Chapter 113 – Octa Hornstone

“Lei Xing, do you know where is the location of the largest research institute in Z City?”

“I do.”

“Then which direction should we go?”

The location of a research institute was generally located far away from the city center, nearer to the suburbs.

And the largest research institute of Z City was situated at the edge of its southwest borders.

“Boss, are we going around the border or heading there in a straight line?”

The zombie wave within Z City was still ongoing, traveling through the city center would save time, but the danger would increase significantly as well. Going around the border would make the journey much safer.

“Go through the city directly.”


The pair had arrived at the toll station of Z City and went in heading towards the city center. The armored vehicle was carrying a relatively high amount of reserve fuel, enough for the vehicle to travel for three days and three nights without making any stops.

Vroom Vroom

The armored vehicle went on the expressway and soon reached the residential area.

The destruction caused by the Z City zombies were not as exaggerated as F City, many of the residential buildings were still standing and had people living in it. When the armored vehicle passed through a nearby residential building, they could see the panic within the eyes of the residents through those windows.

“Save us, please take us out of here.”

A group of citizens suddenly appeared in front of the armored vehicle and blocked it.

Lei Xing could not help but step on the brakes due to the sudden appearance of the group.

When the armored vehicle stopped, the group immediately surrounded the vehicle.

“Are you people from the military?”

“Please take us out of here.”

The armored vehicle possessed the unique symbol of the military, it was not surprising that the citizens of Z City blocked it.

“Run them over.”


Lei Xing was not a kindhearted individual as well, he immediately stepped on the gas pedal and sent the car forward.


The armored vehicle hit many citizens as it drove through, causing multiple deaths, the other citizens quickly moved away when they saw what happened and dared not approach anymore.

However, they were unable to drive for long before Lei Xing was forced to stop again.

“What happened?”

“The tire burst.”

Yang Tian looked at the rearview mirror and saw several figures approaching the vehicle from the back.

They have been attacked.

These people were only small-time thugs of Z City, just that they were lucky to become metahumans after the apocalypse, causing them to become even more savage.

When they saw an armored vehicle today, these people could not help but have designs for the vehicle.

“Kill them.”

Lei Xing was already prepared for a long while now and was holding his modified shotgun. The incoming people were only Rank 1 metahumans, a few shots would be enough to deal with them.

“You guys again.”

Just as Lei Xing was about to leave the vehicle, another group of metahumans appeared, their strength was similar to the group that attacked the tire. However, they had a different purpose.

They were the management of Z City who had awoken their abilities after the apocalypse, they were on the opposite side of the thugs.

“Are you people from the military? We are from the local city management, rest assured, with us around they would not dare to harm you.”

One of the people from city management shouted towards Yang Tian. From their tone and words, their goal was likely to make Yang Tian’s group owe them a favor and eventually they will request to be brought out of here.

“Boss, what…” Lei Xing was at a slight loss and looked at Yang Tian.

After Lei Xing spoke, the two groups clashed.

With a burst tire, the tire needs to be changed before it could continue traveling.

“Kill that group who sought death first.”


Lei Xing left the vehicle with his shotgun.

Bang Bang

After several gunshots, Lei Xing returned to the driver’s seat.



Yang Tian and Lei Xing both left the vehicle, they plan to use the spare tire in the boot to swap out the damaged one.

The group of metahumans from city management was looking at Lei Xing with shock in their eyes, the metahumans who they had been in conflict with for so long were killed by Lei Xing with just a few shots.


After Yang Tian alighted from the vehicle, the first thing he did was destroy the military symbol on the armored vehicle.

The two of them only used a short time to change a new tire.


When the group saw Yang Tian leaving, one of them could not help but ask.

“Can you bring us with you?”

“Not possible.”

Yang Tian replied him with two cold words.

Having witnessed Lei Xing’s strength, none of them dared to obstruct them from leaving.

“Wait a moment.”

The one who spoke was Lei Xing, that was because he saw something he wanted.

One of the female members within the city management group was wearing an octagon stone on her neck.

“Boss, that stone on her seems very special.”

Lei Xing could sense that there was something different about that octagon shaped stone and reported to Yang Tian.

“Octa Hornstone.”

Octa Hornstone is a rank 2 material, it could be used to craft up to eight bullets or arrowheads that possessed a 10% physical piercing trait.

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Metahumans like Archers have a keen sense for materials, Yang Tian was not surprised about Lei Xing’s discovery.

“You come here.”

Yang Tian pointed at the female metahuman.

Only allowed on

The female metahuman was overjoyed, it looked like she was willing to do anything for the sake of leaving this godforsaken place, even if it meant using her body.

“Give me that stone on your chest.”

“Ah?” the female metahuman was startled.

However, the Octa Hornstone was quickly in Yang Tian’s hands.

“Do you have more of these?”

“This is all I have.”

Including the one on Yang Tian’s hand, there was a total of seven Octa Hornstones.

“I gave it to you, can you take me out of this place?”

That was the female metahuman’s only wish, it was likely that they assumed only Z City was facing such a situation. As the borders of Z City was filled with zombies and mutated beasts, none of them dared to take a risk to venture out.

“Leave this place? The outside world is the same as well, your situation might not become any better even if you leave this place.”

“It is the same outside here as well? Why would outside be the same? I do not believe you!”

Not only the female metahuman but the others were also displaying slightly deranged expressions, not daring to believe what they heard. The hope that they were hanging on, to leave this place, had been destroyed, how could they simply accept what was told to them?

Yang Tian sent a Violent Exploding Worm into the female metahuman, not caring if the latter was willing or not. 


Feeling pain during the implantation of the Violent Corpse Worm was unavoidable, but the pain had also allowed her to recover from her deranged state.

The implant was successful.

“This… what a powerful feeling.”

“This concludes our trade. Let’s go.”

The additional power would provide the female metahuman a chance to survive.

Yang Tian restarted his journey, the closer they approached the city center, the more zombies they encountered. The zombie wave of Z City was not as orderly as F City, they were literally just a bunch of headless flies moving around and attacking any humans upon sighting.

Also, most of the zombies were Rank 1 and it was rare to encounter a Rank 2. Moreover, the ones fighting the zombies were generally Rank 1 metahumans as well, Rank 2 metahumans were basically leaders of a group.

The overall combat power of the humans in Z City belonged to the weaker spectrum within the entire Celestial Empire.

“Is this Z City Museum?”

Yang Tian saw a museum that was still in good shape and asked Lei Xing.

“Yes, it is.”

Lei Xing seemed to have noticed Yang Tian’s intention and slowed down the vehicle.

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