Volume 2 Chapter 79: The Weekend Arrangement after Returning from a Rewarding Journey.

The Wronged Angels Society had opened this store and was basically selling female-oriented merchandise. Usually, there would be a lot of customers, however, because they were mainly female customers and most girls liked to sleep late on weekends, therefore, there were not many customers at this timing in the store. Ivy knew that there were lesser people at that time thus she dared to go to the shop to buy dolls secretly.

The manager of the “Angel is Not Lonely” store was the vice president of The Wronged Angels Society, Demir, and he was the fake young cute boy who was actually a girl whom Bella had just met. If Demir had changed to women’s clothing, she would be a very attractive little loli. She didn’t know why Demir always liked to wear boys’ clothes for whatsoever reason. People who mistook her for being a shota would be no lesser than the number of people who had mistaken Charlotte for a loli.

“Sister Bellina, all of you can buy anything you like. If a girl buys the goods here, you will get 20% off. If it was a beautiful girl that buys, she will get 40% off! If a boy buys it for his girlfriend, it would be the original price. If you buy it for yourself, you can get a 30% discount.”

“Demir, your shop base your discounts on faces? Then how much discount can I get!”

“Well, since you’re the most beautiful girls here, 50% off!”

Demir snuck a peek at Elena and said to Bella. Bella felt strange, how had Demir discovered Elena’s true appearance? When Elena entered the store, she was used to wearing a coat to cover her appearance. Could it be that Demir could see through the coat?

There were indeed a lot of small gifts in this shop, and the friends who had come with Bella were focused on purchasing merchandise. Even Elaine and Betty, who had been vigilant against Charlotte, had temporarily put down their guard. No matter what their true identity was, they were ordinary girls now and there was nothing wrong in liking all these small items.

However, Bella was obviously not very satisfied with the merchandise. She was originally a girl who was turned halfway so her interest in these things was not great. The attentive Demir had discovered the strangeness of Bella quickly. As a businessman who had been operating the shop for a long time, she was good at observing people’s facial expressions and the disappointment in Bella’s eyes was easily captured by her.

“Sister Bellina, do you want something more exciting, I have it here too, you can go to the area inside the store with me.”

“Hey, this little girl, your thoughts are really not simple! There is an area in the store?”

“Yes, there is, I don’t recommend it to girls in general. Like the previous sister Ivy, I didn’t tell her that there is an internal area.”

“Then why are you telling me? Am I not an ordinary girl!”

“It is just a feeling, Sister Bellina, I feel that you are a little different from the average girl. How different, I can’t say it either. Sister Bellina, do you want to go to the inner area?”

“Lead the way, I have to see what the inner area of your store is selling.”

Demir deliberately lowered her voice and moved closer to Bella in order to recommend. Charlotte was busy recommending products to other girls. Like other girls, she did not notice Bella’s situation.

Under the Demir’s lead, Bella walked into the hidden area of the store through a hidden door. The lighting in the inner area was much darker than in the outer area. The merchandise here was divided into two areas, the bookshelf area and the props area. The bookshelf area was divided into two areas. The logo of one area is a pure white flower, which looked like a lesbian in her past life. The other sign, Bella did not understand what it was.

Bella originally thought that there was something exciting for sale in the inner area , but it turned out to be just books. She was about to turn away in disappointment to see the props area when the cover of several books on the bookshelf attracted her attention.

“Isn’t this ….. the Philosophy Comic? The Other World is actually selling them!”

Bella looked at the books on the bookshelf with a startled look. The whole bookshelves were filled with comic books. The pictures on the cover were all classic scenes of boys’ love comics. Through the covers, Bella could feel a burst of very strong philosophical aura.

“Demir, where did you get all these comic books?”

“Sister Bellina, this is a trade secret. Please don’t ask anymore, I won’t say it. You better go over to the bookshelf over there. The bookshelves here are basically for members of the Brotherhood. It’s better for girls to go over to the bookshelf over there.”

The bookshelf on the other side was naturally filled with girls’ love comics. This was similar to Bella’s thinking. Since there were boys’ love comics then it was not surprising to sell girl’s love comics also. Out of curiosity, Bella had also flipped the comics over there. The girls’ love comics placed on the bookshelf were quite complete; there were normal ones and also novelty ones.

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Bella settled on an instructional girls’ love comic that had and reached out to the side of the book. She was about to remove it when she saw the other side of the book being held by slim, delicate and fair girl’s hands.

“Sorry, so you wanted this book too, then I…”

“It’s alright, I can give it up to you. You are…. Chief President Angelia?”

Bella turned her head and saw that a sea-blue beautiful girl was standing there, looking at her with astonishment. Bella always had a deep impression of beautiful girls. She recognized this beautiful girl in an instant. Angelica, the Chief President of the Central Students’ Union of Olsylvia Academy. Bella felt really lucky today after meeting Ivy by accident then running into Chief President Angelica from the General Student’s Union too. If she was to meet Isaman later, that would be perfect.

Angelia looked at Bella with an embarrassed face. In her arms, she was carrying a few selected girls’ love comics. The covers all looked to be instructional. It was really hard to tell that this Chief President of the Central Students’ Union had such a unique taste. Fortunately, she was not reading boys’ love comics. If it was a boys’ love comics, Bella would not know how to interact with her. She had no interest in boys’ love comics.

“ Classmate Bellina, what a coincidence. Then, slowly take a look, I will..”

“Chief President Angelia, I came with President Britney. If you’re to leave, please help me pass a message to her. Just say that I am reading comics in the inner area to leave her mind at rest.”

“If that is the case…. I will go over there and take a look! I am not in a hurry to leave; when I am going back later then I will go and say hello to her!”

Angelia turned her face away unnaturally, her heart pondering on the strategy of coping rapidly with the situation. Her love for this type of comic book was a secret between herself and the store manager, Demir. Other people would not know about this secret.

Angelia received the news from Demir, saying that a new batch of books would arrive this weekend. In the early morning, she had run out of the shop. There were fewer people in the morning so it would be safer to come to the store then. No matter what, she was also the Chief President of the Student Union. It was not very good for people to see her running into this type of store and buying this kind of book.

Originally, Angelia had chosen a book and was ready to leave. She didn’t expect that Ivy had also visited the store and saw her selecting and purchasing dolls in the outer area. Angelia reluctantly went back. Ivy was an assassin; it was unrealistic to bypass her and escape from her sight. Therefore, Chief President Angelia retreated and continued to select comics and conveniently waited for Ivy to leave before she could leave.

As a result, Angelia was too fascinated and when Ivy left, she did not realize it. Too engrossed with the girls’ love comics, her secret was discovered by Bella. As the Chief President of the Central Student Union, Angelica was calmer than the previous Ivy, and she had no obvious signs of anxiety. Just as she was busy thinking about explanations in her mind, Bella, who was always unpredictable, came to her with no trace of politeness and took her hand.

“Hey…Classmate Bellina, what are you…”

“Chief President Angelia, I finally found my soulmate. My friends around me don’t read these type of comics. It so happens that you can bring me around! I just came over and am not sure which book over here would be good to read!”

“But, I really don’t read….. These are the ones I bought for…”

“Chief President Angelia, please don’t deny it already. Don’t you want a bookmate who could share insights with you? It would be very lonely to read a book alone!”

“Bellina, come with me, I will introduce you to some good books.”

Bella was an experienced person, she would not let go of this opportunity to get closer with a targeted girl. Although Angelia was the Chief President of the Central Student Union and was skilled at the handling of official matters, she had been distressed that she had no one to share the joy of reading such category of girls’ love comics with her. In the area where the girls’ love comics were stacked at the bookshelves, she had never seen any girl other than her. This time being seen by Bella, maybe it was not a bad thing after all.

Outside the main office door of the Olsylvia Academy’s Central Student Union. Today was the weekend and the Central Student Union was also on a holiday break. Most members of the Central Student Union were resting. A secretary, Cynthia, was left on standby to deal with unexpected situations.

“Classmate Norris, you said that there was an urgent matter for Chief President Angelia. What is it? The Chief President is not here now! “

“Secretary Cynthia, can you tell me where Chief President Angelia is now! This is a very serious matter and must be made known to her. “

No, this is the secret of Chief President Angelia. I am also not sure where is she now. If you need something, you can tell me!”

Outside the main door of the Olsylvia Academy’s Central Student Union, a very handsome young priest was negotiating with the Central Student Union’s secretary, Cynthia. He was the person who had accompanied President Maria back to the dormitory. He was the young priest, Norris, who had sent her to the dormitory.

Norris hovered for a while in the morning around the residential hall of President Maria. He finally used his special secret method to determine that there were traces of activity of the Abyss Demonic King at the residence hall of President Maria’s dormitory. President Maria and the other four Holy Maidens were cultivating in seclusion and he felt very abnormal. However, because there was no actual evidence thus, it was not good for him to report the situation to the President of The Doors of Truth.

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The only way now was to find the other Student Presidents to confirm where President Maria was cultivating. If there was anything unusual about President Maria, his thoughts would be confirmed.

However, the Presidents of the Olsylvia Academy had collectively “disappeared” over the weekend. Maria said that she was going to cultivate together with the four Holy Maidens and disappeared. Isaman seemed like she was deliberately hiding from him and was nowhere to be found when he went to her office. Lucia had already moved out of her aristocrat’s academy dormitory area and had moved to the new dormitory. The teachers in the dormitory area did not know where she was and naturally she could not be found.

Britney and Ivy were also not in their dormitory. Their roommates were unaware of their whereabouts. Now the only hopeful one, President Angelia was also not there. He felt really speechless.

Norris helplessly turned and left. He did think to find the Principals to report the situation, but there was no clear evidence that there was a Demonic Being invading the St. Louis Church Academy, which directly questioned the level of security of the Radiant Church. With no evidence for this situation that challenged the authority of the Radiant Church;the consequences of provoking the church would be very severe.

Cynthia, the secretary of the General Student Union, looked at the back of the handsome male priest that had left and gently let out a sigh of relief. She didn’t know the reason, but this young priest had always had an indescribable sense of oppression and it was really tiring to talk to him.

Towards Norris’s reminder, Cynthia naturally treated it as a joke. Although she said that it would be recorded into the files, but the thought of Demonic Beings invading Radiant Church’s St. Louis Church Academy sounded like a fantasy story. Norris had based it on intuition and intuition could not be used as evidence.

As for the matter of finding President Maria, it was necessary to wait until the Chief President Angelia returned before making a decision. However, she felt that President Angelia would not pay attention to such a dubious situation. There were many things that the Chief President would always be busy with. She felt that it was unnecessary to trouble her with this small incident.

At the Olsylvia Academy, there was Six Major Academy Lakes and the biggest lake was the Vigina Lake. At the edge of Vignia Lake, the exclusive white apartment building belonged to the Duke of Bellina’s. There was a “Pure White Heaven” drug refining room. Bella and her party of people had finished shopping and returned directly to the dormitory area. This dormitory had a lot of functional rooms. Among them was a room specially dedicated for an alchemist to practice refining.

The alchemist’s refining equipments were Sharon’s arrangements for people to move from the stores and her home, all of which are the latest design of alchemy equipment. Considering the difficulty of refining the resurrection drug, Betty and Elaine had stayed behind as Sharon’s assistants. Elaine had also mastered alchemy but did not have the opportunity to exhibit her skills. Betty’s main duty was to help Sharon see if there was any refining error that would turn the medicine into poison.

With the help of the both of them, there should be no problem with this time’s refining. Because staying here couldn’t help them in anything. Bella, together with Britney, had left the alchemy room. Both of them were amateurs so there was no point in staying there. It may also affect the performance of the alchemists. Temporary departure would be the best choice.

In the current dormitory building, Bella and Britney were only the ones left. Lola was looking at Maria in the underground room and would not appear. Elaine and the two of them were busy with refining the resurrection drug. According to the difficulty of refining the drug, the refining would take at least one hour or more. Bella’s roommates and next door neighbor, room two’s President Lucia, Natasha and others were also not there. They had gone to attend some unknown activities.

Anyway, Angel with the three little Lolis had gone out with them thus they should not encounter any danger. Bella’s gaze inadvertently saw the prominent string of necklaces on Britney’s neck. The style of the necklace was the same that was obtained from President Maria and should be one of the branch key necklaces.

Just now in Demir’s shop and at the store shelves, Bella and Angelia had hit it off. Bella had discovered that Angelia was a girl who had girls’ love complex. However, currently this world only focused on philosophy and girls’ love had not yet become popular. So Angelia could only hide her special habit.

After interacting with Bella, Angelia was happy because she had finally found a bookmate who shared her interests. Because of the lack of time, she could only invite Bella to meet tomorrow, Sunday, at a different location. The two will further exchange insights on girls’ love comics. Since then, except for Isaman, who was only assisting in information, and, five of the six Presidents from Olsylvia Academy have already hooked up with Bella.

Seeing that the dormitory was not disturbed by other outsiders, Bella’s eyes were a little evil and as she secretly glanced at Britney. This was a good opportunity where no one would interrupt to take away the key of President Britney. The innocent President Britney at this moment was concentrated on the wall decoration in the dormitory building and was not aware that she was being attentively watched by Bella.

“Britney, are you eager to go back after you get the resurrection drug?”

“I am not in a hurry. Today, my family had taken my sister to see a therapist and will not come back so soon. What’s up, Bella?”

“If that is the case, then can you accompany me to a place? It’s not far from the area of ​​this dormitory.”

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