Chapter 36: Golden Talisman

In the VIP Lounge of Ocean Skyline Pavilion.

Hu Mei took out a purple card and handed it over to Mo Wentian.

“Young Master Wentian, this card holds the remaining balance after deducting what you bought from us. This card is the most honourable VIP card you can get from my Ocean Skyline Pavilion. With this card, any purchases you make in our Ocean Skyline Pavilion will be discounted by 40 percent!”

Hu Mei explained to Mo Wentian with a smile on her face.

“Most honourable VIP card?”

Mo Wentian paused for a moment before retrieving the card. His gaze gradually swept pass the card!

There was a row of number recorded on the card.

310 thousand gold coins!

From 350 thousand gold coins, 30000 of it was for the heavy sword while the other 10000 was for the jade silk.

“Many thanks!”

Mo Wentian kept the card and asked about something which came to mind, ”May I know if you have any storage ring for sale?”

“Storage ring?”

Hu Mei’s eyes grew in radiance before smiling bitterly, ”Young Master Wentian thinks too highly of my Ocean Skyline Pavilion. There might be one if we were in the Ocean Skyline Pavilion headquarters. In East Sword City…”

Hu Mei was somewhat embarrassed.

Storage ring. Just as the name implied, it was a ring that was able to store items. In the Sword God Continent, only Four Constellation Realm Sword Masters would possess something like it. It was because they were the only people with qualifications to possess one!

“So you don’t have any!”
A hint of disappointment flashed past Mo Wentian’s eyes.

If only he had a storage ring… He would be able to place everything inside! It would save him a great deal of trouble.

“It’s not that my Ocean Skyline Pavilion don’t have it. If Young Master Wentian really wishes to purchase it…”

Hu Mei continued as if she had come into a decision.

“You have it here?”

When Mo Wentian heard her sentence, his eyes lit up.

“Please follow me, Young Master Wentian!”

Hu Mei smiled lightly. Her refined facial features were like a beautiful flower, making her look extremely stunning.

Even Mo Wentian glanced at her several times.

Both of them exited the VIP Lounge as Mo Wentian followed behind Hu Mei.

A moment later, an extremely secretive hidden chamber appeared before Mo Wentian!

“This is the most secretive chamber in my Ocean Skyline Pavilion. The Physique Enhancement Pill Young Master Wentian asked for is also stored in here!”

After unlocking the mechanism on the wall, the duo entered the hidden chamber.

“Quite a decent place!”

Mo Wentian nodded his head in praise.

This hidden chamber was constructed using refined sword stones. It would be hard for those Leaving Sword Realm Pinnacle Swordsman to even break apart these walls.

“This are the Physique Enhancement Pills Young Master Wentian requested for!”

Hu Mei handed over a jade bottle to Mo Wentian.

“Many thanks!”

Mo Wentian eyes lit up as he kept the Physique Enhancement Pills away.

“As for the storage ring…”

Hu Mei’s eyes suddenly turned moist as she stared at Mo Wentian. Her cheeks also turned slightly red, causing her to look extremely alluring!

“May I know where the storage ring is at?”

Mo Wentian gaze swept past Hu Mei’s face before enquiring in doubt.

Mo Wentian only took a short glance at Hu Mei’s alluring look before ignoring her.

“It’s here. Hmph!”

Unknown anger suddenly rose within Hu Mei’s eyes.

The anger came too suddenly… Even Hu Mei herself didn’t know why she felt a rush of anger in her heart.

When she saw how nonchalant Mo Wentian was, the feeling of anger within her burned even stronger.


Mo Wentian was stunned.

What came into Mo Wentian’s field of vision was a jade-like exquisite hand with five delicate and slender fingers. On one of the fingers was a purple colored ring.

“This is the storage ring!”

Hu Mei’s cheeks turned slightly red as she took off the storage ring from her finger.


Mo Wentian stared at Hu Mei awkwardly. This storage ring…

“Ms Hu Mei, how much will this storage ring cost?”

Mo Wentian enquired after inhaling a deep breath.

Although he was somewhat embarrassed by her actions, Mo Wentian knew how important the storage ring was to him.

Besides, since the other party was willing to sell it to him, how could he possibly reject her offer?

“Gold coins?”

Hu Mei frowned before replying softly, ”You need not pay for this storage ring. However, if Young Master Wentian truly wish to have it, you have to agree to one condition of mine.”

One condition?

Mo Wentian frowned before continuing, ”What kind of condition?”

“My condition is very simple. You simply have to drip a drop of blood here!”

A jade talisman suddenly appeared in Hu Mei’s palm.

There was a pair of horses engraved on the jade talisman. There were a pair of wings on both the horses and a beautiful lady rode on the back of one.

After looking at the engraving in detail, the appearance of the lady looked exactly the same as Hu Mei!

“Golden Talisman!”

Mo Wentian’s expression flickered for a moment when he saw the talisman.

“You know of the Golden Talisman?”

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Hu Mei was somewhat bewildered. In the next moment, the look of resolve in her eyes grew stronger.

“Of course I have!”

Mo Wentian smiled in embarrassment before continuing, ”Is this Ms Hu Mei’s condition?”

“Is Young Master Wentian too scared to do it?”

Hu Mei stared at Mo Wentian as her eyes grew incomparably mysterious. That delicate smile of hers was extremely enchanting.

“Why would I not dare to?”

Mo Wentian answered. His finger moved and a drop of blood fell onto the jade talisman.

When Mo Wentian’s blood fell onto the jade talisman, the horses in it seemed to come alive. They suddenly started to gallop and a ray of purple light flashed in the air and a figure appeared on the back of the other horse.

That person was Mo Wentian!

“Since Young Master Wentian knows of the Golden Talisman, you should also know the use for it. The moment the Golden Talisman appears, both party will share honor and disgrace together. In the future, Young Master Wentian will share the same kind of treatment as Hu Mei in my Hu Family!”

Hu Mei smiled delicately.

“Share honor and disgrace together?”

Mo Wentian eyes flickered in radiance.

The Hu Family was a trading clan. Furthermore, it was a big clan. However, the disciples in this clan did not possess much of a talent for cultivation.

In order to protect the whole trading business, the old ancestor of the Hu Family had passed on a standard set of rules. All of the Hu Family disciple have to possess a Golden Talisman and the Golden Talisman can be used to sign a treaty with someone not from their clan.

The person who signed the treaty would be able to enjoy boundless amounts of resources from the Hu Family.

At the same time, the person who signed the treaty would have to become the protector of their Ocean Skyline Pavilion!

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“Young Master Wentian, the storage ring you wanted!”

Hu Mei handed over the storage ring to Mo Wentian. A blush could be seen creeping up her face.

“Many thanks!”

After retrieving the storage ring from Hu Mei, Mo Wentian immediately kept it away.

In the main hall of the Ocean Skyline Pavilion.

“Young Master Lin Cheng, our young miss is currently receiving an important guest of ours. I have to request Young Master Lin to wait a few moments more!”

A housekeeper from the Ocean Skyline Pavilion stood beside Lin Cheng spoke respectfully.

“Receiving an important guest?”

Lin Cheng frowned and replied coldly, “In this East Sword City, is there anyone of higher nobility than me? Get your Young Miss to come out. I have things to talk to her about!”

“I request Young Master Lin Cheng to wait a few moments more. Our Young Miss will…”


Lin Cheng eyes was filled with anger.

This time, he have to obtain information of the person from the 1st VIP Lounge.

He could not believe that there was anyone in the East Sword City who dared to oppose him so openly!

“Who’s looking for me?”

It was at this moment, a icy voice rang out and two silhouettes appeared.

While making their way into the main hall, both of them walked shoulder to shoulder. On the left was a handsome yet confident man whose complexion was filled with an unruly smile. On the right, it was a beautiful lady whose eyes was misty.

“Miss Hu!”

Lin Cheng grew excited when he saw Hu Mei. When he saw Mo Wentian who was beside Hu Mei, he frowned deeply.

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