Chapter 631: Actually is Heaven Slaying Squid

Long Yi was happy in his heart and swam forward, moving toward that spirit fluctuation.

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After turning left and right, Long Yi got closer and closer to Demon Shark, but his speed suddenly slowed down.

“Something is wrong,” Long Yi thought. In this undersea cave, he actually sensed the aura of the Heaven Slaying Squid. Could it be that big fellow was hiding here? Merely, could this small place accommodate that fellow’s huge body?

Long Yi took the second turn and suddenly looked up. His heart involuntarily jumped. He saw that the ceiling of this cave was slowly wriggling. But, he still swam quietly as the corner of his eyes suddenly twitched.

“So that’s how it is, I see…” A hint of surprise flashed through his eyes. He finally figured out what was going on. If his guess was correct, then at this moment, he was within the Heaven Slaying Squid’s body. These twisting and turning so-called undersea caves were, in fact, tubular passages within the Squid’s body. It was very likely due to the seal; it had become rigid. But, some of its tentacles weren’t affected, so they were still able to move freely. The wriggling ceiling Long Yi saw was the section where a tentacle and body were connected.

Fortunately, Long Yi was also a person who had experienced winds and waves. He immediately calmed down and continued to look for that spirit fluctuation.

Not long after, Long Yi stopped in front of a narrow cave entrance. He then quietly looked inside. The circumstances inside stunned him.

That was a huge flexible cavity. It was blackish purple in color with more than a hundred genitals-like holes around. Every once in a while, a small squid was “born” inside; presumably, they were used to manufacture heavily armored guards.

Within the cavity, there were over a hundred clansmen of Shark Clan busy bustling about. They would put just born squids into a water tank, then stand at one side. He could guess that after a certain amount was reached, they would be transported back to the underground base to manufacture heavily armored guards.

Long Yi scanned around. He could clearly sense that Demon Shark was inside, but he couldn’t see his figure. It truly was strange.

Long Yi frowned, how could Demon Shark disappear without nary rhyme nor reason? He thought to use spirit power to probe around, but that might attract the attention of Heavenly Demon King, which would certainly be troublesome. His eyes flashed, and he suddenly retreated. He then found a completely rigid passage nearby and began to set up a transfer magic array. He linked this magic array only to that transfer magic array located at the outskirts of Sea Emperor City.

After setting it up, Long Yi carefully concealed it. As long as it was not activated, even if someone passed through here, they would discover nothing.

After everything was in its place and ready, Long Yi found the entrance to that cavity. Holding a transfer magic scroll, he let out his spirit power and cautiously began to probe inside.

When the spirit power of Long Yi made contact with the center part of this cavity, the lingering spirit power attached on Demon Shark began to react, and an image appeared in the mind of Long Yi. Demon Shark was humbly kneeling on the ground, and a ball of dark ink shadow was floating in front of him.

This illusory image just flashed for a moment and dissipated, but the entire body of Long Yi was already drenched with cold sweat. He then immediately retracted his spirit power and crushing the transfer magic scroll in his hand, he quietly disappeared from this place. Just after Long Yi disappeared, chilly and strange energy swept past this place. If Long Yi was even half a second slower, then he might have been discovered.

A magic array in a certain area of the sea imperial palace suddenly lit up, and a figure suddenly appeared at the center of this magic array. He was none other than Long Yi who had just escaped from inside the Heaven Slaying Squid.

At that time, for just in case, Long Yi had set up a transfer magic array before he went to the Land of Holy Spirit. Now, it truly became useful. Originally, he wanted to link some transfer magic scroll to that transfer magic array located at the outskirts of Sea Emperor City. However, after thinking of that terrifying divine sense of the Heavenly Demon King, he left behind a route of retreat. Even if the divine sense of Heavenly Demon King had the ability to trace back to Sea Emperor City, it was fine. As long as he didn’t notice that transfer magic array linked to the main transfer magic array located in the imperial palace of Soaring Dragon City, everything else was fine.

“Long Yi, how come you are back alone? Where is my daughter Martha?” The Sea Emperor had come over after hearing the noise and asked urgently.

Long Yi looked at the Sea Emperor with displeasure and replied, “Your Majesty, I need an explanation, why did Demon Shark return to the underground base of the Land of Holy Spirit immediately after me? As for your daughter, we can talk later.”

“Demon Shark said that he had an urgent matter, and he was determined to leave no matter how much I tried to stop him. Were you discovered?” The complexion of the Sea Emperor changed and asked.

“I shouldn’t have, Your Majesty. I think we don’t have much time. You should prepare your public and secret army, but you must not reveal anything. We much make a preempt attack,” Long Yi faintly said.

“What did you discover?” Sea Emperor asked with deep concern.

“I have already found the location where the Heavenly Demon King is sealed. Now, he is wholeheartedly refining God’s spirit to remove his seal. When he breaks out of his seal, we will immediately launch an attack and annihilate him.” Long Yi clenched his fist, but his expression was very flat. The Heavenly Demon King must exhaust a large amount of energy to break the seal, so his strength would be greatly reduced the moment he broke out of the seal. That was the best chance to attack him.

The Sea Emperor nodded his head. His expression was also solemn.

“Oh, that’s right, I met your daughter Martha. She is still alive and kicking,” Long Yi said with a smile.

“That’s good, that’s good.” The Sea Emperor sighed in relief and a hint of a smile appeared on his solemn expression.

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“Your Majesty, I want to apologize for a matter. Because Martha was blaming herself for the death of her mother, thinking she had caused her death, I couldn’t bear and told her the truth,” Long Yi said with his face filled with a guilty conscience.

The corner of Sea Emperor’s mouth twitched. He truly wanted to dismember this cunning man by five horses. Merely, he must endure now. After dealing with the Heavenly Demon King, see how he will torture this brat.

“Oh, in addition, after hearing this matter, Martha became even sadder for some unknown reason. She was also muttering something about some beasts, also about something magic core and so on. I didn’t hear it clearly, but when I asked her, she didn’t speak, I wonder if Your Majesty knows what she was speaking about,” Long Yi shook his head and sighed.

The eyes of the Sea Emperor flashed with ominous light as he guessed how much Long Yi knew. He was very clear about the character of his daughter Martha. She will never speak that secret matter, merely after hearing the matter of her mother, it was hard to say for sure whether she revealed something or not when her mind was chaotic.

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