Chapter 851 – Take Care Of Her Forever

Madam Huan was elated seeing this.

“Little Yan, what did you feed them? They leveled up so quickly!”

“Mum, no need to be concerned. This is a good chance for them, I just happened to have rare spirit plants that they are suitable for them to consume to level up.”

“Okay, Mother won’t ask. I suppose I won’t have the chance to see you much after you got married, so I must tell you these now. After you enter the Ji Mo Clan, you must respect your elders, keep peace in your family, treat your husband with respect…”

She started listing all the entire set of ancient virtues.

Huan Qing Yan could only pretend to listen attentively. She did not want to worry Madam Huan. 

However, she was kicking Ji Mo Ya non-stop under the table.

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Ji Mo Ya cleared his throat and interrupted Madam Huan’s speech, “Madam, there’s no need to worry. Little Yan has been doing great in these aspects…”

Madam Huan was on the verge of tears, “Little Yan, you are a lucky girl to have met someone as kind as Young Master Ya. Young Master Ya, I believe you know that our Little Yan was adopted and she has had a tough childhood. Please take good care of her from now…”

Madam, I promise to take care of her forever.” Ji Mo Ya said with a silky voice while restraining Huan Qing Yan’s kicking leg under the table.

It was full of sweet love and deep adoration.

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Huan Qing Yan went absentminded for a moment before she immediately said, “Ji Mo Ya, why did I forget to record what you just said using a Recording Stone and let my mum hold it for safekeeping. I’ll ask Mum to throw the stone at you if you ever break your promise…”

Ji Mo Ya caught her hand and kissed it as if there was nobody around, “Yes, do you want me to repeat what I said while you record it?”


Madam Huan couldn’t help shedding tears of joy watching the loving couple.

“The Child’s Papa, look, Little Yan has found such a wonderful son-in-law. You can rest in peace now!”At this moment, lightning struck, and the thunders were roaring.

It was in the middle of a bright, sunny day, but suddenly, the sky was covered in thick dark clouds.

Ji Mo Ya looked up to the sky wearily when he heard the thunder.

He sensed something weird from his wrist, from his Dragon Spirit Treasure!

It felt like an extreme restlessness and anxiousness, it wanted to come out. This was something he had not experienced before…

Ji Mo Ya’s face turned solemn as he watched the bad weather approaching Huan Residence.

Suddenly, he pulled Huan Qing Yan and stood up abruptly, “Madam, it’s time for Little Yan and me to leave. We will visit again.”

Madam Huan did not understand, “Hmm? The weather is turning bad now. Why not stay for a few days and we can talk about wedding arrangements? Yes? Young Master Ya, Little Yan?”

Huan Qing Yan knew Ji Mo Ya better than anyone.

He rarely loses his composure in front of other people. She guessed something serious must have happened for him to act this way.

So she replied, “Mum, there’s something urgent we need to take care of. I will come home to visit you whenever I have time. Once Xing Han becomes a Six-Star Spirit Master, let him go to Surging Wave Academia. I’ll see you soon.”

Ji Mo Ya was already pulling her out of the hall and had also called out Flowing Cloud Flying Carriage.

They came riding the Dragon Spirit Treasure. Usually, only after a Spirit Treasure reached King level would they be able to allow their masters to ride on it. However, Ji Mo Ya’s Dragon Spirit Treasure was an ancient divine beast and could be ridden when it even was only a True Spirit Treasure. 

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