Volume 2 Chapter 80: Elena’s Mysterious Request

At the lakeside of Vignia Lake, which was one of the Six Major Academy Lakes of the Olsylvia Academy, in Duchess Bellina’s private apartment, “Pure White Heaven”. In front of this dormitory building, there was a swimming pool which had the water supplied by Vignia Lake. Only a few apartments had such a design and Bella’s dormitory building was one of those.

“Britney, why are you wearing such conservative clothes to swim? Let me help you change into the clothes that I designed!”

“Bellina, aren’t you wearing a little too…”

“Call me Bella. And Britney, didn’t you say that you would listen to what I say!”  

At the poolside, Britney looked at Bella with an embarrassed expression, as Bella was currently wearing a black bikini. Bella had a knight’s background and her figure was rather good. Coupled with the fact that this body was actually a demon king’s body, it had an unconventional sense of beauty.

Britney had never seen such a style of swimsuit in this world and was momentarily stunned. When Bella walked over and wanted to help strip her clothes, Britney quickly regained her senses and helplessly tried to stop Bella’s tampering hands. Everyone might be female but Bella’s experienced actions seemed more like a pervert that was caressing a girl. But Britney didn’t know if it was just her misconception.

Britney yielded after putting on some resistance and soon enough, she was stripped by Bella and changed into a pink bikini that Bella designed. The size was surprisingly fitting and she didn’t know how Bella got her measurement.

“Bella, isn’t this size a little…”

“What is there to be afraid of? This building and the two other buildings beside us all belong to me. No one will see you. Can’t you just wear it for me to see?”

“No…problem. But, how did you know my…”  

“Britney, stop dawdling around. Hurry up and come over here to relax in the water.”

Before Britney could finish asking why Bella knew her bra size, she was pulled into the pool by Bella. The only difficult thing Bella felt was that Britney refused to take off that necklace even after coming into the water. That key was just hanging in front of her breast and swaying around. Bella truly wanted to just pounce on her and snatch the key away.

But, Britney wasn’t Maria and Bella didn’t want to forcefully take the key away from her. Britney was a very pure girl and Bella didn’t want to deal with her using the methods that she used to deal with Maria and the holy maidens. There were plenty of people who saw Bella shopping around with Britney, hence it was impossible for Bella to kidnap her into the secret room.

But, this wouldn’t pose a problem to Bella. She looked over at the woven mat by the poolside and thought of a new idea. A pure girl wasn’t difficult to deceive; even if Bella couldn’t paralyze Britney, she still had a way to take the key from Britney.

“Britney, come and lie down here! Let me give you a back massage.”
“That isn’t good right? I am just a commoner, but you are…”
“Just come over. If you don’t, I’ll come and grab you!”

In the alchemy room, Sharon was being assisted by Betty and Elaine and they had finally refined the resurrection medicine. Sharon let out a breath of relief as this successful refinement was a little out of her expectation. The effects might not be comparable to the one that Bella auctioned off, but the difference wasn’t significant.

But, Bella and Britney were no longer around and had probably gone to wait in another place. Elaine volunteered to bring this resurrection medicine to let Bella and Britney verify, leaving behind Sharon and Betty in the alchemy room.

Elaine had the same psychic magic as Angel and it wasn’t a problem for her to locate someone in the large dormitory. In just a short amount of time, the two grieving spirits that she sent out had located her targets at the swimming pool. Elaine didn’t pause and quickly headed over the swimming pool after some slight pondering.

When Elaine arrived at the woven mat by the poolside, she saw a scene which caused her heart to race. She saw Britney closing her eyes on the woven mat; she seemed to have fallen asleep on the mat.

Bella was wearing a black bikini and she was riding on top of Britney’s snow-white back, and it seemed like she was giving Britney a back massage. In fact, Bella took the opportunity when Britney was sleeping and undid her pink bikini strap. One of her hands were rapaciously caressing Britney’s snow-white back while her other hand was reaching over to undo Britney’s necklace.

“Bella, what are you… doing?”  

“Shh, Elaine. Don’t wake Britney up. She’s just too tired and I’m giving her a massage to help her relax.”

“Apologies, I shall not bother the two of you. I shall take my…”

“Since you are already here. Don’t you have something that you need me for? Has the resurrection medicine been refined?”

Bella stood up, feeling a bit of pity, as she helped Britney fastened the button on her back. She was already very familiar with the sensitive spots on a female body, as she had tested it on Maria and the others. Had it not been for the great soundproofing of the secret room, the yelling from Maria and the others probably would have echoed throughout the entire dormitory. When recalling it, Bella found it rather memorable!

Of course, Bella naturally knew the massage method to help girls fall asleep comfortably. It was precisely because of Bella’s great massage that Britney dozed off. If it wasn’t for Elaine’s appearance, Bella would have carried Britney into a room to conduct some embarrassing acts. Since Bella violated Maria and the others yesterday, she felt as though the dark desire in the depths of her spirit had intensified. But Bella didn’t know if it was a good or bad thing.

“Thanks to the help from Betty and Sharon, it has finally been refined. That’s right, Bella. Where did you buy the swimsuit that you and Britney are wearing? I am a little… little curious.”

“Why, are you interested!? I designed them. Do you want a piece?”  

“I want… forget it. Let’s discuss this when we have the time. Since the resurrection medicine has been refined, shouldn’t you wake her up?”  

“Let’s wait a while longer. She’s too tired. Let her rest for a bit.”

Bella gently carried Britney and brought her into a small bedroom which was concealed in the dormitory building. This bedroom was the scene of the crime that Bella wanted to use to “eat” Britney. Now that Elaine had suddenly appeared, Bella had to give up for now. But, since Britney had already bared herself to Bella, it was just a matter of time before Bella brought Britney into a society. There was no need to rush right now.

“I couldn’t tell that you are surprisingly gentle to girls. I’m doubting my own judgment.”

“Elaine, I am a good person. What did you see to think that I am a trans… that I am a bad person!”

Bella gently placed Britney on the large bed and lightly helped covered her up with a blanket. If Elaine wasn’t looking over at this side, Bella even wanted to plant a kiss on Britney’s cheeks.

Bella had intentionally left out the clothes that she stripped off from Britney earlier. If Britney was to wake up suddenly, with her pure and shy personality, she wouldn’t wear this captivating pink bikini and escape. Britney would certainly sit there obediently and wait for Bella.

“Would you believe it if I said it’s my intuition? That’s right, I have something to discuss with you. Could you come over with me?”

Elaine naturally could know of Bella’s evil schemes, but her grieving spirits were trying to hint at her that this blonde and beautiful knight was just like her other dormmates and wasn’t of the human race.

“It’s fine, but don’t delay for too long! I still want to come back and take care of this young lass.”


In the basement of Filomena Nobility Academy’s Rose Society’s original activity room, the members of the Golden Legend Society were nervously crowding around the passageway of the activity room. They had accepted the order from Carlos to come and conduct a check. Carlos might have failed in the summoning of the Seven Demon Kings of Sins and was currently spending huge money to deal with the commotion from the exploding activity room, but he didn’t forget how the Rose Society had been suppressing him.

Carlos didn’t personally lead the team here, but his trusted aide, Albert and the others were here. Just as they did so in the past, the Golden Legend were planning to put up some obstructions. But, the passageway had already been obstructed by someone else. There were a few domineering girls that reserved the only passageway towards this building.

“Dragon Knight Lishi, no.1 Swordsman Kriss… They had both joined the Rose Society. Things are bad!”

“Boss Albert, let us retreat first. The brothers that came here earlier had inexplicably been knocked out and thrown onto the plaza!”

When Albert saw those girls that were standing there leisurely, he hesitated and decided to retreat. He didn’t know what was going on so he didn’t contact the foreign students from the Olivia Wizard Academy for any reinforcements. If they were to fight it out, they were the ones that would be taking the loss. Putting the other girls aside, just Lisha and Kriss were enough to fight all of them.

When Lisha and Kriss looked on as the Golden Legend Society retreated, they felt a little disappointed, as they originally thought that they could have a fight. Ariel, who was wearing a cloak that covered half a body, was flipping to the speed attack magic page of the magic book. She might not express it, but she was a little disappointed as well. This week had been nothing but theory lessons and she was almost bored to death.

The few of them already knew the things that were taught during the specialization classes. They felt that the teachers no longer had anything that they could teach him. Sometimes, being too powerful was also a kind of solitude. Assassin Noreya was concealed within the shadows of the school building; she was secretly providing protection for her dormmates in the school building.

There were plenty of people lying down by Noreya’s feet and they were all from the assassin specialization class. In the nearby windows and balconies of the buildings, there were a few from the archer specialization class that were knocked out by Noreya with five crossbow bolts shot from her practice crossbow.

“The members from the Mask of Darkness are invested in this greatly uh! They actually sent so many helpers to assist the Golden Legend Society. A pity that people of such a level will never defeat me!”

Noreya suddenly aimed her crossbow towards the front, while a practice crossbow bolt shot at almost the same timing. The crossbow bolt flew across the sky and struck an assassin class student that was concealed in a large tree. This unlucky fellow was immediately taken out after exposing his face.

If this had been a battlefield, Noreya’s crossbow bolt would have immediately burst his skull open. Right now, he only had to pay the price of getting knocked out for an entire day, which was much better compared to losing his life.


At the observation deck of Duchess Bellina’s “Pure White Heaven” apartment, Bella had casually put on a white bathrobe and placed her hands on the railing. Due to the fact that she was still wearing that black bikini, there was a huge contrast between the white and black colors of her exposed swimsuit.

If this undisguised temptation was seen by some men, they would surely go into a frenzy. It was a pity that the dormitory buildings here were all for females and this sight was only left for the girls to see.

Elaine was standing not far away from Bella by the railing and she was looking at Bella with a complicated expression. She stayed silent for a moment and still decided to ask. She could only ask a favor from Bella for this matter. Apart from Bella, the other dormmates felt as though they were of the same level as herself, thus, she couldn’t rely on them.

“Bella, what do you think of my elder sister, Isaman?”

“What do I think? I feel that she is a beautiful girl. If I can…”

“Annoying. That is not what I am asking about. It’s like this, I feel… In any case, I feel that she is hiding something from me. You know about this, right? Apart from the time that we visited her to ask for a favor, she seemed to be intentionally avoiding me since then. I think, she is definitely hiding an unspeakable secret!”

“Elaine, she is your elder sister! How can you suspect your elder sister…”

“That is not… true. I just want to ask you to help me secretly tail Isaman. I want to see what kind of secret she’s hiding.”

“This is a bit difficult! You know that I’m a good child and that I would never do something like stalking someone. Wouldn’t it be better to ask for Noreya’s help? She is a professional assassin and I am just a normal knight who isn’t specialized in stalking!”

“I feel that you are more suited to such tasks. How about it? Just help me out! If this task is successful, I can promise you anything. No matter how unreasonable it is!”

“Elaine, are you a devil or a god? You can fulfill any request?” 

“You don’t have to bother about that. I will provide you reconnaissance assistance. How about it? Deal?”

“It is fine for us to deal, but before this, you have to help me with something. I want to get a certain key that is on Isaman. It should be similar to this key that I just got from Britney.”  

Bella might not know what kind of secret was Elaine trying to find out from President Isaman, but according to the fake loli Charlotte, there was a high possibility that Isaman was a transmigrator. When Bella was at the City of Sin, Halifax, she did see Elaine shopping over there and Elaine had a boss who had six-digit in sin points. The true identities of these two individuals were definitely problematic!

Bella was in the mysterious bedroom and Britney had just opened her beautiful sleepy eyes. The moment she woke up, she abruptly realized that she was lying down on a comfortable and large bed. As the silk blanket slipped down, she felt a cooling sensation on her skin.

When Britney lowered her head to look, she realized her previously captivating pink bikini had been taken off and she was stark naked. What was going on? She remembered Bella giving her massage and that she had dozed off after feeling too comfortable. Why was the current situation like this!

Just as Britney was still in a dazzled state of mind, the individual laying beside her couldn’t hold it anymore. That person reached out the hands to vigorously pull Britney back onto the bed. Britney was then hugged so tightly as a pair of perverted hands roamed across her body.

Britney was trying to struggle, but her assailant’s strength was much stronger than her archer’s hand. In just a short moment, both of Britney’s hands were crossed and pressed on her back. Britney, who was being pressed down, wanted to shout for help, but when she saw that her assailant was Bella, she gave up.

Bella’s black bikini had vanished as well and it was unknown when she had taken it off. When Britney recalled the rumors about Bella preferring girls and having dubious relationships with Lisha and the many other girls, Britney couldn’t help but feel anxious.

Britney originally didn’t believe such rumors, otherwise, she wouldn’t have been so unguarded as to relax at the pool with Bella by herself. Now it looked like she had been too careless. When she thought until here, Britney struggled even stronger but was still unable to shake off Bella’s grip. Bella used her skilled maneuvers to lock Britney’s body down; it was obvious this wasn’t Bella’s first time doing this to a girl.

“Bella? What are you… don’t touch over there! Didn’t you say that it would just be a simple massage…”

“Silly lass. I have been waiting for you to wake up for half an hour. Now, it is time for us to talk about some private things!”

“Can we first…”

“No, I have been holding myself back for half an hour.”

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