Chapter 632: A beauty’s heavy affection

Long Yi didn’t hang onto this issue with the Sea Emperor for long. He just spoke about it a bit to make the Sea Emperor paranoid.

Then, they discussed the details of their surprise attack behind closed doors and carefully deliberated over and over again, deciding the overall situation. The next stage was to secretly gather all their strength and achieve the result in one fell swoop.

“Long Yi, now it seems that you have to return to Blue Waves Continent to gather and bring all the experts over here. You also know the consequences of the Heavenly Demon King breaking out of the seal,” the Sea Emperor solemnly said.

“That’s natural, I also hope that during this great calamity, Your Majesty will not hide your private force,” Long Yi replied to the Sea Emperor.

Long Yi left the imperial palace of the sea. Now, the overcrowded streets due to the Sea Race Convention were very spacious and also weren’t as bustling as in the past. But, there were still many vassal forces of the Sea Emperor and the three strongest sea clans. Both sides were strategizing, and the Sea Race Convention ceased all activities quite early.

Long Yi wanted to go to the residence of Miluo Clan to see Bifei and Xiaomi, but thinking of the current situation, he rushed over to the abandoned mine located at the outskirts of the city where he had previously set up a transfer magic array. He then teleported inside the body of Heaven Slaying Squid sealed in the Undersea Forest and gingerly searched for the path he had used to come here to return to the space gate and then used the space gate to return to the passage of the underground base. Wearing heavy armor, he walked out of the barrier outside the cave entrance. Seeing Iron Shark was still guarding the cave entrance, he sighed in relief.

The reason why Long Yi had returned to the Land of Holy Spirit was to instruct Iron Shark and Golden Shark about something. Moreover, he also had forgotten to set up a magic array in the residence of Iron Shark. If he had used Bai Yu to fly over from Sea Emperor City to the Land of Holy Spirit, then he would have wasted a lot of time, so he returned the same way from inside the body of Heaven Slaying Squid.

“Iron Shark, let me take charge of all your shark guards; kill everyone that you aren’t sure you can control.” Returning to the residence of Iron Shark, Long Yi narrowed his eyes and instructed.

“Replying to Master, all the shark guards stationed here are my trusted subordinates, even if I make them commit suicide, no one will even frown and obey the order without question,” Iron Shark confidentially answered.

“That’s good.” Long Yi smiled as dense, killing intent flashed through his narrowed eyes. He had not felt this kind of impulse for a long time.

“Master, how should we deal with the sea princess?” Iron Shark pointed at Martha, who was isolated inside the barrier and asked.

“Let her be. As for the magic core that controls the Sea Swallowing Beast, hehe, I will talk later.” Long Yi smiled, but his eyes weren’t smiling. The wishful thinking of the Sea Emperor, perhaps, was just making a wedding dress for someone else.

He set up another transfer magic array in the room of Iron Shark and then went to instruct Golden Shark.

After walking out of the residence of Iron Shark, Long Yi saw a row of shark guards bringing a hundred or so sea people to the front of that crater, and push them all down that strange magic array emitting a purple light without any hesitation.

Long Yi suddenly stopped and felt that he had ignored a crucial matter.

“Iron Shark, what is the use of this magic array? Why are they tossing these sea people into that magic array?” Long Yi frowned and asked.

“Replying to Master, this magic array is called Energy Gathering Magic Array. It is used to absorb the energy of sea people and supply that energy to the Heavenly Demon King,” Iron Shark replied.

“Is this magic array directly connected to the Heavenly Demon King?” The nerves of Long Yi suddenly tightened as he asked.

“I don’t know, but I guess it is like that,” Iron Shark replied.

“Before launching the attack, at all events, destroy it,” Long Yi ordered with unquestionable tone. To guard against all contingencies, this magic array absolutely couldn’t remain.

“Yes, Master,” Iron Shark respectfully answered.

After instructing Golden Shark, Long Yi returned to the abandoned mine via transmission magic array. Then, linking the transmission magic array of the abandoned mine to the main transmission magic array, he returned to Soaring Dragon City again.

The Dragon Race Convention was already nearing its end. Now, both Demonic Dragon Clan and Divine Dragon Clan had discarded their original forms of address. They called themselves just Dragon Clan, no longer attached demonic and divine in the front. They also had come into agreement about the merger details.

But, Blue Waves Continent’s first Magic and Combat Conference was still progressing like fire. Many experts of the entire continent had gathered in Soaring Dragon City, even old monsters who were living in seclusion for several years had come to attend.

When Long Yi returned to Soaring Dragon City, Ximen Nu was watching the final stage of Magic and Combat Conference along with his wife and daughters-in-law.

 One had to say that this idea of continental level Magic and Combat Conference was quite good. Generally, among mages and warriors of this world, who didn’t like fame and wealth? In this Magic and Combat Conference, not to mention youth division battle competition, there was even a special division for already famous seniors. Because this Magic and Combat Conference also had free division, who didn’t want to strive for the throne of the first under heaven? In the past, because three empires were fighting openly and maneuvering covertly against each other, no one was able to hold such a continental Magic and Combat Conference. But now, Ximen Nu had accomplished it. Not a single expert wanted to get trampled under the foot of others, so this conference was bustling like never before. There were numerous participants and not only humans, but the experts of other races had also participated. One could well imagine how enormous the scale of this conference was.

In a flower garden inside the imperial palace, a woman wearing a pure white gown was floating in a pavilion. She was staring at the dreamy drizzle in a daze. It appeared as if the bustling world outside had nothing to do with her.

“From now on, my home is your home.” Unexpectedly, a boundless Huangmang Plain appeared in the mind of this woman, and a firm voice of a man resounded in her mind.

“Where is your home?”

“Higher than Condor could fly, have a son’s place called home, and daughter can walk far away, have parents’ place called home, and my home, at the end of the world…”

The woman seemed to be dreaming. She reached out her hand and feeling that cold drizzle, she muttered, “Without you, the end of the world is not home. Without you, Wushuang is just rootless duckweed.”

“Big sister Wushuang.” At that time, a sweet voice came.

The blurred eyes of Wushuang instantly returned to its usual indifference. She turned around and indifferently watched two graceful figures flying over. They were Mu Hanyan and Mu Jingjing.

Mu Hanyan was wearing a black skirt with purple edges, and Mu Jingjing was wearing an eye-catching skintight red outfit. One looked proud and the other looked hot.

It had already been half a month since these two sisters had arrived here. They didn’t know the current situation of the war of Blue Moon Continent. Did Cyan Wind Empire still exist? Was their father emperor still safe and sound?

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The great calamity of Blue Waves Continent was approaching, so Long Yi was busy with his matters, so where could he have free time to care about the existence of Cyan Moon Empire of Blue Moon Continent? Therefore, they had no other choice but to wait, and although it was bustling outside, they were not in a mood to participate in it.

Wushuang had come from the Lost City. The holy temple of that place was almost identical to the holy temple of Blue Moon Continent’s Cyan Wind Empire. Even their script was also precisely the same. Mu Hanyan was sure that the person that built Lost City was someone who came from Blue Moon Continent. Merely, every time she asked Wushuang, Wushaung would just indifferently say she didn’t know and also didn’t want to know.

“Is there something for you two to look for me?” Wushuang indifferently asked.

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Mu Hanyan shook her head and said, “Xiangyun and others went to see the competition, Jingjing and I were strolling around, and we just happened to see you. So we came to greet you.”

Wushaung nodded her head and no longer spoke. Then, she continued to watch the drizzle outside. Thinking about the time she spent with Long Yi, she felt like she had a long dream.

“Big sister Wushuang, you miss Long Yi?” Mu Jingjing said.

“He is my everything.” A hint of affection flashed through the eyes of Wushuang and recalled the words of Long Yi, from now on, your name is Wushuang, Wushuang (无双) – unparalleled in the world (天下无双).

He is also my everything, Mu Hanyan too muttered in her heart.

The three women strangely sunk into their thoughts without speaking. But, the man they were dreaming about was the same person.

Peng peng, peng peng

Suddenly, Wushuang grabbed her chest; her beautiful icy face seemed to light up, and a hint of excitement flashed through her eyes.

No matter if the seas run dry, the rocks crumble, or the blue seas turn into mulberry fields, my heart only beats for you.

“Long Yi.” Wushuang rushed into the drizzle and searching for the origin of that peculiar sensation; she jumped into the bosom of that person who had just appeared.

Peng peng, peng peng

The chest of the duo stuck together. As if they shared a single heart, their heartbeat resonated. For Wushuang, this unified heartbeat was her home, the love she had waited for thousands of years.

Long Yi hugged Wushuang and kissed her tender lips. Then, he looked towards Mu Hanyan and Mu Jingjing standing in the pavilion.

Long Yi was aware that he owed Mu Hanyan a lot. The love of this woman for him was not inferior to any of his women. She gave her body, Bai Yu, Wind God’s mark, and nearly even her own life to him.

A beauty’s heavy affection!

He had so many unrivaled beauties, and Long Yi was very proud and delighted. Merely, he was only one, and there were many beauties. It was hard to avoid misgivings sometimes, and he felt very conscience-stricken.

After a good while, Wushaung looked up from the bosom of Long Yi and moved away from his chest. For her, having Long Yi around and feeling that rhythmic heartbeat was already satisfying enough.

Mu Hanyan rushed over to Long Yi and smiled happily.

“This little woman greets Your Majesty the Crown Prince.” Mu Hanyan greeted him like a little girl, following the etiquette. But, she had an alluring smile on her face as if she had reverted to the time when they had ambiguous feelings between them. At this moment, she no longer wished to request Long Yi to give a helping hand to Cyan Wind Empire. She just wanted to find that feeling of the past, even if it was only for a trivial amount of time.

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