a dark elf named Francis Black, was terrified when he saw the golden light. That was a defensive talisman that didn’t distinguish friend from foe. It would trap them all in stasis until help arrived. He couldn’t help but curse himself for challenging this madman, and he quickly pulled out his own anti-communication talisman, “Appear!”

The talisman burned in purple flames before a purple light shot into the air and attacked the golden light in the distance like a deadly arrow killing a golden dove.

Francis Black pulled out another talisman and was prepared to shout! However, how could Alice let this happen? If that talisman were used, they would both die.

“S***!” Alice cursed and withdrew a 3-foot long sword from nowhere and slashed out with a soft but swift sword art!

“Die, bitch!” Francis Black was enraged when he saw this weak little girl attacking his esteemed self. His palm glowed with a deadly light as he struck out twice in quick succession, “Breath-taking Palm!”


Alice’s sword was parried by the first attack, and then the second palm impaled her abdomen and came out on the other side.

“ALICE!” Horus Trilleck’s eyes widened incredibly as pain wrecked his mentality, “Francis Black, I’ll kill you!”

“Haha, how? Didn’t you just use the Myriad Changes Sealing Talism…” however, before the words could finish leaving his mouth, the nine youths all froze in place. They were all stuck in their previous posture as if they were models in a museum. An illusory space manifested and the forest looked normal again as if those youths were never there at all.

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