Chapter 852 – Heaven Tribulation

The speed of a Mystic Spirit Treasure was fast and could even ferry other people.

This time, however, they took the Flowing Cloud Flying Carriage instead of the dragon.

Huan Qing Yan suddenly felt uneasy.

The clouds in the sky were gathering and were heading towards the Huan Estate.

Flowing Cloud Flying Carriage raised and the Nine-headed Fortune Bird took off into the air bravely despite the rough weather.

The Flowing Cloud Flying Carriage left Huan Estate in a flash.

The Fortune Bird flapped its wings and was soon out of Hanging Cloud Empire.

But the dense clouds were chasing after them…

Regardless of where they went, it kept on following…

Huan Qing Yan shuddered, cold from the fear, upon seeing this.

Ji Mo Ya who was sitting beside her while looking out of the carriage in silence. His expression was serious.

Finally, Huan Qing Yan broke the silence between them.

“Ji Mo Ya, has your Heaven Tribulation arrived?”

Ji Mo Ya’s pupils contracted, his expression gloom as he pulled her into his embrace and said, “I think so. Don’t worry Little One, I can handle this. Believe me.”

“Where are we going to now?”

His eyes were cryptic. To an outsider, the Heaven Tribulation only looked intimidating, but to him, it was a power that was shaking his soul. Even after countless near-death experiences over the past 20 years, nothing had made him feel this way. 

He had underestimated the power of the Heaven Tribulation.

However, he did not want to say much as he did not wish for Huan Qing Yan to be worried.

“Holy City. The Holy City where the Half-Sages are protecting possessed the richest amount of spirit energy, so over there we should be fine. Hush now and let me quietly hug you for a while.”

He had prepared a spell formation meant for the Heaven Tribulation in his estate inside the Holy City. Maybe it will be of help.

If he faces the Heaven Tribulation in the wilderness, he will be dead for sure.

Huan Qing Yan turned towards him and hugged him, she could feel his body slightly trembling.

“I will accompany you, be it heaven or hell, I will forever be with you.”

Ji Mo Ya kissed her.

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The flying carriage sped up, flying across the sky like a meteor. 


The Ji Mo Clan was the first to receive the news.

“Tribulation Cloud? In Hanging Cloud Empire?” Ji Mo Wu Chang was startled awake from his meditation. 

Ji Mo Yi Fan wiped his sweat and replied, “Yes! Patriarch! I heard from my bugs. Little Ya was at the Hanging Cloud Empire, and the Tribulation Cloud appeared after a few hours!” 

“Based on my previous calculation, it should not happen for another two years, why did it come early?” Ji Mo Wu Chang held his fingers and said, “Let me see again.”

As he counted, his face became paler than before.

And he coughed out a mouthful of blood. “It is indeed Little Ya’s Heaven Tribulation. It came early.”

Ji Mo Yi Fan immediately fed Ji Mo Wu Chang two worms. These are Life Worms. The reading that the latter used earlier had shortened his life span by another year. 

The two Life Worms could only replace up to two months of his life. 

Life Worms are hard to rear. Ji Mo Yi Fan had been raising them his whole life. His Spirit Treasure was a gigantic worm. Unfortunately, he has only so many Life Worms.

“What should we do, Patriarch?”

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“I think Little Ya must have obtained a great harvest in the Blood Moon Hidden Realm, that is why the Heaven Tribulation came early. Where is he now?” Ji Mo Wu Chang coughed and asked.

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