Chapter 118: He Hates Seeing Her Cry

Mo Qi Qi is busy admiring the view and did not notice Jun Qian Che’s entrance.

It is not until Jun Qian Che is seated right in front of her did she finally been made aware of his presence.  The tea that she has just sipped almost choke her to death due to the shock.  Cough Cough Cough—

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Ban Xiang gives her a comforting pat in the back. 

Jun Qian Che can’t stop himself from scolding her when he sees what happened, “You are going to become a mother.  How could you still be so careless?”

 Mo Qi Qi shoots him a nasty look, “You are one to speak!  If you hadn’t suddenly appeared out of nowhere, chenqie wouldn’t have choked!  It’s late, Your Majesty!  What are you doing here instead of being with Yang Meimei?”

“You are zhen’s Empress, is zhen not allowed here?” shot Jun Qian Che, equally nasty.

Mo Qi Qi gives him a perfunctory smile, “Of course you can, of course you can!  You are the Emperor.  Never mind chenqie’s palace, you can go anywhere you please within Hua Sheng Kingdom!”

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“Why did you promise Imperial Grandmother to marry Ya Xian off to zhen?” questions Jun Qian Che unhappily.

Mo Qi Qi raises her eyebrows elegantly, “Looks like there really is no secret inside the palace!  You actually found out.  Since you already know everything, chenqie will just tell the truth.  The truth is, chenqie only did that for your own good!  Chenqie is currently pregnant and cannot serve you to the fullest.  There are so many sisters inside the harem, yet you refused to even spare them a look and instead pours all your needs into Yang Guifei alone.  So many concubines are starting to become unhappy with that.  Besides, Yang Guifei has been here for a while, you will get sick of her sooner or later.  Who will fulfill your needs then?  That’s why chenqie decided to recruit some beauties for you.  Chenqie can tell that Ya Xian likes Your Majesty.  You treat Ya Xian well as well, so chenqie decided to unite you two.”

Jun Qian Che sneers coldly, “You sure are generous.”  His heart is currently filled with fury.

Mo Qi Qi did not pick up the anger and takes his words as a compliment, “Thank you for that praise, Your Majesty.  Chenqie will try even harder from now on.  Not only will chenqie be generous, chenqie will also be virtuous.  When do you plan on canonizing Ya Xian, Your Majesty?  Out of the four feis, we still lack a Dong Fei.  Why don’t we install her as Dong Fei?”

 Jun Qian Che narrows his eyes dangerously, “You should stop dreaming, zhen will never take her in as a consort.”

Mo Qi Qi looks at him incredulously, “Why not?  Both of you clearly want to be with each other?  Don’t be a heartbreaker, the entire world will conspire against you!”

Jun Qian Che cannot help from explaining himself in fury, “Zhen’s relationship with Ya Xian has always been purely platonic.  She is like zhen’s little sister!”

“So what if she’s like a little sister?  A little sister can also be a woman!   Isn’t Yang Shi Han a great example of that?” persuades Mo Qi Qi patiently, though in her heart, she says: Now, you worry about sister and such.  Why did you not feel that way when you marry your own cousin?  What a hypocrite.

“Ya Xian and Shi Han are different,” retorts Jun Qian Che firmly.

Mo Qi Qi unhappily retorts back, “How are they different?  I already promised the Grand Empress Dowager and Ya Xian.  If you won’t marry her, what should I say to them?  How will I look like to the entire world?  Ya Xian will hate me to death!”

“That’s your problem!  You created it, now you solve it,” replies Jun Qian Che coldly.

Mo Qi Qi secretly curses Jun Qian Che for being so heartless and unfair.  This is related to him, why should she bear the brunt of his decision on her own?  No way!  Since he’s the one refusing to marry, let him tell the Grand Empress Dowager and Ya Xian himself!  She refuse to be the bad guy!

And so, Mo Qi Qi begins displaying her superb acting skill.  She sobs in grievance, “Your Majesty, chenqie was only thinking for your own good!  The Empress Dowager has always desired grandchildren from you.  You can ignore things like that, but chenqie is the owner of the back palace, chenqie cannot ignore them.  If you don’t have children, the people at court will say chenqie purposely stopped you from visiting other concubines.  They will call chenqie names!  How is that fair?  Ya Xian is kind and virtuous and has deep affection for you.  Imperial Grandmother worries about her and couldn’t bear to send her out to marry, so chenqie thought, might as well keep her inside the palace, because why not, right?  Ya Xian will be able to keep the Grand Empress Dowager company and serve you at the same time.  We will also be able to fulfill Ya Xian’s desire to be with you.  We’re hitting three birds with one stone!  How perfect would everything be?  Who would have thought Your Majesty would say no!  You even expect chenqie to say it to the Grand Empress Dowager and Ya Xian…. Wu wu wu….. Chenqie is carrying a child.  Waking up every morning is a torture for chenqieChenqie originally thought that chenqie’s life would be at peace since chenqie did a good deed today, but who would have thought Your Majesty would come here to stress chenqie out.  You sure likes to bully chenqie, to bully chenqie’s child!  Wuwuwuwu, did you see your Imperial Father, my child?  He does not love you at all, wuwuwu.  Our lives are so hard,” wails Mo Qi Qi whole-heartedly, in tears.

Jun Qian Che is very upset to hear all that, “Who allows you to speak nonsense to our child?  Did zhen ever say zhen does not love him?” She actually dared to say he is here to stress her out?  What about him?  The anger and grievance that he is currently holding back are beyond words!  He clearly does not have feelings for Ya Xian, who told her to do all those things?

“You don’t love our child, alright!  Chenqie already gave the Grand Empress Dowager chenqie’s assurance, and now, you are going around rejecting our plan, you are clearly undermining chenqie’s authority, ah!  You even told me to solve it myself, how do I even begin to solve this?  If chenqie goes to the Grand Empress Dowager now, she would be really unhappy!  She might even kill chenqie out of anger!  And what about Ya Xian?  What if she grows to resent chenqie?  How should chenqie show my face in the harem after this?  Wuwuwu, Your Majesty likes to bully chenqie, chenqie does not want to live anymore, wuwuwu,” sobs Mo Qi Qi.

Jun Qian Che’s heart aches when he sees her like that.  Although he knows she is only acting, his heart is moved anyway.  Besides, she is carrying a child right now.  Asking her to figure this out herself will indeed make things hard for her.  It won’t be good for their child either, if she is emotionally stressed.  And so, Jun Qian Che gives in first, “Alright, stop acting.  Zhen will handle this.”

Mo Qi Qi’s tears are immediately ceased.  She smiles at him, tears and snots and all, “Your Majesty, a ruler must keep to his words.  Since you said that, you must follow through.”

Jun Qian Che helplessly shakes his head, why did he marry such a woman?  “Zhen will naturally follow through.  As for you, mind your own business from now on, stop caring about things like these.  Remember, you are carrying a child.  The most important thing for you is to make sure your pregnancy is going smoothly.”

Mo Qi Qi purses her lips, “Alright, chenqie will remember your teaching!”

Now that the problem is solved, Mo Qi Qi is relaxed once more.  She takes a leisure sip of her tea before saying, “Your Majesty, there are so many women inside your harem, why won’t you add one Gong Ya Xian to the number?  It would hardly make a difference.  You are going to break her heart, you know?”

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