Chapter 25 – Equipment Turmoil

[Ding. Transfer Notification: Your WeChat Pay has received 700 thousand dollars.] [Ding. You received a message]

(Damn Money Lover, my company is facing some issues and I am unable to contact my dad, I have only so much at the moment. Use it sparingly, else I will not be able to support you.)

It felt as though Bai Yiyi was supporting Lin Xiao Bei as her kept man.

“Do I look like someone that is kept? F***!”

Lin Xiao Bei mumbled, he has been supported by Shan Shan ever since he graduated and has been living in the shadow of inferiority. Those words had literally stabbed at his proud male chauvinistic heart!


[Ding. Mother Earth has detected that you have been supported by your girlfriend Shan Shan since you graduated. Do not try to deny it, you have already admitted to it! You made a Lv.1 Awesome Brag and obtained 100 points. Please continue to work hard and brag more]

“Dafaq! Even the system is taking jabs at me!”

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With his secret being exposed, Lin Xiao Bei could only complain angrily.

“So, all of you are not optimistic about me? Just waiting for me to continue to be supported? I will go earn money now, when I earn billions, let’s see who is the one that was being kept instead. Will you even dare to take a jab at me then? I am going to use money and buy you Mother Earth, how about that? F***!”

[Ding. Only 700 thousand and you want to buy this madam. You truly know how to brag; Mother Earth is seriously frowning at you. Punishment: You will certainly experience being kept once today]

“Go to hell. You say I will be kept and it will surely happen? I am not believing this crap!”

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Lin Xiao Bei angrily tossed his handphone aside. For his pride as a man, he was determined to resist Mother Earth to the end.

However, resist as he might. He would also not do it without plans. Lin Xiao Bei knows that having 700 thousand was not enough.

His foremost goal now was to accumulate a huge amount of money and crazily purchase gold once prices fell.


How to acquire more money?

Lin Xiao Bei has no money or status, he did not even have a job. All he could do was sell equipment.

When he thought of that, he opened the computer inside the hotel room and randomly registered an account before posting a thread to sell [Shield of Thorns].

[Lv.55 equipment with no level restrictions. 20 Million Federation Dollars. Interested parties are to send your offer, transaction location and contact number directly to me.]

———— Romeo And Pig Spent The Night

The thorn shield is too heavy and Lin Xiao Bei was also not a strength-type Player.

He had been wanting to sell off this toy for a long time.

Today was a good day to do so. With the Public Release, new Players were everywhere. Plus, the current situation was filled with uncertainties, Lv.55 equipment that has no level restrictions would attract many reactions.

It was possible that he could sell it for an astounding amount.

“Once the equipment has turned to cash. I want to see how I will still be kept!”

 Lin Xiao Bei snorted.

However, as Lin Xiao Bei expected. The shocking attributes of the shield had attracted lots of attention. After the thread was released, it instantly became a hot topic.

‘Ding. You have a message!’

‘Ding. You have a message!’


‘Ding Ding Ding’


Within a few short minutes, Lin Xiao Bei’s thread exploded.

Lin Xiao Bei opened the thread with anticipation.

And only saw.

(Weirdos of a feather flock together. Bro, your name is as charming as mine. This weirdo wishes to tag along! Let us go and find some young chicks together!)

—— Mushroom Picking Mushroom King

“Mushroom king? And mushroom picking? I am selling equipment to earn money, yet you are trying to get me to spend money on women! F***! Next, next!”

Lin Xiao Bei checked the next post.

(Internal Player Great God, are you a 1? Number 0 gal is seeking to be brought along! I can warm your bed.)

—— 25k Pure Gal

Attached below the post was a picture of a pair of legs in short skirt, it even deliberately revealed that bit of k in the picture.


Lin Xiao Bei: “……”

The reply section was nearly brought towards a weird direction due to the first and second replies. A series of posts seeking help while wanting to party with him and of interesting girls posting their pictures. And of course, there were many who were like that Mushroom King.

“I bring you along for f***. Don’t waste the space if you can’t buy the equipment. Especially that Mushroom King, don’t force me to check your IP and snip off your mushroom head! And that fella that has one k more than 24k, you should also watch out!”

With Lin Xiao Bei’s reply. ‘Swoosh’, the entire thread instantly went silent.

Shortly after, a large number of purchase requests came. Lin Xiao Bei sighed in relieve.

He started to check each post.

(Friend, since you could acquire a piece of Lv.55 equipment, you must be also Rank 6, are you one of the Internal Twelve Heavenly Kings? Do you need money due to some financial difficulties? I am [Soldier King (Lee Dong)] and am now the special vice director of the Chinese Federation’s Game Anti Crime Department. Come to the capital and join us, we will help you settle all your problems, money is even less of a problem. My contact number is…)

“This Lee Dong sure talks big.”

Lee Dong was not in C City and it looks like he was a top Player amongst the Internal Players. This was someone who he cannot mess with. Lin Xiao Bei immediately went to the next thread.

However, the term Internal Twelve Heavenly Kings has rung Lin Xiao Bei’s alarm. Rank 6 seems to be the peak of Internal Players, he was currently still very far from it.

Next post was rubbish.

Next one, rubbish again.

The entire reply section was either filled with rubbish or they were not located within the same city as him.

The price of the equipment had also risen to about 50 million.

However, it also stopped there, the [Shield of Thorns] was after all still only a Blue Equipment.

Lin Xiao Bei no longer check the unreliable reply section and went to his message inbox instead.

(C City. 53 million. Transact at the Great Public Square, the high pedestrian traffic will prevent any unfair transactions. If you are interested, call 131101……)

The person writes it sharp and straight to the point and with the intention to trade. This message was doable.

Lin Xiao Bei access the person’s contact number and was about to check the next message.

‘Ding. You received a private message.’

The first half of the new message already indicated ’80 Million’!

The price had instantly increased by 30 million, what a rich fella!

Lin Xiao Bei like this type of people.

He quickly opened the message.

(80 Million. Let’s be friends, I will leave the transaction location to your preference. However, I am currently in H City. If you want to transact in another city, please inform me one day in advance.)

—— Us Workers Have Strength

“F***! You could easily offer 80 Million, yet you are bloody telling me that Us Workers Have Strength! A rich man bragging! I like!”

Lin Xiao Bei replied.

“90 Million and we can be friends! Rich guy, deal?”

Lin Xiao Bei’s eyes were shining happily, he loves making a killing from a rich friend who likes to brag.

‘Ding. You received a new private message.’

Lin Xiao Bei opened it.

(I like to be friends with capable people. I give you 100 Million. Tell me the time and location.)

What is a rich guy? This is a rich guy. Just a couple of sentences and it raised by 20 Million. Awesome!

“Once I got the 100 Million, I want to see who will dare to keep me. Mother Earth, you are going to be disappointed. He He He.”

Lin Xiao Bei snickered and replied.

(Tomorrow at 11 am. C City, Central Public Square, Lucky Café.)

After pressing enter, Lin Xiao Bei suddenly noticed that the person did not leave any methods of contact.

Just as Lin Xiao Bei was prepared to ask.

‘Pa’ crush! Lin Xiao Bei’s head shattered the computer screen.

[Ding. You are attacked by a high-level Player and received 56 damage. As her strength is 5 times above yours, it developed a suppression effect. You are unable to move and unable to release any skills]

A sharp heel was stepping on Lin Xiao Bei’s head. This was such a familiar feeling, it was that Kimi who took Shan Shan away.

“Li Ming Yue! Do you want to die?”

With the computer damaged, the rich guy also flew away with it. Lin Xiao Bei was utterly enraged!

He tried his best to turn his head and glare at Li Ming Yue.

However, ‘pa’. Something was thrown onto Lin Xiao Bei’s face.

Currently, Li Ming Yue had messy hair and was emitting the smell of alcohol. The words she spoke was also filled with alluring charm.

“So, it really is Lin Xiao Bei. So, you checked into a hotel room, kekeke. I will accompany you, 20 thousand. You are mine tonight.”

“What? I am not a chicken! I do not need to be kept!”

Lin Xiao Bei displayed a face of terror, he was sensing that something bad is going to happen.

And as expected.

[Ding. Your punishment is now in effect. You belong to Player Kimi tonight]

“F*** you Mother Earth! You are bloody hell cheating! Ah! Don’t take off my pants. Li Ming Yue, Kimi, Elder Sis, I am wrong. Don’t… F***! My underwear!!!”

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