Chapter 24 – World Changes

[Ding. Welcome to your Apostle Space, Sixth Apostle Skr]

“Dreamy. Dreamy, do you know anything about the Tidal Race? Right, what is this game update about?”

After going offline, Lin Xiao Bei did not return to the real world immediately but entered the Apostle Space to look for Dreamy.

Being the game’s Fairy Guide, Dreamy knew many secrets and should be able to answer all of Lin Xiao Bei’s questions.


There was no reply.

When he entered the bedroom, Lin Xiao Bei saw Dreamy sweetly sleeping. A mischievous intent welled up inside of him as he lightly pinched her sensitive bare feet.

“Wake up, stop acting or else I will hit your buttocks.”

However, there was still no reaction.

[Ding. Your Fairy Guide had expended too much energy from sending her conscience into the game and requires entering a deep sleep to recover] [Huh? A deep sleep? Then when will she wake up?”

[Ding. Estimated time, after the next game ends]

“That would be several days from now. Sigh.”

Dreamy was in deep sleep, Lin Xiao Bei was unable to obtain information regarding the Tidal Race and about the update. This made him slightly anxious.

“Dammit, if I knew this would happen, I would have let Bao Xiao Ting live.”

As a Fishman, Bao Xiao Ting should know something about the Tidal Race, Lin Xiao Bei was feeling a slight regret.

When he thought of Bao Xiao Ting, his eyes suddenly shined intensely.

Since he was able to obtain the memories of Yip Man the Wing Chun Master, then won’t he be able to do the same for Bao Xiao Ting!?

Just nice, his Awesome Bragging skills have been refreshed after going offline.

Only allowed on

“Heh, so what if you are dead. I am Bao Xiao Ting!”

As he spoke, Lin Xiao Bei clicked Awesome Exchange.

[Ding. Consumed 1500 Awesome Points and successfully became Bao Xiao Ting. Your current Awesome Points: 82850]

“Dafuq! Yip Man was only 1700 yet Bao Xiao Ting required 1500?” Lin Xiao Bei was startled.

Suddenly, his mind went through a rollercoaster ride. Countless IT skills, hacking methods, the latest situation of Crab Cries Island was stuffed into his mind as though it was a duck being stuffed. Even the full experiences of Bao Xiao Ting visiting prostitutes were also felt clearly.

“F***! 1500 for 28 free visits to the prostitutes is also worth it!”

Lin Xiao Bei changed from being startled to joy.

Bao Xiao Ting was truly not simple, he was ranked third amongst the global hackers list and his specialty was information gathering and information shielding.

Bao Xiao Ting not only established the Apostle Chat Group, he also discovered the real identities of many Apostles as well.

Of course, there was also an unexpected surprise.

60212XXXXXX2345, Qin X X, H City’s Jiang Bei Bank Card.

This was the bank card that the Third Apostle had used before.

However, the real identity of the Third Apostle was not ordinary, the identity was covered in tight layers of security and seemed to have a dedicated group of hackers protecting it. This prevented Bao Xiao Ting from attempting to investigate further.

In addition, the Third Apostle’s forces within the East’s Storm Domain was also known now. He was ruling the Storm Elves located at the Lands of Extreme East.

“Dammit, he even said that he did not know. As expected, that trash has lied to me!”

Lin Xiao Bei angrily complained.

However, the Land of Extreme East was even further away from the South-Eastern Coastlines then Despair Archipelago.

What he needs to do now was to quickly locate the Tidal Race and find Farmar.

From the inherited monster memories of Bao Xiao Ting, the Tidal Race were once the ruling species of Despair Archipelago’s Fishman Empire.

Later, they were overthrown by the Shark Fishman and experienced a massacre. Since then, what remained of the race scattered throughout various isolated islands of Despair Archipelago.

Bao Xiao Ting did, however, possess some information regarding the Tidal Race of Crying Crab Island.

He obtained a mission that was related to them, a Lobster Man Racial Mission.

It was issued by the Lobster Man’s Chief Commander.

[Investigate the whereabouts of the Tidal Wave located on Crying Crab Island]

Based on the mission description, the Lobster Chief Commander seemed to have discovered the location of the Tidal Race Village.

However, within Bao Xiao Ting’s memories, the Lobster Chief Commander was also a mysterious and powerful individual, it was not easy for him to get any other information.

From the looks of it, the next time he enters the game, he needs to occupy some more Lobster Man territory and flush out this Lobster Chief Commander.

At that time, he would use the rules of the Lobster Man, using brute strength to take over the entire tribe.

If that Lobster Chief Commander dares to object, he will turn it into a Fried Eggs Lobster on the spot!

“F***, why did I bring up fried eggs again!”

That aside, now that Lin Xiao Bei has a goal, he felt much at ease.

Next was the matter regarding the game update, he remembered Dreamy mentioning that the Will of Earth would update something at the end of every game login.

These updates must be known as soon as possible, as it would allow him to plan for easier development in the future.

The only thing was that Lin Xiao Bei did not pay attention, he could only faintly recall that the update would be closely related to something in the real world.

“Let’s return to the real world and observe the reaction of the Public Release of <Age Of Worldwide Monsters>, it might trigger something in my memory.”

Lin Xiao Bei covered Dreamy with a blanket before he left the Apostle Space.


To hide from Shan Shan, Lin Xiao Bei specially rented a hotel room before going online.

Currently, the room was filled with cracks, the white blankets were covered in dust while the Flat-Screen TV on the wall was also crooked.

‘Rumble Rumble’ another wave of shaking appeared, causing the TV on the wall to fall and shatter.

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“What is happening? An earthquake?” Lin Xiao Bei was startled when he saw the severely shaking room.

The tectonic plate movements in recent years were very violent, causing several earthquakes to happen. That was why the Chinese Federation established a Level 11 Anti-Quake National Building Standard, so how could the shaking be this severe?

At that moment, an announcement was heard.

“All guests please do not panic. What happened was only the aftershocks, our hotel is constructed using the highest Level 12 Anti-Quake Building Standards. Please remain in your room and don’t roam around, wait for the aftershocks to finish.”

“It was only aftershocks? What in the world happened after I entered the game?”

Lin Xiao Bei was startled and quickly opened his handphone to check the internet.

[News Flash: Shocking Valentine’s Day] [Today is supposed to be a romantic day when roses bloom, yet catastrophe descended everywhere around the world. The strange thing was, some people were fine even when huge ice hails struck directly at them, yet others would suddenly die from just a slip]

(Reported on February 14, 14:08)

[Based on the investigations, the people who died are all related to the new game that appeared this afternoon, <Age Of Worldwide Monsters>. From the fact that all survivors had not entered the game, it has proven a connection. Is this a Death Game App?]

(Reported on February 14, 15:34)

[Casualties are constantly being reported all over the world. Initial estimates have exceeded 10 million people. Currently, various country officials were unable to provide an explanation, however, they sternly forbade all citizens to enter the game]

(Reported on February 14, 17:02)

[An insider revealed that one could obtain superpowers from <Age Of Worldwide Monsters>. Currently, all sorts of superpower videos have been circulating on the internet while the forums and threads regarding <Age Of Worldwide Monsters> have been exploding with information, becoming the most discussed topic of all time]

(Reported on February 14, 18:27)

The Public Release started at 12:00 and ended at 18:00. During this period, people were constantly dying.

“What a terrifying Death Node Setting! How come so much attention was created?” Lin Xiao Bei frowned.

He originally thought that the Public Release would be similar to the Internal Release, whereby the Players who obtained superpowers would keep a low profile.

He would also use this period to build up his strength.

Yet little did he expect that the Public Release would cause so much terror. Plus, with the allure of obtaining superpowers. Wouldn’t world order instantly collapse?

Lin Xiao Bei checked the news.

Fortunately! The nations who collapsed were only some small countries. The Chinese Federation was still stable.

The country officials have invited several Internal Players to explain the dangers and convenience of <Age Of Worldwide Monsters>, and requested the people to keep society safe and stable.

They called out to the public to enter the game with officials or other well-known enterprises.

For that, they even specially set up a registration channel, making it looked as though it was a registration to join the army.

Of course, for those unlawful individuals that had obtained power, they were also firm in their stand to destroy them.

Currently, there were dozens of Internal Player Guilds who have reacted to the government’s summons, preparing to establish a department that focuses on targeting High-Level Criminals.

In addition, the army had also started gathering around various large cities, especially the self-governing regions where unlawful individuals were known to be located.

When he read till here, Lin Xiao Bei sighed in relieve.

“I can still vulgarly enjoy developing myself during the early phase.”

He opened the forum thread regarding <Age Of Worldwide Monsters>, he wants to find out what was the latest situation of the other Players.

The first three pages were all recruitment threads.

A huge recruitment drive that used the money, providing safety zones as conditions to lure people. There were even Internal Players who also personally posted recruitment threads.

From the fourth page onwards was a series of promotional videos.

Lin Xiao Bei opened a few of them, most of them were Public Players who possessed relatively good innate talents. They were hoping to promote their talents and find a big tree to be sheltered under.

The rest were all talent shows and attempts of Players trying to be a one-hit wonder.

He continued to flip through dozens of pages, they were all mostly the same content.

As Lin Xiao Bei felt his eyes getting tired after reading through all these pages.

He finally discovered some green amongst the flowers.

[Selling 20 Gold Coins at a market rate of 1 Gold Coin for 10000 Federation Dollars. 10% off for whoever takes them all. I will be waiting online. Urgent!!!]

The thread was started by someone called [Silent Bull].

He opened the thread.

Most of the contents were people wondering how come someone could obtain so much gold during the first day of Public Release. The ones who expressed interest to purchase were far and few.

The only one that made a counteroffer was an Internal Player who is a businessman, he offered to purchase 1 Gold Coin for 4000 Federation Dollars.

The reason was because they could take Gold Coins out of the game but were unable to bring the gold from Earth into the game to exchange.

He also mentioned that the price of gold on earth has been falling ever since the Internal Players started playing a year ago. Now that the Public Release has been activated, it was likely that the price of gold would only continue falling and reach a new low.

He was also not really sure that offering 1 Gold Coin for 4000 Federation Dollars was a good deal or not for him.

At the last post of the thread, Silent Bull reduced his demand to 1 Gold Coin for 6000 Federation Dollars and said that it was his bottom line, yet no one reacted to it.

When he saw this, Lin Xiao Bei’s eyes shined.

He remembered Dreamy mentioning that the game would establish an Auction House in an update after the Pubic Release. It would also create the function to exchange gold from the real world back into the game at the same time. When that was established, it would make transactions much more convenient and the price of gold would greatly increase.

This was a huge opportunity.

Using the period where gold price has fallen to stockpile gold. Even better if they could stockpile Gold Coins from the game, the coins could be used to perform direct transcations within the game. Unlike ordinary gold which would be charged a fee when it was converted into the game.

When he thought about the game update 3 days later. Lin Xiao Bei had a heavy heart, the next update might be related to the gold exchange.

He quickly called Bai Yiyi’s number.

“Hey, is that Boss? It’s me!”

“Damn Money Lover, what name is that? Romeo and pig spent the night? Who is the pig? You better explain it clearly!”

The voice of Bai Yiyi was filled with rage.

“An improvisation, just an improvisation. Haha, don’t be angry. I have something serious to discuss about.”

Lin Xiao Bei has a request for Bai Yiyi, he could only try to shamelessly laugh it away.

“For a person who did not even dare to reveal his name, what serious matter could you have?”

From her tone, it felt as though Bai Yiyi had rolled her eyes, her anger also seemed to have vanished.

“Collect Gold Coins. Boss, use the current falling market situation to quickly get your hands on some game Gold Coins. I have a great use for it!”

Lin Xiao Bei immediately told her his goal.

“Collect Gold Coins? Fine, since you have use for it, I will help you collect them. How much do you need?”

Lin Xiao Bei’s rubbish of spending the night with a pig has caused Bai Yiyi to be very unhappy, however she was still willing to help him when he was in need of assistance.

“How much? Of course, as many as you can get. If there are no Gold Coins, then collect gold. Gather eighty or a hundred tons should be enough.”

The more they gather, the more they would profit. This was something that Lin Xiao Bei was very confident about.


“Tons?” Bai Yiyi’s voice increased by an octave.

1 ton = 1000 Kilos, 1 Kilo = 1000 grams. How much does 1 gram of gold cost? And how much is it if it is 1 ton? Did that idiot Damn Money Lover think it through!

“Damn Money Lover, you think gold is mud!? Talking about a hundred or eighty tons, are you trying to buy up the entire Earth? Let me tell you, I only have 730 thousand now, not a single cent more.”

“What? Only 730 thousand? Boss, isn’t your family very rich?”

Lin Xiao Bei did not refrain from displaying his exaggerating tone.

She must be joking. The daughter of the Black Heart Bulldozer that was on TV nearly every day was saying that she has no money.


“How could I have so much money! What’s more, I have been financially independent since I was young. 730 thousand is my savings after working for two years!”

Bai Yiyi’s tone suddenly dropped, as though she had something that was hard to mention outright.

“Are you sure?”

Lin Xiao Bei who was currently only thinking about money did not notice the strangeness in Bai Yiyi’s tone.

“Of course!”

“F***. Boss, can I softly ask you a question. Are you a goddaughter?”

When she heard Lin Xiao Bei’s words, Bai Yiyi went silent for 2 seconds. Before a huge roar followed.

“You are the god-child. Your entire bloody family is a god-child!”

Then she hung up.

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