Chapter 198: Coming to the Door

Ren Tian’s face was drained of color and her breathing was slow. Her chest moved slightly up and down as she lay on the bed like a sleeping beauty. Her white chiffon dress slowly shrank around her chest, making her exquisite double peaks appear even taller. 

“Hands should be placed on the chest, then pump!” 

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character repeated each step of CPR out loud as he worked, but how could he know that true resuscitation wasn’t actually like that? 

He then took a deep breath and placed both his hands over her stomach, less than five centimeters away from her two peaks, which were at his fingertips. 

He abandoned the distracting thoughts with a shake of his head and calmed down his heart as he pressed down. Just touching her soft and flexible double peaks caused him to tremble, but when he thought about how he was just saving her, he immediately recovered. 

He slowly exerted strength and pressed down, immediately feel her soft double peaks become a flat mass in his pams. When he brought his hands up, they immediately restored to their original position and bounced around. In order to allow himself no distractions, Su Ke closed his eyes and repeated the process. 

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Ren Tian’s legs felt soft, like she was standing on a spring bed, making her very nauseous before she blacked out.

When she regained consciousness, her brain was still dizzy as she struggled to open her eyes.

She didn’t know how, but she was actually lying on a bed. The ceiling was so white, it pierced her eyes. She then noticed Su Ke standing next to her with his eyes tightly shut. His body seemed to shift towards her and then back. At this moment, a peculiar feeling floated throughout her body. She felt her shameful place being held in someone’s hand, continuously being kneaded. 

As she thought more about it, the more her rabbits swelled. Only Su Ke was nearby, who else could it be?

Ren Tian wanted to ask him what was going on, but she was unable to. It felt like her entire body was void of strength as she lay there. She could only let Su Ke violate her chest; a limp and numb feeling slowly traveling to all the corners of her body. She felt like a small boat in the middle of the sea. Her mind couldn’t help but remember how Su Ke had saved her, but he had also grabbed her chest and started kneading her rabbits. She decided that enough was enough as she tried to push his hand away, but she completely missed and actually pushed his hand all the way to her skirt, almost reaching her underwear. Her mind whirled with confusion as she thought about what to do. Her breathing slowly became rough and heavy, but Su Ke had his eyes closed, so he completely missed the changes in Ren Tian.

 Su Ke closed his eyes, pumping according to his breaths, silently counting in his heart, “7, 8, 9”


Su Ke then slowly opened his eyes. When he took the emergency class, the instructor said that the patient should wake up after ten pumps.

“Eh!” Su Ke looked down and was momentarily scared stiff. He could only see Ren Tian with open eyes, glaring at him. Her gold-like face was bright red and his hands were still pressing on her rabbits. Since Ren Tian suddenly fainted before, Su Ke could suppress the feeling coming from his hands. However, now that this lass is awake, it seemed like a dam had broken in the nerves of his hands. 

Soft but erect, malleable but very elastic, and a slight warmth that could be felt through her clothes. Everything was like a movie that came into view.

 “Eh!” Su Ke’s two hands slowly locked up, his face full of embarrassment and his delicate cheeks bright red. He then audibly gulped before exclaiming, “This, this, you suddenly fainted!” 

Once she heard his words, Ren Tian realized that she was lying in the infirmary. She also knew the fact that she suddenly fainted, but the awkwardness from just now wouldn’t go away. Looking at Su Ke’s embarrassment, she didn’t know what to do. 

They stared at each other for a few moments before a woman with a big white coat walked in. 

“Doctor, please examine her! She suddenly fainted earlier!”

Su Ke hurriedly forged ahead and finally got rid of his previous dilemma, but the sensation he felt from his hands reminded him of the embarrassing situation.

“Anemia caused by malnutrition. Studying is a heavy burden, and resting time is short. If you cannot guarantee sufficient nutritional intake, it is easy to cause anemia. It’s not too serious though. First, she needs a bottle of glucose!” 

The school doctor then turned around and took out the bottle from the cupboard before turning back.

Looking at the school doctor skillfully connect the needle tube to the liquid bottle and about to pierce Ren Tian’s hand, she instinctively pulled her hand back.

Su Ke quickly comforted Ren Tian and helped divert her attention, “It’s fine, don’t be nervous! It doesn’t hurt at all! Oh yeah, how did you do on the exams this time? What should I tutor you in?”

“Of course my results aren’t good. However, I just need help with mathematics. You did so well too, just losing by two points!” 

Right after Ren Tian finished, the school doctor pierced her skin and inserted the needle, causing her to take a cold breath from the pain. 

“But, weren’t your grades really bad before?” 

He stared blankly at her as he thought of an excuse. He had to be suitably modest with his answer. With an embarrassed look on his face, he scratched his head and said, “I wanted to be low-key. Haven’t you realized that the students with the best grades have the most stress!? Every time you worry about your exams, you worry about how your grades will decline!” 

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“I don’t have to care about this problem at all since I improved. A little progress is good!” 

Su Ke spoke about himself until he wanted to blush; he didn’t have half a mind to care whether Ren Tian believed him though! 

“It can’t be that you cheated?”

Ren Tian was just casually speaking, but a guy who was always last place suddenly broke through? He’s definitely not simple! 

“How could I? Besides, if I did cheat, then why did you ask me for tuition!?”

“Of course I believe you!” 

Ren Tian then paused before continuing, “I really want to thank you properly!”

“How so? Devoting your life to me?” 

It seemed like Su Ke had gotten used to this phrase. As long as someone mentioned paying him back, this phrase would immediately come out. 

However, he then realized what he just said, his face becoming red with embarrassment.

 Ren Tian was blushing even harder, thinking that her chest had been groped twice by the person in front of her. The first time was not too bad since he just grabbed her front, but then he pressed them repeatedly together and did something to her. Her body immediately became hot as she thought about it.

“This classmate, help me keep an eye on the glucose since I have to go out first. I’ll be back soon!” He didn’t know why the school doctor was in such a hurry, but Su Ke nodded. 

The school doctor wasn’t even gone for two minutes before he heard an unfamiliar voice, “Su Ke!”

He turned to see Li Fei Fei, who had been standing outside the infirmary for who knows how long.

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