Chapter 26 – Sleeping With A Venomous Snake

The next day, morning at 10:50 am.

Lin Xiao Bei casually smoked a cigarette while sitting on the bed.

As expected of Mother Earth, making true of what was said, Lin Xiao Bei has really been paid for the entire night.

The other party was Shan Shan’s current ‘boyfriend’ Li Ming Yue.

This matter was weird to an extreme degree, the ties and relationship in place were complex and intricate. Lin Xiao Bei even had the notion to commit suicide by smashing his head against the wall.

He shifted his gaze and saw Li Ming Yue feigning sleep when she had woken up long ago.

Lin Xiao Bei had the urge to choke this crazy woman to death.

Dammit. Last night whenever he tried to object or resist, he would be beaten up.

Torturing him nearly the entire night, causing his pride as a man to be utterly trampled.

Fortunately, during the latter half of the night, Lin Xiao Bei managed to reverse the situation and took the lead. Without mentioning the specifics, Li Ming Yue eventually succumbed and revealed everything she knew since she was three to him.

As the saying goes, you suffer for your own actions, Li Ming Yue came to look for him was her seeking her own suffering.

After the public release of <Age of Worldwide Monsters> started, Lin Xiao Bei mysteriously vanished.

As the Guild Master and Commanding Officer, Shan Shan was adamant to look for Lin Xiao Bei.

Therefore, she did not enter the game.

Li Ming Yue got slightly jealous and unhappy about it and chose to enter the game.

After entering the game, of all days, she discovered a Boss that possessed an entry pass into the New World.

Seeing that the guild members were above Lv.40, it was the right time and opportunity to obtain the pass and start bringing their forces into the New World.

However, the Boss was too strong. Most of the members objected fighting the monster, they want to wait for Shan Shan to come online first before they make plans.

Shan Shan, again Shan Shan. When she recalled that Shan Shan was currently looking for Lin Xiao Bei, Li Ming Yue felt angry.

She ignored the objections of the members and willfully started attacking the Boss.

Thus, the same phrase applies again, you suffer for your own actions.

This rash vice-guild master would be decent if she just charges forward as the vanguard, but when it comes to something that requires intricate skills like commanding, there could only be one result.

And as expected.

After the great battle, not only did the Boss escape, the guild also experienced heavy casualties.

When you die, you will really die! Even celestials would not be able to save you!

The guild members who died were all Shan Shan’s loyal subordinates, Lin Ming Yue was shocked.

After going offline, she was afraid of meeting Shan Shan.

She went on a drinking spree and got drunk.

Until one of her underlings discovered that Lin Xiao Bei had checked into a hotel.

Humans would always be unwilling to face their mistakes. Li Ming Yue was the same.

She blamed Look Xiao Bei for the mistakes that she had made. If Lin Xiao Bei had not run away, Shan Shan would have gone online, then she would not have committed an irreversible mistake.

In addition, Shan Shan had been frantically searching for him, yet this fella went to check into a hotel.

So frustrating!

Li Ming Yue immediately went to look for him without a second thought. She wants to tie up Lin Xiao Bei and get him to kneel in front of Shan Shan for forgiveness.

However, under the effects of intoxication, Li Ming Yue’s mind only has the words: checking into the hotel.

Therefore, she somehow ended in this situation.

Everything was so absurd, but this also caused Lin Xiao Bei’s mind to be in a mess as well.

Of course, the reason his mind was in a mess was not because of what happened last night.

But the identity of Li Ming Yue and the servile tone she used when talking about Shan Shan.

[Li Ming Yue is the head of one of the most powerful triads of C City. The boss of Green Gang.]

From what Li Ming Yue said, she has a rash character and was also young. It was impossible that she has what it takes to be the boss of a powerful gang.

The facts so far had also pointed it as such.

Even when she was lucky and obtained cheat-like abilities from <Age of Worldwide Monsters>, she was still unable to turn it to her advantage.

It caused her to be on the verge of being expelled by the Li Family.

Until half a year ago, she met Shan Shan due to a chance encounter. Shan Shan helped her miraculously restructured the entire Li Family, allowing her to hold the reins over them.

Based on Li Ming Yue’s description. During the period when Shan Shan was fighting for power for her, Shan Shan’s methods were extremely ruthless. In less than half a year, she was given the title of [Snake Scorpion Queen (Fang Shan Shan)], a renowned person that would cause the older generation gangster bosses to pale in fright when they heard her name.

As for Li Ming Yue, if nicely put, she was the head of the gang. If bluntly put, she was just another one of Shan Shan’s dog.

This news had caused shivers to run down Lin Xiao Bei’s back. The person that was sleeping beside him, was a venomous snake that would eat you up and leave no bones behind.

Shan Shan has changed. In fact, Lin Xiao Bei had noticed the change ever since Shan Shan’s younger brother has mysteriously gone missing.

Forceful, extremely controlling, all these had caused Lin Xiao Bei to feel humbled when he was with her. It was to the point that he would worry that the meals he cooked would not be of Shan Shan’s liking.

Therefore, when Shan Shan called during the Public Release, Lin Xiao Bei consciously avoided returning to her side even when he missed her.

That was because he knew that with Shan Shan’s controlling tendencies, she would watch his every move, this would easily expose his identity of being an Apostle.

After extinguishing the cigarette, Lin Xiao Bei sighed after organizing his thoughts.

He was currently still too weak. No matter what, he must not be found by Shan Shan. From the looks of it, he would need to run away.

However, he must first attend the transaction at 11 am. The 100 Million would be of great use when he runs away.

As he pondered, Lin Xiao Bei used his handphone and login to his Romeo And Pig Spent The Night account.

As expected, there was a message.

(I have reached the location, are you here? How do I contact you?)

—— Us Workers Have Strength

The message was delivered at 10:20 am.

It was currently 10:40 am.

Lin Xiao Bei was feeling urgent.

(I might be late, I……)

Before he could continue, Lin Xiao Bei’s handphone was pulled away.

“Who are you texting? Are you trying to text Shan Shan? Even if you are tired of living, don’t drag me down with you!”

Li Ming Yue was in a panic and tried to take away Lin Xiao Bei’s handphone.

Lin Xiao Bei is Shan Shan’s treasure if she learned of what happened last night between her and Lin Xiao. The consequences were not something she could bear.

“What are you doing! Crazy bitch, it is not Shan Shan!”

The transaction was about to be affected. Lin Xiao Bei held on to his phone.

“Let me see! Who is it?”

Li Ming Yue did not want to listen and continues to pull the handphone.

“It is my privacy, why must I show you!”

How could he let others know about this transaction? Lin Xiao Bei did all he could to resist.

“Give me!”



The two continued to argue over the handphone.

When suddenly.

‘Kacha’, the phone cracked in half.

A strange silence descended within the room.

Closely after, a heaven shaking roar was heard.

“Second time! This is the second time! Li Ming Yue, f*** you! Compensate my losses! Or else I will tell Shan Shan about the two of us and make you die without a grave!”

The transaction was interrupted twice during the most crucial moment, Lin Xiao Bei was enraged.

“Compensation? You bedded me, yet you still dare to threaten me! Lin Xiao Bei! You are trash!”

Li Ming Yue gritted her teeth.

“I am trash?”

Lin Xiao Bei pointed at himself exaggeratedly.

“Who is the one that delivered herself on a silver platter last night? Huh? You even caused me to be covered in bruises! Li Ming Yue, I will now go to Shan Shan, let’s see who is the trash here!”

After being framed by Li Ming Yue, Lin Xiao Bei completely exploded.

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“You dare!”

“Watch if I dare or not!”

Three minutes later.

“Mmm mmm mmmm (My money, the transaction time has passed) …”

Lin Xiao Bei has been tied up into a human dumpling, stuffed inside his mouth was his underwear, so he could only release muffled sounds.

The Mighty Lord Sixth Apostle, was pitifully powerless against Li Ming Yue the Internal Player, resulting in the outcome of him eating his own underwear.

“You can just remain here until I thought of a solution! Humph!”

Li Ming Yue viciously kicked Lin Xiao Bei’s Little Ding Ding. She had been bullied enough by this thing last night.

Just as Lin Ming Yue was about to enact her revenge on Lin Xiao Bei.

C City, Great Public Square. The transaction location of the Shield of Thorns, at a corner of Lucky Café.

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Two dark figures were seated there.

“Sir. Fang Shan Shan is the local powerhouse of C City and has complete control of it. Once the Sixth Apostle appears, I guarantee he will not be able to escape even if he could fly.”

“Demon Shadow, [Snake Scorpion Queen (Fang Shan Shan)] is one of the top Players that is just below the Internal Twelve Heavenly Kings. Is she reliable?”

“Of course. She has been investigating the death of her younger brother who died in H City, so she naturally will need to rely on our Qin Clan’s power. Yesterday when she received the news, she immediately started setting up the stage. Look, nearly all the workers over there are Internal Players who are at least Lv.40. To make sure we are satisfied, she has taken out over half of her entire forces.”

“Very good, then let us keep this poisonous snake for now. However, you must take caution as well. The matter of Apostles must not be revealed. Once the Sixth Apostle is in our hands, you are to hand him over to me immediately so that I can bring him away. Oh right, where is the item I wanted?”

“I got it yesterday. However, Sir, [Fist King (Chen Zeng Bei)] did not appear personally. He sent an underling called Ah Fei instead to deliver the item. In addition, we got some updates from H City, the assassination of Bai Yi Wen has failed.”

“That old thing has lost his loyalty to the Qin Clan ever since he became one of the Internal Twelve Heavenly Kings. From the looks of it, I will need to make a trip down to H City.”

After receiving the sealed box, the dark figure’s eyes revealed a gloomy glow.

“Ok, I will make the arrangements for you. Sir, there is one more matter that I hope you can help me with.”

“What is it?”

“Ye Qing Ling, that damn blind girl has appeared. I have wiped out the entire Wing Chun clan and she has gone crazy over it, coming at me whenever she met me. With the Sixth Apostle caught after today, she will be of no use anymore, please kill her!”

“Hahaha, so the fearless Demon Shadow would actually feel fear one day?”

“Keke. Sir, you also know that blind girl makes no sound or energy, it truly causes people to… Wait a minute, this feeling? Sir be careful, it’s Ye Qing Ling!”


A huge sound erupted, the Lucky Café was blown up.

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