Chapter 117: A Fickle Woman

Mo Qi Qi continues giving them an elegant and virtuous smile, “Qi Qi wouldn’t dare to speak nonsense in front of you, Imperial Grandmother.  Qi Qi sincerely wish that Ya Xian can be happy with His Majesty.  Qi Qi kept on obstructing them in the past, disregarding their feelings for each other.  Qi Qi has been feeling very guilty about that.  Now that Qi Qi is having a child, Qi Qi has grown mature.  Qi Qi does not care about anything else other than this child.  Now, Qi Qi is willing to give Ya Xian and His Majesty my blessing, just like how I gave Yang Guifei and His Majesty my blessing back then.”

The Grand Empress Dowager is overjoyed, “Aijia have always understand Ya Xian the best.  She has been unwilling to marry because her heart is already occupied by His Majesty.  Just, aijia didn’t want to ruin Qi Qi and His Majesty’s relationship for Ya Xian.  Ya Xian wouldn’t want that either, that’s why none of us ever brought it up to you, Empress.  Who would have thought you would personally bring it up yourself?  You have grown more mature, Empress.  Imperial Grandmother is very happy with you.  Hurry and thank the Empress, Ya Xian!”

Mo Qi Qi looks at Ya Xian before teasing her, “Ya Xian, don’t tell bengong you are going to reject this proposal as well?”

Gong Ya Xian smiles shyly before curtsying, “Thank you, Your Ladyship.”

Mo Qi Qi smiles happily, “No need to thank bengong.  From now onwards, we will be like sisters, there is no need to be so courteous.”

Gong Ya Xian’s cheeks redden.

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After chatting for a while more, the Grand Empress Dowager grow sleepy and is sent to rest by Ya Xian.  

Mo Qi Qi and Jun Yue Hen leave together.  They slowly stroll in the courtyard together.

After walking in silence, Jun Yue Hen speaks first, “Qi Qi, are you really going to let Ya Xian marry His Majesty?”

Mo Qi Qi smiles, “Did you think I was joking?”

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“But you used to hate Ya Xian.  You would get so angry whenever you saw them together,” Jun Yue Hen looks at her in disbelief.

“If you care for someone, you would naturally want to be the only one inside that person’s eyes, that person’s heart.  But when you don’t care for someone, you won’t care who he likes or who he marry.  I have no feelings for Jun Qian Che right now.  If by doing this makes me a good person, then, why not?”  The more women he has, the more things he will have on his plate.  He will not have time to care for her or her child.  Once the child is born, she must make sure to add even more women to him so that he can be distracted by those beauties enough to forget about Feng Yang Palace.

“Do you mean it, Qi Qi?  You don’t like the Emperor anymore?” asks Jun Yue Hen, his heart lifting in joy.

Mo Qi Qi looks at him before earnestly saying, “I mean it, I no longer love Jun Qian Che.  I have no feelings for men anymore.” What she means by that is, she does not love anyone, neither Jun Qian Che nor himself.

Unfortunately, Jun Yue Hen only focuses on the first part of her sentence.  As long as she does not love Jun Qian Che, he will have a chance!

“Qi Qi, you don’t love him anymore.  Do you still want to stay by his side?” Jun Yue Hen couldn’t help but ask.

Mo Qi Qi sighs, “Although I had plans to leave before, I can’t now.  Not when I am carrying his child.”

“Has he told you what he plans for this child?” asks Jun Yue Hen.

Mo Qi Qi stops in her steps before looking at him, “The Emperor has decided to keep this child.”

Jun Yue Hen is surprised, “What?  His Majesty- he, he wants to keep this child?”

Mo Qi Qi nods, “Surprising, isn’t it?  I was shocked too.  I thought he didn’t mean it at first, so I went to him again this morning to inquire his decision.  In the end, his decision didn’t change.  He even told me to give birth to a healthy child.”

“What about you, Qi Qi?  If you don’t want this child, I can help you,” Jun Qian Che looks at her, waiting for her answer.

Mo Qi Qi sighs, “Before yesterday, all I wanted was for this child to disappear.  But then, I had a dream yesterday.  I saw this cute child in my dream, begging me to save him.  After I woke up, I made the decision to do everything I can to save my baby.  I want to give birth to him safely.”

Jun Yue Hen feels as though his heart has just been cut up with knife.  It hurts.  He should have known she would feel this way.  When his Imperial Mother inquired after the child earlier, Mo Qi Qi’s face was full of joy.

“I thought you don’t love His Majesty?  If this child is born, you will forever be tied to His Majesty.”  This is the aspect that worry Jun Yue Hen the most.  Back then, when she told him she didn’t want this child, he was pleased.  Although the child is innocent and that it would be really cruel to simply abort it, as long as this child is out of the picture, he will still have a chance with Mo Qi Qi, no matter how small.  Now that she has decided to keep this child, he is scared.  Scared that she will come to love Jun Qian Che again because of this child.

“Right now, I don’t want to think too much.  Even if I want to leave Jun Qian Che one day, I will take my child with me.  I refuse to let him live under constant intrigue.  Besides, even if the child is born, I will not love Jun Qian Che again.  I am not keeping this child out of love for Jun Qian Che, but out of the thread of destiny connecting me and my child. If I decide to leave, I know that I will be able to leave without looking back,” Mo Qi Qi’s eyes are earnest.  When she looks at Jun Yue Hen, she appears a little apologetic, “Yue Hen, you must think me so fickle.  I was so adamant to reject this baby just a few days ago, and now, all I want to do is to protect him.”

Jun Yue Hen shakes his head, “All women have maternal love within them.  The baby is your flesh and blood, it is natural for you to love him or her.  I once told you that I would support you no matter what, that promise still stand.  You don’t have to feel embarrassed towards me.  If you want to protect this child, I will protect the child with you.  I am sure he or she will grow up cute and pretty like Qi Qi.”

Mo Qi Qi smiles happily, “Thank you, Yue Hen.”

“Qi Qi, saying that will make me feel like an outsider.”

Mo Qi Qi nods in agreement, “Correct, you are my bestest friend and confidante.  Words like that are unnecessary for us!”

Jun Yue Hen smiles warmly.  Although he feels disappointed whenever he hears the word ‘friend’ from her, he does not show it to her.  It doesn’t matter what they are, it’s enough as long as he can see her often.

Summer nights are beautiful on their own right despite of the heat.

Perhaps it’s because Mo Qi Qi’s heart is no longer weighed down by anything, so she feels like the moon and the stars are especially pretty tonight.

She sits in front of the table in the courtyard, drinking tea while admiring the view.

This is usually the kind of time that one hates to be disturbed the most.  Unfortunately, a certain someone missed the memo.  

Jun Qian Che walks into Feng Yang Palace in large strides, the expression on his face ugly.  When he sees Mo Qi Qi leisurely sitting there while sipping tea, the displeasure within him grows even more.

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