Chapter 849 – Carve Something Out

Huan Qing Yan intercepted her, “All of you just take a rest today. Let me prepare dinner.”

Luo Qiao insisted on helping and left the hall with Huan Qing Yan. Huan Xing Han wanted to spend time with his sister, so he followed too. Only Madam Huan and Ji Mo Ya were left alone in the hall.

Madam Huan was feeling pressured with Ji Mo Ya and wanted to leave too. However, she had to better understand the person who her daughter will be marrying; she cannot let her daughter be married without knowing more.

So, Madam Huan started chatting with Ji Mo Ya about family affairs in the hall, asking him about his family, where they live, which day he planned to get married… Ji Mo Ya answered all the questions patiently. 

In the kitchen, Huan Qing Yan started taking out spirit ingredients one by one as Xing Han and Luo Qiao watched with their jaws dropped…

“Sister, you could really find many precious things out there? You have to bring me with you next time!”

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“Young Mistress, why did you take all these precious ingredients out? Put them back, we can’t finish them all. These things looked like tributes offered solely to the Royal Palace. I’ve heard one requires ten thousand spirit stones just to get a small piece…”

Huan Qing Yan got the two of them to start a fire in the stove before she sliced and fed them some raw Ink-Jade Lingzi. 

She had eaten a lot of Ink-Jade Lingzi. Ink-Jade Lingzi has a very mild effect and could be eaten raw.

And she had loads of them now!

She does not know how much Ink-Jade Lingzi Bai Trash had uncovered that year. For a few years now she just kept growing them and replant them after they matured, until a corner of the storage room became filled with it.

The storage space had more than doubled after it reached level 5, so she wasn’t worried about not having enough space.

She took out two big pieces, each one the size not smaller than a palm, she shattered the jade and cut the Lingzi flesh into smaller pieces before handing Xing Han a piece, “Eat this.”

Huan Xing Han took it unabashedly and put it straight in his mouth.

He immediately felt intense spirit energy which felt so comfortable that his whole body trembled. 

Huan Qing Yan cut another piece for Luo Qiao, “There you go.”

Luo Qiao declined, “Let Young Master eat first.” Something as precious as this had to be given to the Young Master first.

Huan Qing Yan sighed, “You were a One-Star Spirit Master when I left home three years ago, and you still at the same level now. I know it is because you sacrificed yourself for this family. From now on, just focus on your training so that you can come and find me at Surging Wave Academia with Xing Han…” 

Luo Qiao was so touched that she broke into tears and kowtowed towards Huan Qing Yan, “Miss, I thought you had abandoned me… I can’t believe you care so much about me! Yes, I will find you at Surging Wave Academia with Young Master Huan and be your servant forever!”

Huan Qing Yan touched her head gently, “Not to become my servant but to become a student and carve something out for yourself.”

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“No! I would rather be your servant my whole life… I’ll eat it!” Luo Qiao took the Ink-Jade Lingzi and ate it with teary eyes. 

Huan Xing Han had already finished his and was eyeing for more, “Sister, can I have more? It’s too delicious.”

Huan Qing Yan cut a big piece for him. “Sure, as long as you can handle it. You can eat however much you like. Sis has a lot of them.”

Just like that, the entire piece of Ink-Jade Lingzi was gone. Luo Qiao began to level up.

She was a One-Star Spirit Master, so she was able to level up with just a few pieces of Ink-Jade Lingzi.

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