Volume 2 Chapter 78: The Encounter At Sainsbury Street

Bella didn’t mean to help avenge other demons, but she couldn’t help herself. Akmans was the savior, but he had no idea that Bella’s party was filled with his enemies.

“The odor on these artifacts don’t smell very good. Do you have the kind of treasures that ward off evil spirits, such as the sword that beheaded the evil Demon King?”

“Young lady, how do you know that…. I do have stuff like that, but they aren’t for ordinary people….”

“I can offer you a high price, but if you don’t want to sell, then our affinity will have to come to an end.”

“Wait! Young lady, can you tell me what you’re going to use them for?”

“I’m just interested. If you don’t accept, I can’t help it!”

“This… alright, I’ll sell. However, please don’t tell anybody that I sold it to you. If God finds out… cough, cough If other people find out, I’ll get in big trouble.”

“Of course, that’s fine with me. Now, let me see what you have!”

Ten minutes later, Bella and her party left. Akmans looked at the gold card in his hand and he felt sincerely happy in his heart. In just one transaction, he had received 300,000 gold coins from selling the Savior’s full set of equipment. However, it didn’t matter to him because he could find other stuff to replace it.

How would Akmans know that the Savior equipment he sold to Bella would be used for her to successfully pretend to be the Savior and deceive several camps. Because of Akmans’s unintentional greed, a large number of Savior supporters were being cheated.

Charlotte looked at the equipment that Bella had bought and his face was a bit uncomfortable, “Sister Bella, what are you going to do with that equipment? The feeling isn’t so good!”

Bella had bought the Savior’s dedicated equipment and Akman’s sword, the Evil Breaking Great Sword. She just wanted to try out his stuff originally, but she didn’t expect to get the Savior’s weapons so easily.

Normally, the Demon King would be unable to use weapons like the Savior’s Evil Breaking Great Sword, let alone an existence like a Demon God. Just simple contact with it and they would be seriously injured, let alone holding it in your hands like Bella was doing.

Bella was too lazy to think about any deeper meaning behind this, instead choosing to silently celebrate because she completed her purpose. The equipment she obtained from Akmans was enough for her to pretend to be the Savior. This was the territory of mankind. If she wanted to stay here for a while, a fake identity would be very important. It is the best choice for her to pretend to be a member of the Savior’s camp. Either way, there was no identification system between members of the Saviors, so anyone with the evil breaking equipment would be it.

In addition to fake Lolita Charlotte, Betty the Chaos Camp Lolita also disliked the Savior equipment that Bella bought, their facial expressions clearly showing this fact. It seems that this time she had managed to buy the real goods, Akmans didn’t sell any counterfeits.

“Bella, where are we going next?”

“Sharon, do you know if there are any small accessories being sold nearby? The kind of place that sells small gifts that girls would like. I thought I would find a place here that sells that kind of thing, but I didn’t expect it to be full of weapon auction shops.”

“Well, this… I’m sorry, I only know about magic equipment shops and alchemy medicine refining. I really don’t know about what you want!”

“Sister Bellina, I know a store that sells accessories that girls like. It will definitely satisfy you, I can lead the way!”

“President Charlotte, you are not… you are not a girl, so how would you know about that kind of store..”

“Sister Bellina, is it only girls who can go to that kind of store? Big sisters, let us just take a small detour! The store is run by my association, so just let me take care of you guys for now.”

“Alright, lead the way then!”

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Bella begrudgingly agreed once Charlotte deliberately made a pathetic face. If Bella didn’t repeat ‘he is not a girl’ several times in her heart, she couldn’t help but use ‘patting the head’ to comfort Charlotte. This fake Lolita was really poisonous, and he could really act cute more than the beautiful Lolita girls who were currently around Bella. If he was really a girl, then it would be best.
(TL Note: The phrase ‘patting the head’ means that using the action of stroking a girl’s head to let her have a favorable impression towards the guy.)

Elaine slowly walked over and softly whispered into Bella’s ear, “Bella, that Charlotte does not belong to the human race. You should be careful!”

“Well… Hey, Elaine, how do you know that he is not a human being?”

“That’s a secret, don’t ask. Anyway, pay attention and be careful!”

Elaine walked over and reminded Bella with a whisper. Charlotte then took hold of President Britney’s sleeves and lead the way. Sharon was talking to Betty behind them about some of her experiences and thoughts about alchemy. No one had noticed that Elaine had stepped forward and talked privately to Bella.

Elaine hadn’t realized Charlotte’s true identity, but she speculated that he wasn’t a human being based on the fact that she saw him street shopping when she was also shopping in Halifax, the Capital of Sin.

At that time, Charlotte was too busy shopping and didn’t notice that Elaine had seen his figure. The same could be said for Elaine, who had no idea that Bella and her party knew her true identity. She couldn’t say his true form naturally, so she simply called it a secret.

“I told you to pay attention and I’m glad your listening to me, but why…are…you holding my hand?”

“Elaine, we were all roommates, can’t we chat? You are the only one left in the dormitory that I haven’t chatted with. Now, let us chat.”

“Then there’s no reason to hold my hand. Bella, can you let go? Won’t this cause a misunderstanding?”

“I will not let go! Elaine, what are you so afraid of? We’re in a pure roommate relationship. What is the problem with a girl holding another girls’ hand? On Bruce Street, there would be no problem with two boys holding hands; that’s obviously sexual discrimination! You need to correct this problem.”

Elaine couldn’t argue against Bella’s words, giving up immediately and letting her pull her forward with her right hand. When she saw Elaine give up and obey, Bella breathed a sigh of relief and finally checked the first tick off her strategy plan. In the entire dormitory, Elaine was the hardest sister to strategize.

For the other roommates, Lisha was her sister and their relationship was good. She had saved Kris before, thus her feelings toward Bella were naturally good. Ariel herself had “misidentified” three times, and she could not possibly forget her. Although Noreya didn’t communicate very much, they were accomplices of a “crime”. It was impossible for Noreya to disregard her relationship with Bella.

The hardest person to hook up was Elaine. She was too quiet, so Bella had a hard time striking up a conversation with her. This time, she took the initiative to go forward and greet Bella, giving her an exceptionally good opportunity to better their relationship. If she missed this chance, Bella wasn’t sure when she’ll get another one.

Along the way, Bella finally got to chat with Elaine while using the experiences in her past life of talking with clients. In her previous few reincarnations, Elaine didn’t have any experience in having such long interactions with others. Towards Bella striking up a conversation, she was somewhat conflicted and now she had let go of herself. To Elaine, Bella had unconsciously increased her relationship with her and brought them closer.

The store that Charlotte recommended was located at Sainsbury street between Frank Civilian Academy and Olivia Wizard Academy. This territory was owned by The Wronged Angels Association, and at the beginning of their establishment, they defeated the rank 10 Mask of Darkness Association of the Orlysis Academy on a large scale. As a result, before they had the Brotherhoods’ support, they were defeated by several members of The Wronged Angels Association.

What happened during the war was still a mystery, until now. The Wronged Angels Association won against the Mask of Darkness Association, but they never revealed exactly what happened, instead choosing to stay quiet. At that time, when the Brotherhood arrived for support, they didn’t find anything unusual, just several members of the Mask of Darkness Association having nervous breakdowns.

Sainsbury street sold everything that a girl would need; such as dolls, clothes, snacks, and refreshments. Bella’s only regret was that the women’s clothing sold here, although designed well, wasn’t as good as the design she made for her little friends around her. The style of bra was still very conservative and highly protected from the cold.

The store that Charlotte recommended was directly operated by The Wronged Angels Association, which was located in a prominent position on Sainsbury Street. When they reached the store ‘Angel is not lonely’, Bella was planning to rush in before Charlotte could, but the door suddenly opened. A figure suddenly rushed through the door and pushed Bella.

Bella could only sigh with a dark expression on her face. Britney, Charlotte, and her were standing in the doorway thinking about the current situation. The other party had chosen to run into her, could she be a ‘magnet’?

Luckily for her, since Bella had the real physique of a Demon King, no one in the human race is strong enough to knock her over. As soon as their bodies collided, Bella figured that the other party was a young girl. If it was a boy, she would probably give in to her impulse and silence them. After all, she doesn’t want to be taken advantage of by boys.

The girl that was knocked over was wearing a casual black dress. She was now lying in front of Bella and was staring at her in surprise. The girl was surrounded by cute bear and rabbit dolls that she surely just bought.

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Bella was also stunned when she recognized the familiar face. If she wasn’t mistaken, this person was the student union president of Olivia Wizard Academy, Ivy. She is widely known as the ice cold beautiful girl president. As an assassin, she had always appeared and disappeared unpredictably, so Bella entrusted Lola, who was also an assassin, to help search for her.
However, she never managed to find any trace of her, and they certainly didn’t expect to meet her here.

Ivy obviously didn’t expect to meet Bella either. Before she ran into Bella, Ivy bought a few dolls that she liked and was planning to sneak back into the dormitory before anyone noticed. However, she was in too much of a hurry and didn’t notice other people in the doorway.

A secret that not many people knew in Olivia Academy was that Ivy liked cute dolls. The other members of the Student Union, who had the closest relations with Ivy had no idea. Even the members of the Ironblood Cross Society, who were ranked number one in the Olivia Academy Association had no idea that the unfeeling president had such an adorable side.

“President Ivy…. Why are you here? Did you buy all these dolls?”

“President Britney! What are you doing here!? Your seeing wrong. These… I’m not buying them for me… I bought them for my sister!”

“President Ivy, I thought you didn’t have a sister! At the previous student union president gathering, didn’t you…”

Ivy looked at the innocent face of Britney and was completely speechless. This girl was too simple, will she not look at her look to handle the situation? Ivy didn’t notice her position when she had fallen down, but the bottom of her skirt was lifted open. Bella was standing on the opposite side and could see her panties.

Safety pants were the worst invention in human history, even in the other world. Ivy was wearing black safety pants, which was not a fair deal at all. Where is the basic trust between humans!?
The direction of Bella’s eyes were too direct. Ivy immediately noticed where she was looking when she turned around, “You… Where are you looking right now!? Bella, please pay attention to your aristocratic image!”

To Bella though, everyone was a girl and it didn’t matter that she saw them.
However, Ivy instinctively felt that Bella’s eyes carried a hint of evil that she couldn’t explain right now. Bella then suddenly sighed, “President Ivy, so you like these kinds of dolls. People in the news agency have been looking for a big story lately, I think…”

“No! I already told you that I bought these dolls for someone else! You have seen wrong!”

“The names on these dolls are not what you had written, President Ivy. There are several eyewitnesses on my side, including President Britney!”

“You…. are you threatening me!?”

“President Ivy, don’t misunderstand! I could not possibly threaten girls. Look at my pure eyes and tell me if I’m that kind of person!”

Her azure cosmetic contact eyes were calmly watching Ivy’s reaction. She couldn’t help but admit that Bella’s means of deceiving girls became more and more skilled as time went on.

She had a righteous look on her face now, and if someone looked at her now, they wouldn’t be able to tell that she was a female demon that conquered five girls last night.

“Well, I will believe you once you have something to entrust to me. I will help you within my capabilities then.”

“That, if you have time tomorrow afternoon, can you come to the Timothy Restaurant at Euphemia Imperial Academy at three o’clock? I want to treat you to a meal. There is also something I’ll need to trouble you with.”

“If that is the case, okay… I will definitely go and meet you there.”

If Ivy was remembering right, the Timothy Restaurant at Euphemia Imperial Academy was a restaurant specially geared towards couples. Although she couldn’t figure out why Bella chose such a place as a meeting point, but now she could only agree to Bella’s request. Who asked her to love dolls so much, and when she bought them, she couldn’t wait to write her name on them. Now, it was just too bad that she was caught.

Bella stared at Ivy’s back as she walked away. She was still a bit surprised that the cold and beautiful president, who never smiled once during the opening ceremony, actually liked cute dolls and wore girly clothes. Knowing her little secret, the matter of the key would be easy to handle.

Since President Britney was an important witness that now knew her secret as well, Bella believed President Ivy would not miss their appointment. Now, all she needed are the keys of President Isaman and Chief President Angelina. Then she could officially sneak into the underground secret room of St. Louis Church Academy and find the banned book Olsylvia Academy’s Midnight Unbelievable Tales.

“Bella, your expression is a bit evil!”

“Elaine, don’t talk nonsense! I am a good person, everyone knows that!”

“Sisters, please come into my store, you will like the things inside!”

Under Charlotte’s lead, Bella and her group walked into the store ‘Angel is not lonely’.
Everyone except Bella quickly forgot about the incident just now as they walked in. Bella immediately noticed that the store looked pretty small from the outside, but the inside was unexpectedly large. She didn’t know what kind of method they were using, but it must not be simple!

“Sister Charlotte… Brother Charlotte, you’re back! And you brought back another guest!”

Behind the shop counter, a silver-haired ‘Young Cute boy’ saw someone enter the store and was very happy to greet them. On his right shoulder, he had the same association emblem as Charlotte, just slightly different colors. Since Charlotte is the president, his was red.

Bella didn’t dare take the ‘Young Cute boy’ lightly. The people of The Wronged Angels Society were not normal. The president of the Rose Society, Nina, had told her this before. Sure enough, Bella looked carefully and saw that the ‘Young Cute boy’ had no Adam’s apple and their chest seemed to bulge a little. Compared to Charlotte’s ‘airport’, the contrast was obvious.
(TL Notes: The phrase “airport” is used to describe a woman’s flat chested figure)

The fake girl was deeply disguised by wearing boy’s clothes and a small sized magician’s hat to put her long hair into. Bella almost fell into her trap just like with Charlotte.
The Wronged Angels Society’s pattern was too complicated, and the two members that Bella currently saw were gender fraud. This little Lolita, like Charlotte, was obviously really cute.
However, she deliberately wore the clothes of a boy, so Bella couldn’t tell if it’s her hobby or otherwise.

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