Chapter 850 – This Daddy Also Wants!

Just a little more to go for Xin Han.

So Huan Qing Yan gave him another half and Xing Han, too, leveled up.

While they were in the process of attracting their stars, Huan Qing Yan started cooking.

Ji Mo Ya saw two stars flying toward the house. He knew what Little Yan had done and he smiled. As long as she was happy.

The crowd outside Huan residence got jealous and hateful upon seeing the approaching stars in the sky.

“They have only been back for a few hours, and they have managed to help Huan Xing Han level up. How powerful.”

“Didn’t you see the Emperor is waiting here too. It must be Young Master Ya’s doing…”

“Oh, yes, you’re right. There is no one as awesome as Young Master Ya…”


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Huan Qing Yan finished preparing dinner the same time both Huan Xing Han and Luo Qiao finished leveling up.

Huan Xing Han became a Three-Star Spirit Master, and Luo Qiao a Two-Star Spirit Master.

They were exhilarated. “Sister (Young Mistress!), what did you gave us?”

“A rare spirit plant. Dinner has been prepared, bring the dishes to the table. Maybe you will level up again after the meal. It is best if you stabilize your cultivation levels, it isn’t good to level up too quickly within a short period.”

“Yes! Sister!”

Huan Xing Han was all fired up. Everyone worked together to carry the dishes to the table.

Madam Huan was on cloud nine after her chat with Ji Mo Ya. He had an irresistible charisma and had said all the right things. She was glad to let her daughter marry him.

It was the happiest meal in a long time within the Huan Estate.

During dinner, Madam Huan asked, “Young Master Ya, have you picked out a date for the wedding?”

Ji Mo Ya replied, “We haven’t decided on a date, but it should be soon. I was going to marry her once we got out of the Blood Moon Hidden Realm, but we decided to come here to ask for your blessing first. Our next stop will be to seek permission from Little Yan’s master in Surging Wave Academia…”

Madam Huan smiled, “You haven’t been out from that place for more than a year. Shouldn’t you inform your family about this as well? An ancient clan like yours must have an opinion about the date. I’m surprised that you came to Hanging Cloud first. You should talk to your family, and of course, Little Yan’s master. He’s a Half-Sage, you should let him know soon…”

Huan Qing Yan kicked Ji Mo Ya under the table, “Yes, you’re absolutely right.” Ji Mo Ya said with a straight face.

They could not tell Madam Huan that they were only going to inform Ji Mo Clan about their marriage after they got married. Knowing her nature, Madam Huan wouldn’t be able to take this calmly.

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After Huan Xing Han and Luo Qiao were done eating, they felt a swirl of spirit energy above their heads. They are going to level up again!

Half of the food on the table were raw, the raw food were all rare spirit plants, so this meal had a high spirit energy value.

For these two who were only low-rank Star Spirit Masters, leveling up was only but a guarantee.

The crowd outside Huan Residence went crazy when the two of them leveled up again.

“Two stars at one go!”

“Oh, my dear mummy. It’s just been a few hours, and they’ve both leveled up, twice! One Walnut Star and one Soy Bean Star…”

“No wonder everyone wants to befriend Young Master Ya. He’s so powerful. Who would not want to suck up to him, this daddy wants it too!”


The Emperor had wanted to return to the palace after waiting a few hours, but he decided to continue waiting after seeing what just happened.

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