Chapter 853 – Marry?

“He is heading towards the Holy City.”

Ji Mo Wu Chang relaxed a little, “Holy City will be good as well. Send someone to the Bai Li Clan quickly, to ask for Luan Girl’s hand in marriage; bring the dowry as well and let them get married immediately.”

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“Yes! But how do we propose without the Phoenix Feather Bell? I’m afraid the Bai Li Clan will not accept.”

“I will personally ask Madam Ru to retrieve it. You deliver the dowry to the Bai Li Clan first.”

Ji Mo Yi Fan left at once.

Ji Mo Wu Chang then immediately held an Elders’ meeting. Ji Mo Kai Yuan brought a few King Spirit Masters and hurriedly left for Holy City.

After the Elders’ meeting, Ji Mo Wu Chang went to the clan’s forbidden land and activated the emergency signal to summon the secluded Grand Elder, Ji Mo Lai!

This Heaven Tribulation was a serious matter. If Luan Girl refuses to help, they would have to depend on Sage Lai.


Bai Li Clan.

Living in seclusion and usually lagging in information compared to the other Clans, the Bai Li Clan lived a simple life. 

However, a few days ago, they already knew about Ji Mo Ya’s early Heaven Tribulation.

What incredibly bad luck to encounter the Heaven Tribulation less than a day after leaving the Blood Moon Hidden Realm.

Bai Li Zi Xi had been training in isolation for almost half a year. Especially the past few days, she had been in deep meditation with no movements, as though she was unaware of what was happening outside.

Not even when Clan Master Bai Li Ren came to look for her, she was displaying the image of an obedient girl, patiently cultivating.

“Little Xi, something happened to Ji Mo Ya. Did you know his Heaven Tribulation came early?”

Bai Li Zi Xi was shocked, “Oh? Grandfather Patriarch, I do not know. How did it happen? He was fine the last I saw him at Blood Moon Hidden Realm…”

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Bai Li Ren shook his head. “Little Xi, Ji Mo Clan came to propose. But the elders and I do not wish to see you get married this way as we feel that they are not sincere. On the other hand, that kid is a genius, it would be a huge loss to the human race if he dies…”

Bai Li Zi Xi remained quiet with her head bowed. 

“I am here to ask for your opinion. Do you wish to marry him? If you do not, we will not force you. If you do, we will not stop you.”

Bai Li Zi Xi suddenly asked, “Grandfather Patriarch, did you lock Brother Ye Jun up?”

“Ye Jun had sinful thoughts about you, so I had him reflecting on his mistake. You are brother and sister…” Bai Li Ren answered awkwardly.

Bai Li Zi Xi laughed, “Grandfather Patriarch, please release Brother Ye Jun. There will not be any outstanding juniors in Bai Li Clan after I marry into Ji Mo Clan. Besides, nothing happened between us. It is just a rumor that people were spreading. You trust me, don’t you?”

“Does that mean you will accept the marriage proposal?”

“Yes. A man like Young Master Ya, Little Xi has decided to be with him a long time ago.”

Bai Li Ren nodded his head, “Good. Pack your things. We are leaving for Holy City now. As for Ye Jun, I will release him.”

However, he would remove those feelings of love first. He had seen Bai Li Ye Jun’s feelings for Little Xi in the past. That was why he had Ye Jun leave the clan to travel and also sent Zi Xi to Holy Court, it was to prevent them from seeing each other often.

He had thought to prevent a relationship by using such a method. It was fortunate that Little Xi had always thought of Ye Jun as her brother.

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