Volume 2 Chapter 81: Afternoon Tea with President Lucia

At Vignia Lake of Olsylvia Academy. In Duchess Bellina’s private apartment, “Pure White Heaven”. Bella was embracing and coaxing Britney in a certain secret room of the dormitory building. Britney was completely powerless while she was cuddled softly by Bella. Bella’s insane behavior had nearly knocked her unconscious.

“Bella… I want to go back…”

“You will stay here with me this weekend. I will send you back after dinner and hand the resurrection medicine to your little sister and bring you back.”


“No buts. Next week onwards, you will move and stay here with me. If I remember it correctly, the President of the Mask of Darkness is still plotting something against you. You are much safer if you stay here with me. I am worried to leave you in the dormitory region.”

Britney wanted to say something, but getting randomly kissed and caressed by Bella, she obediently shut her mouth. Bella tyranny had nearly violated her to death. Earlier, she had tried many times to slip away when Bella wasn’t noticing, but all her plans were seen through by this female devil. She was then pulled back onto the bed and violated again. After a few rounds, Britney had completely surrendered and no longer dared to escape again.

“Bella, don’t you already have Lisha? Can’t you let me go!?”

“My friends aren’t only Lisha. Britney, could you already have a boyfriend?”

“No, but it feels strange like this. I’m afraid…”

“That is fine then. Britney, your boyfriend’s role has been reserved by me forever.”

Britney knew that she couldn’t refuse and simply accepted her fate. She had a personality that once she was possessed by someone, she would be very reliant on that someone. Bella was simply divinely fast in taking action. If she had acted a few days later, apart from the President from Mask of Darkness, the hidden Savior in Francis Academy would have made a move on Britney. Right now, Britney had been taken by Bella.

Britney didn’t have the body of a demon race. Thus, in just a short moment, she fell asleep from fatigue. Bella carried Britney and walked through the secret door in the bedroom and arrived at the underground secret room. If the other girls were to return and see Britney’s state, they would inevitably have a strange notion, especially Natasha who was the chief of the Disciplinary Committee.

Before taking down Natasha, it was best for Bella to remain a low profile in the dormitory building. When Natasha had been conquered by Bella, she would then be play anything she wanted in the dormitory building.

In the secret room, when the imprisoned Maria and the others saw the door opening, they originally thought that someone was coming to save them. But, when they saw that it was Bella, they were so frightened that they didn’t even dare to look at her. Bella had humiliated them very miserably yesterday night and apart from Daisy who enjoyed it a little, the rest of them were extremely embarrassed. They never would have expected for girls to be able to do it in so many fancy methods.

“Lola, are they behaving? Did anyone try to escape?”

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“Mistress Bella. Don’t you worry, they will not be able to escape.”

Lola answered Bella’s question in a firm manner, as she had been tied up by these spiderwebs as well. Lola knew that these spiderweb’s toughness was something that even a professional assassin like her couldn’t break free, let alone Maria and these frail female priest.

“That’s good then. This lass is President Britney from Francis Academy, help me take care of her too. Just put her at that much more comfortable bed, and there is no need to tie her up. If I am not back when she awakens, you just have to help me look after her. There is no need to find clothes for her too, just tell her I will bring one set of clothes for her when I am back.”

“Mistress Bella, your methods are… too evil. You are just like the devil.”

“I am a Demon King… Is there a problem?”

President Maria was looking with eyes that were unresigned, as she felt unfair. Britney was just like her, a president of the Student Union. Why was Britney placed there gently, but she was trussed up with ropes and thrown on this side? In terms of looks, she and Britney were both the Top Ten Academy Belles of the Olsylvia Academy, hence their looks were around the same level.

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When seeing how gentle Bella was towards Britney, Maria had some weird thoughts. She didn’t realize that her subconsciousness had been slowly altered by Bella. Right now, Maria should have been thinking of ways to escape, but she was actually thinking in the wrong direction.

“President Maria, stay here obediently and I will come accompany all of you at night.”

Bella didn’t notice any anomaly from President Maria, but before she left, she didn’t forget to kiss President Maria and each of the four holy maidens. If Bella had noticed that President Maria didn’t have that disgusted and loathsome expression when she was kissed, things would be so much more interesting.

When Bella left the secret room, she was obstructed by a familiar individual in the hallway. It was the blonde loli with a twin ponytail that Bella was extremely familiar with. Wasn’t it Student Union President Lucia from the Filomena Nobility Academy!? Fortunately Bella had some foresight and had already changed into a set of normal clothing. If President Lucia had seen her running naked around the dormitory building, it would certainly be very awkward. After all, their relationship wasn’t at such close terms yet.

“Classmate Bellina. Are you free right now? If you have nothing on right now, please come to my dormitory. I remember that we still have an afternoon tea appointment!”

“President Lucia, you can just call me Bella. Bellina is a name that is meant for outsiders. Where is Natasha? If I remember it correctly, she had been stopping me from entering your dormitory to attend that appointment.”

“Natasha has led the members of the Disciplinary Committee to deal with some matters. The two societies, Golden Legend and the Mask of Darkness had tried to invade the Rose Society’s territory this weekend. They had been beaten up by a foreign mysterious assassin hired by the Rose Society, in the former activity room of the Rose Society.”

“It seems like more than 50 individuals had been knocked out. Even the teachers from the assassin and archer classes had been knocked out. The members of the Disciplinary Committee are going to deal with it and transfer out the casualties at the same time. Due to insufficient manpower, even Ivy had been asked to go and help. Right now, I am the only person in the dormitory.”

Bella suddenly recalled that there was a turf war among the societies this weekend. She assumed that after Carlos’ society office had been blown up, he would stop the battle for this week. She didn’t expect that fellow to be so dedicated. But, that lass, Noreya had done it too excessively, she even instantly took out those teachers that the Golden Legend spent so much money to hire. It seemed like this week’s turf war wouldn’t require her to personally participate.

In the Central Student Union’s conference room of the Olsylvia Academy… Chief President Angelia had just returned back to the office. As soon as she entered, the Student Union’s secretary immediately handed over a pile of documents to her. The Central Student Union had many things to deal with and even during the rest periods during weekends, they still to handle with many official matters.

“Cynthia, are you trying to overwork me? Why are there so many documents as soon as I return!?”

“President Angelia. There are many things arranged for this week. I have already handled most of the trivial matters for you. These are all the things that a Chief President has to endorse personally.”

“A report from Vice President Norris of the Doors of Truth? I don’t think I will bother with this report. I cannot base on my so-called intuition and go find President Maria of the St. Louis Church Academy. Cynthia, take this report and throw it away!”

“Understood, President Angelia!”

“Later on, help me postpone all of tomorrow’s morning matters to the afternoon. I have some personal matters to attend to tomorrow morning.”

Norris’s report regarding the possible appearance magical beings in St. Louis Church Academy, had been gracefully disregarded by President Angelia. One could only say that he was unlucky, as Angelia had already arranged a meetup with Bella on the morning of this Sunday. How could she spend time on such baseless report to investigate President Maria’s private church affairs? This was a waste of her precious time to read comics.

In the Block 3 dormitory which was beside Bella’s dormitory, Bella was currently being a guest. It was midday right now and the afternoon sun was slightly penetrating the transparent door at the balcony. It had illuminated the entire floor of the room, giving off a strange warmth.

Bella was having some tea and a blonde beautiful girl with twin ponytail was seated opposite her right now. The girl was currently fully concentrated on setting up the tea set at the front. Bella had seen plenty of such scene in Japanese mangas. If President Lucia was wearing a kimono right now, this would have been an authentic Japanese tea ceremony.

Of course, that was just an ideal dream. Lucia was currently wearing a normal school uniform from the Olsylvia Academy. If Bella had to give a grade for this uniform, she would be the first to offer a poor evaluation, as the design was much too conservative. Bella had redeemed a few sets of this uniform, but she would never wear it. Under her instigation, none of her dormmates were wearing such a uniform.

“Bella, can… can you stop staring at me with those eyes? I nearly poured the tea outside of the cup.”

“Lucia, you are the best scenery here. If I don’t look at you, who should I look at? Don’t be nervous, I am not having any dirty thoughts.”

“That might not be necessarily true! Alright, flippant talks. The tea is ready, come and have a taste.”

Lucia used both her hands to serve the tea to Bella. When she saw Bella focused on tasting the tea, she had a relief in her heart. Bella’s eyes had been giving her an indescribable and intensive encroachment. She truly couldn’t understand why was Bella’s eyes like that. She had just happened to encounter a strolling Bella when she was returning back to her dormitory. When she recalled about the afternoon tea appointment, she immediately invited Bella back to her dormitory.

“That’s right, Bella. You didn’t join any other societies apart from the Rose Society right?”

“Nope, just Rose Society. A few days ago, members of some Wealthy Club actually invited me, but I turned them down. They mentioned contributing 100,000 gold coins to immediately join as a high-class member. They said that every weekend, there would be some special activities for the high-class members, but they seem to be some indecent society. How could someone as decent and upright like me, join that kind of society?”

“Then, do you have some spare time after class? It’s like this, my grandfather… who is Principal Elvis of the Filomena Nobility Academy, wants to appoint you as our student union’s secretary. He had sent people to look for you previously, but you didn’t respond. So, he requested me to come and ask you.”

“What… does a secretary need to do? I have never done it before.”

“It is just a title. If you are willing to come, Vice President Aurora will personally guide you. She is going to move over next week.”

“Alright then. But, President Lucia, I would like to borrow the key on your neck. If you agree to it, I will agree to be the secretary.”

“What do you need this key for? This is the key to the forbidden secret room.”

“You don’t have to bother about it. President Maria from the St. Louis Church Academy’s student union requested me to gather it for her. She mentioned about reactivating the seal of the secret room. Look, this is Maria’s key that she handed to me personally. And this key is handed to me by President Britney.”

Lucia might doubt the things that Bella said, but she couldn’t go seeking confirmation from President Maria right now. Furthermore, Principal Elvis, who was her grandfather had been urging her to bring Bella into the student union. This way, he wouldn’t have to go get additional funds every day, to maintain the operating funds of the student union which were in deficit. As he could just let Bella be responsible for it.

“Alright, I will temporarily lend the key to you. But, has this matter of President Maria gathering the keys, been approved by Chief President Angelia?”

“Of course it has been approved. I have already arranged a meeting with Angelia tomorrow morning, just to discuss this matter.”

Lucia ultimately couldn’t find any signs of Bella lying. She then handed over the key that she was safeguarding to Bella. Since she handed over a key after President Maria and Britney did so, there shouldn’t be any problem. Even if there was a problem, the other presidents would also be punished along with her.

When Bella looked at the key in her hand, she felt a little regretful, as Lucia had handed over the key to her so easily. If Lucia had tried to resist, Bella would have a reason to “do” her. Lucia had the profession of a magician, and in terms of physical strength, she wouldn’t even be comparable to the archer, Britney who Bella had pushed down forcefully. Bella reckoned that Lucia wouldn’t be able to escape.

Lucia might never have entered the underground secret room of St. Louis Church Academy, but she had once helped Chief President Angelia to tidy up the historical records of the Olsylvia Academy. She happened to read those forbidden records that were locked up in the underground secret room.

The <Olsylvia Academy’s Midnight Unbelievable Tales> wasn’t the only forbidden book listed by the Central Student Union of Olsylvia Academy. There were three other books which were the four major forbidden books of the Olsylvia Academy. Apart from the unbelievable tales, there were the <Melville Movement>. It was a book that recorded the forbidden musical scores of this world, which were composed by the musician Melville, over two decades ago.

Originally, this book should have been kept in the next door, Antoinette Academy, but due to some horrible incidents that happened to the students that played those forbidden music scores, the book had been transferred to Olsylvia Academy. The Olsylvia Academy’s upper echelons might not believe such rumors, but for the safety of the students, they agreed to the request to seal the book.

The <Melville Movement> might have musical scores that brought misfortune, but it was still a precious movement and a rare piece of art. It was such a pity to simply destroy it, hence they chose to seal it. As for the other two forbidden books, <Galsworthy’s Prophecy> and <Father Marion’s Investigations>, they weren’t as horrific as the unbelievable tales and the forbidden movement.

<Galsworthy’s Prophecy> was a book of prophecy that was written by Prophet Galsworthy, a thousand years ago. In the book, he had written the changes that would happen to this continent for the next two millennium. His prophecy had proven to be very accurate for the past 1000 years. In order to prevent any chaos in the hearts of the people, the Radiant Church decided to seal this book as well. Right now, only the church knew about the prophecies written by Galsworthy for the next 1000 years.

<Father Marion’s Investigations> was the most ordinary book and there was only one reason why this book was forbidden. This book recorded the investigations that Father Marion conducted more than two centuries ago. Among all the places he visited, he found a portal that was connected from this world to the god and demon’s world. Apart from these two worlds, there were plenty of other strange dimension’s portals. Some of these portals naturally mustn’t be made known and only the church could know it. Hence, the reason this book was sealed.

All these information were only known by Chief President Angelia, but Lucia had unintentionally got to know about it. After hearing Lucia’s information, Bella intended to obtain those three books as well. Since she had already done something wrong, there was no harm in making it worse. But Lucia didn’t know that she was being dragged along by Bella just like this. After selling out such important information, it would be seriously strange if Bella didn’t pull Lucia into her group.

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