Chapter 199: The School Doctor is Absent

“What are you doing!?” 

Li Fei Fei was standing in the doorway of the infirmary with an ugly expression on her face. 

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character walked over to her and he suddenly felt guilty for no reason as he weakly replied, “She’s Ren Tian!” 

Li Fei Fei was surprised, her heart filled with anger and the middle of her brows filled with jealousy as she glared at Su Ke and exclaimed, “She may be sweet, but am I not sweet?

Su Ke quickly waved his hand back and forth, “No, no!” 

In order to protect his image, his voice also unconsciously became deeper. 

Li Fei Fei was even angrier as she asked, “Then you mean I’m not as sweet?”

She thought that Su Ke would take the chance to flatter her and admit his mistakes, so she didn’t expect him to directly classify her as unsweet; her eyes were spitting flames. 

Su Ke quickly exclaimed, “No, listen to me!” 

He hurriedly raised his hand and pointed inside, “She’s Ren Tian, ​​the one who wanted to jump off the roof!” 

Li Fei Fei’s doubtfully stretched her head and glanced inside, “Jump off?” She was also a 3rd-year high school student. Even if she didn’t know her, Li Fei Fei had seen her before. 

Finding out that it was Ren Tian, Li Fei Fei’s face became a lot better. 

“What happened to her? I went to the cafeteria to eat and heard your name! Embracing a girl and rushing out, saying that you can’t wait to rent a room!” 

Li Fei Fei then crossed her arms across her chest and stared at Su Ke, waiting for an explanation.

“She asked me out to eat to thank me for saving her last time. I can’t refuse someone who is so distant!” Su Ke then shrugged his shoulders and continued, “Who knew that this girl had anemia. Before we even started eating, she fainted and scared me half to death!” 

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“Anemia?” It was Ren Tian who was sick and fainted? The vinegar on her face gradually disappeared and was replaced with concern as she said, “She’s okay now, right!” 

“She’s doing a lot better and is currently being injected with glucose!” 

Su Ke saw that Li Fei Fei wasn’t angry and sighed. His heart was also at a loss. 

Although he kissed Li Fei Fei the last time and wore the boyfriend hat, in the end, he still wasn’t clear if the two of them were dating. He did start to care more and more about what she thought though!

“The school doctor just went out and left me here to supervise. If not, when the bag is empty, there wouldn’t be anyone here to help!”

“Oh? Then make sure you look after her! I’m leaving!”

Li Fei Fei then turned around and snorted contemptuously before she left.

Su Ke scratched his head as he watched her leave, wondering how he provoked her before returning to Ren Tian.

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Ren Tian watched as Su Ke got called out by a girl. She had no idea who it was, but he guessed it was Li Fei Fei. After all, the rumor that Su Ke was pedaling three boats was very famous on the forum. At that time, she still didn’t believe it though since Li Fei Fei was counted as a beauty of the school flower level, and Su Ke was unknown. She didn’t expect it to be true. 

Ren Tian was lying on the bed and watched Su Ke walk back over before whispering with a weak voice, “Your girlfriend?”  

“Eh! Hehe!” Su Ke scratched his head in embarrassment, but he didn’t answer. He sat directly on the stool next to the bed and looked up at the glucose solution hanging on the support, watching it slowly drip. A small thin needle was inserted into the blood vessels of Ren Tian’s hand. 

Looking at Ren Tian’s exhausted face, Su Ke asked, “How do you feel now? If you go to sleep, I will watch over you!” 

Ren Tian looked at the boy in front of her; his hair was clean and neat, and his eyes were clear. He didn’t seem too handsome, but the more she looked, the more she felt that he was pleasing to the eye. However, they weren’t very familiar with each other, so she couldn’t find a common topic to talk about. 

“En! Thank you, I’m a little sleepy!” 

Su Ke then watched Ren Tian slowly close her eyes. The entire infirmary became quiet and the sound of dripping glucose gradually became louder. He didn’t know where the school doctor ran off to, but now it was lunchtime and school had ended, so he didn’t think there were that many people in the building. Time slowly passed and Su Ke gradually grew bored. He had already looked at all the furnishings in the treatment room several times, including the medicine bottles in the cabinet. He even read the little black characters on the bottle. When he looked out the window, as he expected, there wasn’t even a silhouette of a person.

Without even thinking about it, Su Ke sat down on the stool again and stared at Ren Tian as she slept. A white dress, long black hair, thin face, and a sharp chin; really like Dai Yu Nu in A Dream of Red Mansions. There seemed to be a sense of melancholy between her brows.

“En?” At this time, he suddenly found that the long eyelashes on Ren Xiao’s closed eyes shivered slightly, like playing the piano, or like the fluttering of a butterfly’s wing. Her cheeks and ears were also slightly reddish. Su Ke also felt like her body looked unwell and quickly opened his mouth, “Ren Tian? Are you awake? Are you uncomfortable anywhere?” 

Sure enough, Ren Tian slowly opened her eyes and looked at Su Ke. Her eyes were a bit unnatural, and she looked around several times. 

Only then did she ask, “I’m fine, is the school doctor coming back?” 

“Not yet!” Su Ke then looked at his phone and realized that the school doctor has been gone for about fifteen minutes. He hasn’t even seen a shadow of the doctor yet, “Who knows what she’s doing! Are you looking for her?” 

Su Ke saw that Ren Tian looked like she wanted to speak, and seemed to want to find the school doctor, so he stood up and walked outside the door. 

There was no one in the corridor, so he shouted a few times, “School doctor!” 


There was no reaction, only Su Ke’s echoing voice. 

“Why don’t you wait here and I’ll go find out!” 

Ren Tian shook her head slightly, and her thin face began to blush as she exclaimed, “I’m fine, I’m fine!”  

Su Ke was not clear, so after Ren Tian finished talking, she bit her lower lip and her entire body seemed to be stretched taut as if she was persevering through something. The more he looked at her, the more he thought that she seemed to be resisting some pain.

“Ren Tian, if you’re in pain, tell me where!” 

Her gaze drifted down to his abdomen, so he asked, “Do you have a stomachache?” 

Ren Tian’s face was full of embarrassment, her cheeks and ears flushed red. There was a drop of sweat on the tip of her nose and there seemed to be a layer of shame on her neck. 

Her gaze was filled with concern as she hesitantly opened her mouth, “It’s not a stomachache, I need to go to the bathroom!” 

Once Ren Tian finished, she suddenly lowered her head and didn’t dare look at Su Ke. 

“Eh!” Su Ke blinked in surprise and didn’t know how to react. 

What was so embarrassing about going to the toilet? 

This was the normal reaction after putting on an IV!

“F*ck! It can’t be that I have to accompany her!?” 

The school doctor wasn’t here, so if Ren Tian went to the bathroom, didn’t he have to accompany her and carry the bottle of glucose solution!?

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1. So Ren Tian (任甜) which is her name, sounds the same as Ren Tian (人甜), which means the person is sweet 2. This means that he can’t reject someone he’s not close to 3. Jealousy 4. Like the prettiest girl in school ________________________________ TL Note: Hey, everyone! First of all, I’ve decided to close down our patreon because I can’t keep up at the moment. Instead, I will be using Kofi, so if you want to support, please do so there. However, there won’t be any sponsored chapters, at least not for the next month because I have a lot of things to work on… Secondly, I’ll be taking a 2-week hiatus to get my affairs in order starting in July. So, I’ll see you guys in two weeks! Thank you for all the support so far!!! Editor Note: We'll keep you updated when the next chapter comes out!
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