Volume 2 Chapter 77: Auction House and a Deal Between Saviours

The Olsylvia Academy’s central branch, the Commoners’ Francis Academy. Since the Olsylvia Academy spanned across the entire city, there were quite a few shopping districts on school property. Of which, the most renowned was the ‘Heaven of Philosophers’ that Bella had visited previously and was located on Bruce Street.

Within the Bruce Street was a passageway to the City of Sin, Halifax. Bella’s original plan for the weekend was to make another trip to Halifax, but Britney had intercepted her. She had wanted to go there because even though she captured Maria and the others, she had to let them go on when Monday arrived since the mysterious disappearance of a certain student council president would cause quite the chaos.

The 7th sin,【Lust】Asmodeus should have quite a few more interesting toys for sale. There might even be some that will make Maria and the holy maidens completely and totally submit to Bella. However, Bella couldn’t just ignore Britney now that she has come knocking on her door, especially since she has already promised to help cure her little sister.

Bella and the others were currently heading towards the biggest shopping district within Francis Academy, Heslet Street. Different from Bruce Street, this place was completely controlled by the Mask of Darkness, one of the Ten Great Societies. Most of the things sold here were inclined towards commoners, so only on a few rare occasions would people from the noble academies visit such a place. Students from the academies would never appear in such a place, as it would ruin their reputations.

Accompanying Bella was President Britney, Sharon- formerly one of the Five Divine Grand Ladies of the Rose Society, Betty- the peace-breaker Poison Refining Loli, President Isaman, her dorm mate, and her younger sister Elaine.

Elaine was wearing a huge windbreaker that covered her face. In fact, she had a curse on her body, and according to her, her previous dormmates say that a strange shadow appears next to her bed in the middle of the night. After a long period of time, no one dared to stay with her anymore.

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Luckily for her though, since Elaine started staying with Bella and the others, her curse had vanished. Bella figured that the curse had the same nature as the grieving spirit from the cursed ring on Lisha, and it might also be related to Elaine’s previous life. However, the curse didn’t completely disappear, instead choosing not to stir up trouble, afraid about Bella and her other dormmates real identities. 

“I’m sorry, Bellina. The things here don’t really fit your status, right?”

“It’s fine, Britney. Also, just calling me by my nickname will do. Bellina is a name meant for outsiders that don’t really know me.”

Britney was very apologetic and regretful to Bella and the others. Heslet Street is a territory controlled by the Mask of Darkness, hence the public security here wasn’t great. None of the females would come shopping in such a place, not even members of the Disciplinary Committee. The shoppers were prominently males, making it feel like a ‘discount’ Bruce Street.

In a prominent position of the street, Bella and her gang finally located their destination, Meredith Auctions. This auction house belonged to the Golden Legend Society’s President Carlos’ family business. It was no wonder they ignored Bellina’s name since they were an opposing society’s business. If it wasn’t for the fact that Sharon’s family owned a smelting factory and that they were lacking materials, Bella would never purchase anything from here.

At the entrance of the auction house, a devious-looking fatty received Bella and her group, “Welcome to our auction house! If you would follow me, I will bring you further in. Are you ladies here to auction off your items or to participate in the bidding?”

“We are here to participate. When does it start?”

“We will begin the daytime auction in another half an hour!”

Once he finished speaking, they noticed the fake loli, Charlotte, arrive at the entrance to the auction house. She was still wearing that black gothic loli dress, making her look the same as a few days ago, the only difference being that she is now holding a small black umbrella.

The fake loli was immediately surrounded by a few men, and after taking a closer look, wasn’t one of them Scott, who might possibly be the Savior from the Knight Class? What was he doing at the auction house? Furthermore, this loser couldn’t be blind, right? 

Could he not see that Charlotte was a boy?!

“Little girl, what is your name? Uh, there is a lot of bad people around here. Don’t be afraid though, big brother will protect you!”

“Big brother, I don’t like the smell of your body. I better go to the big sister over there.”

Charlotte remained completely unmoved by Scott’s actions. In a flash, he avoided Scott’s extended hand that was reaching for his head and accurately appeared next to Bella.

Charlotte wanted to pull on Bella’s sleeve originally, but when he saw Betty and Elaine next to her, he hesitated before changing his target to Britney. Scott turned around with an awkward expression when he saw Bella and her group.

“Duchess…Bellina, is there your little sister? Don’t misunderstand, I don’t have any malicious intentions! I saw her wandering dangerously by herself, so I…”

“Classmate…Scott, Charlotte is not my little sister. Furthermore, Charlotte is… if you didn’t notice that she isn’t… Nevermind, forget it! You should…”

“Big sister Bellina, this big brother is so naughty! He has been fooling around with beautiful big sisters along the way and even wanted to lay his hands on me. I am not a girl… but he still wants to hook up with me.”

Scott was instantly petrified by his words. He actually had such an error in judgment? This Charlotte was actually a boy!? This time, nobody was sure where Charlotte found a black fan, but it was positioned over the front of his neck, obstructing his throat from view. Scott, the veteran driver, was careless for a moment and unfortunately overturned his car. Seeing how stunned Scott was, Bella didn’t feel like teasing him anymore, so she simply brought Charlotte into the auction house. 

There were a large number of people inside waiting for it to start, like the countless Francis Academy students. The scale of the auction wasn’t very high class, instead targeting middle to low-class people.  Basically, people with a decent status wouldn’t be attending. If they were to attend an auction, they would probably go to the Ingersoll Auctions that were hosted at the royal academy- Euphemia Academy. It has been said that they once auctioned off a junior-grade divine artifact, but no one knew if this rumor was true or not.

What Bella wanted to buy were the raw materials required to make the resurrection medicine; Seven Star Herb, Blood Coral, and the Jasper Vine. These materials should appear at the Ingersoll Auctions, but they were hard to collect. In addition, higher class auctions seldom auction raw materials for medicine.

In this other world, the process of refining medicinal ingredients wasn’t going to be 100% successful. The higher the grade, the higher the risk during refinement. This directly influenced the price of the higher grade raw materials, hence it’s much more cost-effective to buy finished products.

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Bella was planning to assist Sharon in helping Britney’s little sister refine the resurrection medicine. She could have asked Betty for helped, but her resurrection medicine wasn’t considered a real one on stricter terms. It was a failed product that was made from the refinement of highly toxic medicines and the composition was drastically different from the traditional kind.

Back when Bella contributed the resurrection medicine during the auction, she had already stated on the item’s description that it was an ancient remnant. If Betty was to refine another bottle of a similar item, her lies might just be exposed. Hence, she had no choice but to invite Sharon to follow the formula and help Britney’s little sister create it.

The formula is considered one of the most confidential things in the Alchemist’s Union, meaning Sharon is the only alchemist in the human empires that has refined a resurrection medicine.

The raw materials weren’t sold on the auction stage, but instead sold to the side like a farmers market with prices on cabinets. These were items that sellers were confident would sell well, but couldn’t afford to pay the expensive auction fees.

“Seven Star herb, 100,000 gold coins. Blood Coral, 120,000 gold coins. Jasper Vine, 150,000 gold coins. Big brother, your prices… isn’t this just a robbery?!”

Bella glanced at the prices and the quality of the herbs and almost walked away in disgust. The merchant must be shady and drunk to sell such things. Britney looked at Bella with apologetic eyes. She had lied earlier about the fact that he didn’t want to sell to her, when in reality, the prices were just too ridiculous.

Bella might have committed to paying for all the raw materials, but Britney was a kind-hearted girl and didn’t want Bella to overspend her money, so she lied. Even though saving her little sister was of utmost importance, she couldn’t let Bella spend so pointlessly!

The stall owner was a handsome young man with silver hair, which is a first for Bella in this world. He was wearing a Olivia Wizard Academy uniform and he looked to be around 18 years of age and dressed like a swordsman. Apart from the medicinal materials, the man also sold plenty of strange artifacts, but they were all selling for a few hundred thousand gold coins each.

When Akmans saw that he had a customer, he immediately gave a business-like smile and went over to attend them. He was a Savior that had been chosen and summoned by a Creator from one of the dimensions. He’s been in this world for about a month, killing monsters and searching for treasures. He was feeling rather depressed that he couldn’t kill the demon king that he was supposed to exterminate.

The result of Akmans’ transmigration was different from Scott and Adelaide’s. When he transmigrated, he didn’t know if it was because the Creator that was responsible for it had low standards or what. The previous host of this body was a stranded waif, and when Akmans transmigrated, he had consumed all his original memories and turned into his current silver haired appearance.

However, since he consumed all of his memories, he could only speak this world’s language, but not understand the wording. This caused him to be penniless and not know which mission to pick at the Mercency Union. In his previous life, Akman was the definition of a narcissist. In order not to expose the awkward and embarrassing fact that he was illiterate, he didn’t even ask the receptionists in the Mercenary Union to read it for him.

This time, if it wasn’t for the academy opening season at Olivia Wizard Academy, which he managed to blend in at, he would probably die of hunger on the streets, probably being the first Savior to do so. Unfortunately for him, because of the Creator’s request, he couldn’t go plundering, so he was forced to set up a stall and sell stuff for a living.

“Young Lady, these items aren’t that expensive! This Seven Star Herb was collected outside the Cave of the Star Swallowing Demon Beast. This Blood Coral was collected from the blood cave at Maram Beach. As for this Jasper Vine, I collected it from the Jasper Devil Dragon’s cave and I was nearly eaten by the dragon! And this…”

“Hold on… Brother, did you check the market prices for these items?”

“That… I…”

Akmans had an awkward expression on his face. The prices were completely arbitrary and based on the fantasy novels he read in his previous life. He never checked the market prices and just assumed that 100,000 gold coins was just fine because it was in the novels. As a result, nobody came by and bought anything from his stall.

The silent Elaine glanced at the materials a few times before suggesting, “Bella, let’s change stalls then. These medicinal materials will be completely spoiled in a few hours and not even worth a single copper coin!”

Sharon, the professional alchemist, had a shocked expression because she was sure that they didn’t have an expiration date. She didn’t know why Elaine said this, but she was rational enough to keep quiet.

“Oh, let’s go then!”

When Akmans saw Bella and the others turned around to leave, he quickly exclaimed, “Young Lady… please don’t go!  Name your price. I’ve been here for three days haven’t sold anything. Please take pity on me!”

It was fortunate for him that someone knowledgeable had finally taken an interest in his stall. If he couldn’t make a deal, he wouldn’t have enough to pay for the stall setup fees.

“You don’t even know what these items are used for, right? These three medicinal materials are about to expire, I wouldn’t even want them if you were giving them to me for free! As for your other items, I don’t even know what they are, so why do I need to buy them?!”

Bella had guessed Elaine’s intention by seeing Sharon’s surprised expression, which was to lower the prices. These ridiculous prices might not be ethical, but this man was selling them at a much too expensive price!

“These… these three items can be given away for free. Young Lady, a single glance and I know that you are a wealthy individual. I have stashed away a few forbidden treasures, which might interest you. If you can buy any one of them, I will give these three medicinal materials as complimentary gifts.”

When Bella heard ‘forbidden treasure’, she immediately walked over, “Forbidden treasures? Let me see them first!”

Her female companions didn’t seem very interested as they simply stood there and observed.  Akmans then took out a black bag and carefully took out the items inside and placed them in front of Bella.

These treasures mainly came from demon kings and were stained with their blood. Since Bella was also a demon king, she wasn’t too surprised to smell the blood of a demon king on them. However, she didn’t expect this silver-haired young man to have defeated so many. 

Could this fellow be a Savior?

At this time, Akmans didn’t recognize that Bella was a member of the World Destructors, as he was too concerned about making money. He had no idea that by selling these forbidden treasures to Bella, he was unintentionally doing her a huge favor.

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