Volume 2 Chapter 76: Weekend at the olsyvia Academy

The Olsyvia Academy’s southern branch, the Church of Light’s St Louis Academy. Residential street’s Number 1 Dormitory, the Church of Light’s exclusive 1st Suite. On top of a large bed, Bella had embraced president Maria with her arms and was continuing her interrogation. Noreya was outside of the bedroom with her back to the door, it was unknown what she was currently thinking.

Maria’s face was flushed red as Bella kept purposefully picking the most private and personal questions to ask her, forcing her to answer truthfully. What Maria found even harder to accept was the fact that the demoness Bella had intentionally woken up the four holy maidens and had even removed the blindfolds from their eyes, allowing the four holy maidens to see Maria’s embarrassing current state.

When they had seen Maria’s condition, all four of the holy maidens had been shocked, probably because they hadn’t expected for Maria to have faced the same treatment as them. Hayley and Susan tried to struggle free of the strands of spider silk that had bound them in an attempt to go to Maria’s aid. However, it was destined to be a fruitless struggle, as Yulysses’ silk was simply too durable.

“There’s no need to be so shy, president Maria, they’ll end up in the same state as you later. Come, let me ask you the next question!”

“Please spare me, didn’t you come here for the key? I already gave it to you! There aren’t many guards there right now, its best that you go now!”

“Heheh, I’ve changed my idea, president Maria. You are much more interesting than that forbidden text, the night is still long!”

“I have nothing to hide anymore, and you’ve already taken the key! Let us go, I swear that I won’t speak a word of what happened here today!”

There was already a hint of tears to Maria’s voice, she no longer had any little secrets hidden from Bella. During her interrogation earlier, if she had failed to answer any question fast enough or if Bella felt that she wasn’t answering truthfully, Bella would feel up her entire body. It wasn’t much of an exaggeration to say that she had lost all of her dignity as the St Louis Academy’s student council president.

Maria was completely unable to resist Bella’s fierce offence and quickly gave in. However, Bella wasn’t satisfied with just these personal secrets and her blue eyes still looked at Maria greedily.

“It seems that you’re still being dishonest with me, Maria! Even I can tell this key is supposed to be a hexagonal shape, and this is only one of the 6 keys needed to combine into it! You only have one of them here, where are the other five parts?”

“How would you know… don’t, I’ll tell you… don’t come any closer…”

Maria still wanted to explain, but Bella pulled her face towards her own and skillfully sealed Maria’s delectable lips with a kiss. Maria was a complete newbie when it came to kissing, and was no match for the ‘experienced drive’ Bella.

“Your lips are quite sweet~ I don’t want to hear any more lies come out of them, or else next time it won’t be just a simple kiss~”

“Can… can you let go of me? The key is indeed made up of six pieces… the other five are in the possessions of the other 4 branch academy student council presidents and president Angelina of the central student council…”

“President Maria, the Olsyvia Academy has the next two days off right? Meaning there’s no class and students are free to do whatever they want~!”

“Yes, why do you ask… wait… you aren’t thinking of…”

“I see that you’ve already caught on, president Maria, I’m playing to bring you girls back with me to spend a great weekend together. Those who don’t want to come can raise their hands, see? Everyone has agreed to come, shaking your head doesn’t count!”

The holy maidens were left speechless at the shamelessness of Bella, how did she expect them to raise their hands when they were tied down! Noreya, who was still waiting outside the door was tempted to go in and raise her hand for the holy maidens, but gave up after a second thought. Knowing Bella, she would definitely say some dumb explanation about how majority rules so Noreya’s vote was useless.

“You’re crazy, this is a kidnapping… if they ever find you…”

“If no one discovers it, is it still a kidnapping? Keep this in mind Maria, if you don’t agree to spend this weekend with me then I don’t really have a problem, I’ll just take you back myself and make you spend the rest of your life with me.”

“Can you promise that you’ll let us back on Monday?… I don’t trust your words…”

“Do you think you have a choice?”

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Maria went silent, it was just as Bella had said. In their current state, she and the holy maidens didn’t even have to right to choose. However, this was the St Louis Academy, with security that exceeded even that of the Royalty’s Euphemia Academy. No matter how able and talented Bella was, there was no way that she would be able to kidnap them so openly and leave the academy grounds!

Seeing that Maria was about to agree, the holy maiden Hayley was the most against the prospect. Hayley knew how shameless Bella was and that it was hard to predict what would happen to them if they allowed Bella to take them away. However, Bella had given Hayley the ‘top quality’ treatment when she had bound the holy maidens, and Hayley wasn’t able to make a sound even if she tried.

Hayley knew that resisting Bella was a futile effort so she chosen not to struggle. While Daisy and Sophia had similar thoughts to Hayley, but they also lacked the ability to stop Bella from carrying out her plan. Right now, Daisy really regretted her decision to follow Bella’s words and lead her to their dorm, who knew that Bella wouldn’t even spare her ally!

“Is it possible for you to take only me…”

“Not at all, I’m not leaving here with any one of you girls missing. It seems that you’re still trying to escape, president Maria! I suggest you abandon that thought, none of the girls that I’ve had my eyes on have ever escaped from me!”

Maria was out of solutions, she could only do as Bella said and left a note in the living room of their suite, saying that she and the four holy maidens were going somewhere over the weekend to improve their abiliis and that they would be back on Monday. Afterwards, Maria could only hope that Bella’s crazy plan would be discovered by the patrolling guards outside.

“I’m really thankful for your help today, Noreya, we have quite the harvest today!”

“Bella, you… like bullying girls?”

Noreya scrunched her eyebrows as she studied the scene inside the bedroom. Maria and the four holy maidens had once again, gotten their eyes blindfolded and their mouths gagged by Bella. This time, Bella had also shoved soft balls of cotton into their ears, removing them of their ability to hear the conversation between Bella and Noreya.

“Yes, is there any problem with that? Noreya, is it that you like bullying boys?”

“You’re too perverted, I don’t even like… nevermind, how do you plan on bringing them out of here, they’re living people you know. I don’t believe that you have a way…er, this bag is…”

Under Noreya’s shocked gaze, Bella pulled out a strange transparent bag. What shocked Noreya was that when Bella picked up the nearest Susan and placed her through the bag’s opening, Susan vanished as if into thin air. Afterwards, Bella repeated the same with the other girls and it was as if they were never here.

This “Dimensional Burlap Sack” was something that Bella had spent 2,000,000 Sin Points to buy from Asmodeus back in the City of Sin, and was made out of a similar material to their invisibility cloaks. There was some spatial magic on it as well, that allowed it to contain quite a number of living things without weighing down the bag. The previous owner of this item was the Worldbreaker’s 18th ranked Demon God, who used it to carry the various monsters that she found intriguing and captured. That Demon God had pawned it off to Asmodeus after finding something more suited for the jon and now it had landed in the hands of Bella.

“With this baby, carrying these five girls isn’t a problem, I can even take another 50 holy maidens in here. Eh, Noreya, why are you distancing yourself from me?”

‘You perverted girl, get away from me, I’ve discovered that you’re…. You’re too dangerous. I’m warning you, keep your distance from…”

“Don’t misunderstand, Noreya, you’re different from them! When I’m with you, I promise I’ll be very gentle… er, don’t be in such a rush to leave! Hear me out!”


It was the following day and it was just like Bella had expected, the disappearence of president Maria and the four holy maidens did not raise any alarms from the St Louis Academy as Maria had already left a note explaning where they were going, as well as the fact that there wasn’t any surveillance within the dormitory building. Even though the dorm manager as well as the patrolling guards were curious as to when and how Maria and the others had left the building, but it wasn’t in their jurisdiction to question the high echelons of the Church of Light, which was why there was no questions asked.

The only one who was suspicious of anything was the young cleric who had accompanied president Maria last night. But because of the strict practices of the Church, it was impossible for him to enter the female dorms and so he could only circle the building a couple times before leaving.

Last night he had already sensed the inklings on a void monarch’s aura, but he hadn’t thought too much of it then, but looking back on it now, it hadn’t been so simple. Right now, he was once again able to sense the remaining aura of a void monarch meaning that there was at least two void monarchs that had spent quite a bit of time here within the last day, or else the remainders of their aura wouldn’t be so strong.


Beside the largest of the Olsyvia Academy’s six lakes, Lake Virginia, Duke Bellina’s exclusive dormitory building, ‘White Heaven’. Beneath this building was a extremely well hidden room that Bella had only discovered when she was talking to Duke Brack’s daughter Jenny, who had brought it up unconsciously.

In the secret room was a bunch of strange tools and a extra-large bed. An thin ray of light travelled through a small and well hidden pane of glass, signifying that it was now dawn.

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Bella stretched her arms as she rose from the large bed and looked at the scene behind her with satisfaction. Maria, Susan, Daisy, Hayley, and Sophia were all still lying corpselike on the bed as they were simply too tired. After Bella had brough them back last night, they had spent the entire night in a crazy fashion. Bella had only let them rest when the sun was about to rise.

One of the many perks to being a demon king was that they had much more stamina and vigour than humans. Even though she had played with the five girls for an entire night until they dropped form exhaustion, Bella was only feeling quite refreshed. It seemed that Bella would have to find some girls in the future with more stamina than normal human girls.

“Bella-sama, you’ve awoken.”

“Oh it’s Lola, how was it, the surveillance from last night.”

“Here’s my report, Bella-sama, last night there wasn’t any abnormalities with the 3rd suite’s Natasha, she probably didn’t notice that you left. There also wasn’t any abnormalities in your 1st suite as they already knew beforehand that you and Noreya had something to do it was just that Lisha was a little unhappy.”

“That girl probably didn’t sleep at all last night, I’ll have to comfort her later.”

The assassin Lola tilted her head to the side as she gave her report to Bella, not daring to give another glance to the scene inside the secret room. Even though she was already one of Bella’s demon generals and knew of Bella’s strange tastes, she had even partook in such ‘games’ with Bella before, it was just that there hadn’t been so many participants that time.

“You’re up, president Maria? Stay here quietly like a good girl, I have some stuff to attend to. When I’m free later, I’ll come back to accompany you girls, don’t worry, the weekend is still long!”

Maria opened her eyes and looked fearfully at Bella. Bella hadn’t removed the rope that had bound them nor the ball that gagged them, only their blindfolds. Out of Bella’s strange taste, there was a red collar around each of their necks that had a thin chain which connected them to the posts of the large bed.

Seeing that Bella had shown her unmasked face to her, Maria was even more worried, if this demoness wasn’t afraid of showing her face, would she keep the five of them locked up forever now that they knew her secret!?

“Lola, you don’t have anything planned for these couple days, right? Could you watch over them in my absence, make sure they don’t run away. Oh, don’t let that perverted loli Noesha find out, or else these girls will be completely broken by the time I get back.

“Understood, Demon… Bella-sama.”

After leaving the secret room, Bella began planning her schedule for the weekend. She realized that it had only been a week since the opening ceremony and she had already kidnapped the student council president of another branch academy. However, since the deed was already done, she planned to turn Maria and the holy maidens completely to her side.

She didn’t have the time last time back at the town of Sakerid, but now, none of them could run and there was all the time in the world.

The biggest problem at hand currently, was the fact that the key to the St Louis Academy’s secret room needed the fragments carried by the other 5 student council presidents of the Olsyvia Academy. When president Ese had given Bella the map of the St Louis Academy, she hadn’t said a thing about this. Bella didn’t know if Ese had done it on purpose or was unaware of the fact.

But wasn’t this indirectly forcing her to ‘kidnap’ the other student council presidents!? Currently, Maria had already been conquered, Lucia lived next door, and Britney needed her help, so these three shouldn’t be a problem. As for the last three, Ave was an assassin and was hard to track, Angelina was the central student council president, meaning that it would be impossible for Bella to just kidnap her like she had done with Maria. Ese was probably the hardest of them all, based on the intel that Bella had obtained from the ‘fake loli’ Charlotte, there was a very large chance that Ese was also a transmigrator and her powers was still unknown.

“Bellina, what agreement do you have with president Britney. After she visited you a couple days ago, she left in quite the hurry. I asked her what you two were talking about, and she wouldn’t tell me no matter what.”

“Natasha, you’re not even my girlfriend, so why is it that you’re prying so much into my private matters with other girls? Can I take it that you’re interested in me?”

“Stop daydreaming, Britney’s here again, looking for you. I’ll go wake Lucia up now, please don’t make trouble. I don’t know how you defeated Mr Congreave last time, but I hope you refrain from repeating such actions, you’re making it hard for us at the Disciplinary Committee.

After greeting and enjoying a short conversation with Natasha, Bella went down to the reception room in the dormitory’s ground floor. It was here that she saw president Britney who had came here to look for her. After seeing Bella, the beautiful archer’s eyes lit up.

There were a few other girls in the reception room, but they were all minding their own business.

“Duchess Bellina, the ingredients that you needed for the ‘Elixir of Life’… I’m still missing a few…’

“What, you’ve run into some problems? Is it that you’ve run out of money, didn’t I say that you can just tell them my name?”

“It’s not that I’ve run out of money, but there are a few materials that the auction house’s owner refuses to sell to me, he even said… he said that he’s never even heard of your name, I wanted to explain…”

“What auction house doesn’t want money when it arrives at their door?? Lead the way, I’ll come there with you.”

Hearing that there was an auction house that didn’t recognize her, Bella decided to go and personally deal with that auction house’s owner. Now that it was the weekend, she could also take this time to buy some small gifts for her dorm-mates, especially Noreya who needed to be ‘especially’ bribed as the only witness to her ‘criminal activities’. If she didn’t bribe Noreya to get back on her good side, there might not be a chance in the future when her impression in Noreya’s mind is firmly set as that of a perverted girl.

Taking into consideration that she was going to make some trouble, Bella returned to her suite and took out the new gloves that Mia had made for her using the teeth of the SS+ class monster [Fierce Dragon], a single strike from Bella wearing these gauntlets could punch right through a typical A-class monster.

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