Chapter 37: 6th-Layer Qi Condensation Realm

“Miss Hu Mei, this is?”

Lin Cheng enquired with light flickering in his eyes.

“This is the Mo Family’s Young Master Wentian!”

Hu Mei introduced with a smile.

“Mo Wentian?”

Hearing the words, the light in Lin Cheng’s eyes disappeared and a look of disdain replaced it. He stared at Mo Wentian and started to ridicule, ”As it turns out, you’re the trash from the Mo Family!”


Everyone in the hall turned silent.

A group of them even stared at Lin Cheng strangely.

If it had been a few days ago, everyone wouldn’t feel that his words were wrong. However, the current Mo Wentian had not only seized 3 Vermillion Fruits, he even killed Qiu Sanjin!

Even if he couldn’t be considered a genius, he definitely wasn’t trash.

“What? Did I say something wrong? In the Mo Family, Mo Wentian is the biggest piece of trash. If it isn’t because of Mo Tianxiao, the Mo Family’s Patriarch would have long chased you out!”

Lin Cheng laughed coldly and his eyes were filled with sheer disdain!


Mo Wentian was incomparably calm. Following which, his gaze fell onto Lin Cheng as his wanton and unrestrained voice rang out.

“Scram if you don’t have the money!”

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After the laughter, Mo Wentian swaggered his way out of the Ocean Skyline Pavilion.

Scram if you don’t have the money?

These 6 words were like a thunderclap that resounded in Lin Cheng’s mind. Everyone around might be confused but Lin Cheng’s face immediately started twitching.

How could he not recognize this sentence?

Hu Mei at the side also stared at Lin Cheng strangely. Not long later, a light smile appeared on her exquisite face.

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“May I know why is Young Master Lin Cheng looking for me?”


Lin Cheng harrumphed coldly and disappeared from the Ocean Skyline Pavilion with his eyes filled with killing intent.

“It cannot be him! He’s just a piece of trash… What rights does he have to oppose me?”

Lin Cheng howled in his heart.

Meanwhile, Mo Wentian had long left the Ocean Skyline Pavilion. He went straight back to his Questioning Heaven’s Pavilion with his Physique Enhancement Pill and Qi Condensing Pill.

“Young Master, you’re back…”

Qingyu welcomed Mo Wentian happily when she spotted him.

“Qingyu, how did your cultivation go?”

Mo Wentian enquired in a smile.


When Qingyu heard Mo Wentian’s question, her complexion turned dejected before she replied Mo Wentian, ”Qingyu followed Young Master’s instruction and cultivated for the whole afternoon. However, Qingyu has yet to sense the fluctuation of spiritual qi Young Master told Qingyu about!”

“Yet to sense it?”

Mo Wentian smiled lightly as he patted Qingyu’s head, ”Cultivation has to be taken slowly. If you are able to sense spiritual qi on the first day of cultivation, won’t you be a bigger genius that this young master?”

“Yes, Young Master!”

The smile on Qingyu face blossomed.

“Oh right. Young Master, the grand elder came looking for you.”

Qingyu suddenly spoke out.

“Grand elder?”

A light flickered in Mo Wentian’s eyes and he replied after thinking for some time, ”Why is he looking for me?”

“The Grand Elder wanted to tell you that Young Master Tianxiao has returned. He asked you to participate in tonight’s banquet!”

Mo Qingyu replied softly.


Mo Wentian eyes brighten up before chuckling, ”Got it!”

Time slowly crept by and it evening finally came. Mo Wentian spent the entire afternoon cultivating.

Threads and threads of spiritual qi rapidly converged towards Mo Wentian and before long, it fused with Mo Wentian’s body. They were refined by the sword essence in his body.


After exhaling out breaths of turbid qi, Mo Wentian opened up his eyes.

A resplendent beam of light swept past his eyes as the aura around him increased several folds.

“6th layer of the Qi Condensation Realm!”

Mo Wentian stood up and punched out. That terrifying strength of his penetrated through the air, landing onto the wooden pile beside him.


After the energy smashed into the pile of wood, it immediately blasted apart.

“Even if I don’t circulate my sword qi, my fighting prowess already exceeded what a Qi Condensation Realm sword cultivator should possess. If I were to circulate my sword qi…”

Mo Wentian mumbled to himself as he revealed a hint of a smile.

“Young Master, the 3rd housekeeper is here to notify you that there’s still an hour more before the start of the banquet. If you continue cultivating, I’m afraid the patriarch will be discontented with your actions!”

Qingyu voice rung out.

“I got it!”

Mo Wentian voice echoed in her ears.

Following which, Mo Wentian changed into a new set of clothes before making his way to the main hall.

In the main hall, everything was the same other than a huge circular table which was placed in the middle. All the genius disciples of the Mo Family were seated around it.


A familiar voice rung out. Mo Tianxiao stood up from his seat and his face was filled with joy.


Mo Wentian was also delighted.

Immediately after, he walked towards Mo Tianxiao.

“Come Wentian, sit here!”

Mo Tianxiao chuckled while pointing to the seat beside him.


Mo Wentian didn’t hesitate and sat down.

Mo Wentian, you are too arrogant! That seat belonged to the big miss. In the Mo Family, even Qingcheng and I don’t dare to sit there. You are just a piece of trash, what rights do you have to sit there?”

Mo Han stood up and spoke in fury when he saw Mo Wentian sitting down.

“Big miss?”

Mo Wentian paused for a moment. After thinking about it for a moment, Mo Wentian understood what was going on.

The reason why Mo Tianxiao was sitting here was because Mo Tianxiao possessed a 9th grade spiritual root and he had heaven defying talent. Similarly, the Mo Family’s big miss also possessed a 9th grade spiritual root.

Although the big miss had left the Mo Family for countless of years, this seat had been kept vacant for her!

Usually, even Mo Han and Mo Qingcheng wouldn’t dare to take that seat. When Mo Wentian sat down and made himself comfortable in the seat, Mo Han naturally started to rage.

“This Mo Wentian is really acting too shamelessly. Does he really think that just by relying on his 1st grade spiritual root he will be able to compare himself to Mo Tianxiao and big miss?”

“This brat is too egotistical!”

“A 1st grade spiritual root is similar to trash. If it wasn’t because Mo Tianxiao was around, patriarch would have long since chased him out!”


Discussion rang out and the Mo Family disciples stared at Mo Wentian with disdain.

“Patriarch and Young Master Lin Cheng have arrived!”

It was at that moment, a voice could be heard from outside the hall.

Subsequently, two figures appeared in everyone’s line of sight.

The person who had just arrived was Mo Yizhan and Lin Cheng!

“It’s you?”

Lin Cheng narrowed his eyes when he saw Mo Wentian. A terrifying killing intent swept through Lin Cheng’s eyes!
“Greetings, Patriarch!”

“Greetings, Young Master Lin Cheng!”

Everyone got up and greeted.

“Hahaha… Take a seat, everyone!”

Mo Yizhan seem to be pretty happy as he waved his hands to signal for everyone to take a seat.

However, when he saw the seat Mo Wentian was sitting in, his expression instantly froze.

“So it’s because of the arrival of Young Master Lin Cheng. Lin Cheng is the 2nd Young Master of the Lin Family in Central Sword City. Not only is he a 2nd layer Leaving Sword Realm Swordsman, he also possesses a 8th grade spiritual root!”

“Hearsay Young Master Lin Cheng is here to see the second miss. Seems like second miss is really going to be married off to the Lin Family!”

“The Lin Family is a big faction. If my Mo Family and the Lin Family can form an alliance through marriage, my Mo Family’s status will certainly rise. In the future, the Qiu Family and Yuan Family can dream of comparing themselves to my Mo Family!”


The hall was filled with discussion. When he heard those discussions around him, a prideful look appeared in Lin Cheng’s face.

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