Chapter 38: Slave Dao!

“Mo Han meets, Young Master Lin Cheng!” said Mo Han as he walked towards Lin Cheng.

“Hahaha… I heard from uncle that you also possess an 8th grade spiritual root. As long as you cultivate diligently, your future prospects would certainly be bright!” laughed Lin Cheng as he stared at Mo Han.

“Thank you, Young Master Lin Cheng, for the praise!” Mo Han’s face was beaming with smile when he heard this. However, when he turned around to take a look at Mo Wentian, his expression returned to being cold.

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“Is Young Master Lin Cheng here to look for Qingcheng?” Mo Han enquired after he remembered.

“That’s right!” Lin Cheng spoke lightly.

“Qingcheng, Young Master Lin Cheng is here. Why aren’t you coming over?” Mo Han yelled at Qingcheng coldly.

“Oh!” Mo Qingcheng was somewhat in a daze as she stood up from her seat, and greeted Lin Cheng.

“Mo Qingcheng has seen Young Master Lin Cheng!”

“Good! Very good!” When Lin Cheng saw Mo Qingcheng, his eyes were filled with praise.

Mo Qingcheng before him looked extremely elegant, possessing exquisite facial features, and was truly breathtaking.

“Hahaha… as long as nephew Lin Cheng is happy with it. Everyone, return to your seat!” Mo Yizhan laughed heartily as he pointed to the seats.

“Dad, you have to take action. Our Mo Family has always been strict with our rules. Not just anyone can come here to join this banquet. Let alone a 1st grade spiritual root trash!”

“Right now, he even dared to sit at the big miss seat. He is simply a maverick!” Mo Han yelled out angrily.

“1st grade spiritual root trash?”


Despite all these, Mo Wentian sat peacefully at the table, and drank a cup of tea. Contrary to him, it was Mo Tianxiao, who was beside him, that had had his eyebrows puckered up.

The situation of Mo Wentian was worse than what he thought it to be!

“Wentian! This seat is not for you.” Mo Yizhan’s eyes grew angry when he heard Mo Han’s words, and he spoke heavily.

“This is Mo Wentian?” Lin Cheng seem to have prepared himself for this moment. When he heard Mo Yizhan’s words, he went forward and looked at Mo Wentian with a smile. “So this is Mo Family’s Number 1 trash. It’s really my good fortune to be able to meet you…”

“Hmph… This trash is simply throwing my Mo Family’s face!”

“Our Mo Family’s face had already hit rock bottom thanks to him. I truly have no idea, why would this trash have the face to sit here!”

“If it was me, I would have killed myself by now!”


Sneering could be heard in the hall.

“Who are you? When did my Mo Family get a crazy dog?”

Just when everyone thought Mo Wentian wouldn’t dare to rebuke, a nonchalant voice came out from Mo Wentian’s mouth.

“Crazy dog?” Everyone was stunned. Lin Cheng’s expression immediately distorted.

“Mo Wentian, you are just a 1st grade spiritual root trash but Young Master Lin Cheng is our Mo Family’s distinguished guest. You are simply courting death by humiliating our distinguished guest!”

Before Lin Cheng even spoke, Mo Han stood up and castigated Mo Wentian.

“Trash? Mo Han, who are you calling a trash?” It was at this moment that an incomparably cold voice resonated. Subsequently, a matchless sharp sword qi swept out in the hall.

Everyone felt their body turning cold as their eyes were filled with astonishment.

“Tianxiao…” Mo Han’s expression turned slightly rigid. Following which, he seemed to have recalled something and rebuked, “Mo Wentian only has a 1st grade spiritual root. What is he, if not a trash?”

“We could have just let it pass but he chose to seize our Mo Family’s three Vermilion Fruits, and offended the Qiu Family. He’s our Mo Family’s disgrace”

“Disgrace!”, when the word resonated out, killing intent flashed out in Mo Wentian eyes.

What a shameless family! Since when did the Three Vermilion fruits become Mo Family’s property? While he was risking his life to obtain the Vermilion fruits, where was the Mo Family? Now that he had obtained the fruits, Mo Family actually said that it belongs to them? Such thick skinned face is even thicker than leather!

“Mo Han, you think that just because you have the Lin Family to back you up, I wouldn’t dare to make a move on you? If you ever dare to make a move on Mo Wentian, I would dismember you into thousands of pieces!” Killing intent rose in Mo Tianxiao eyes.

“Tianxiao!” Mo Wentian was somewhat touched, when he saw how angry Mo Tianxiao had become. Subsequently, he stood up and patted on Mo Tianxiao shoulder, “Let me handle this!”

“Let you handle this?” Mo Tianxiao was stunned for a moment. Following which, he seemed to have realized something as his eyes contracted intensively and he started laughing, “Hahaha… good kid. I knew you wouldn’t let me down!”

“Wouldn’t let you down?” Mo Wentian smiled, before muttering to himself, ”Not only would I not let you down, I wouldn’t let them down as well!”, Traces of killing intent swept past Mo Wentian’s eyes!

Subsequently, his eyes fell onto Mo Han’s body. Mo Wentian’s mouth curled up in disdain as he stared at Mo Han.

“Mo Han, you said that I’m a trash?” Mo Wentian questioned Mo Han indifferently.

“What are you if you aren’t a trash? 1st grade spiritual root meant that you would never advance into the Leaving Sword Realm. Do you really think of yourself as a genius?” Mo Han face was filled with ridicule as he answered Mo Wentian.

“Hahaha… Simply a joke. What rights do you have to ridicule me, when you possess just a puny 8th grade spiritual root? If I’m a trash to you, that’s because you are just a frog in the well!” Mo Wentian laughed out as he went forward.

He stared at Mo Han and his eyes suddenly emitted a terrifying radiance as he spoke, “You are just an ant. How could you possibly know, how big the heaven is!”

The moment the words were spoken, the aura on Mo Wentian changed. That frail figure seem to have become a Supreme Sword Ancestor. Under the cold gaze of Mo Wentian, Mo Han subconsciously retreated several steps!

“You…” Mo Han was bewildered.

“What! Even if you possess an 8th grade spiritual root, you still chose to bootlick others. Your Sword Dao is simply a slave Dao. Even if you become a Sword Emperor, you are still a lowly slave!” Mo Wentian stared at Mo Han as his eyes grew aggressive.

“Good!” Mo Tianxiao stood back up as the radiance in his eyes shot out.

Following which, he spoke to Mo Yizhan, “Mo Patriarch, I want a spot for this upcoming Battle of the Sword Son!”

“What! Isn’t Mo Tianxiao already a disciple of Heaven Sword School? Why would he still need a spot for the upcoming Battle of the Sword Son? Don’t tell me he wishes to participate in it?”

“Could it be that he wishes to give it to Mo Wentian!”

“What a lucky bastard! 1st grade spiritual root and can actually participate in the Battle of the Sword Son!”


A group of people started to discuss.

“Tianxiao. This…” Mo Yizhan had a difficult expression.

Battle of the Sword Son was simply an event to let the top 3 families contest over the City Lord position. Every family would send out 3 among their disciples and the winner would be the next candidate to become the city lord.

“What do you think, Uncle Mo?” Mo Tianxiao went forward and pressed.

“I…” Mo Yizhan eyes flickered unceasingly before replying, “Wentian’s strength is simply too weak. If we were to send him out, I’m afraid…”

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“Uncle Mo…”


When Mo Wentian saw Mo Tianxiao wanted to urge Mo Yizhan even further, he went forward to put a stop to it.

“Mo Patriarch, since it is just a spot for the Battle of the Sword Son. I believe that as long as one’s strength has reached a certain extent, one could participate in the event. Right?”

Mo Wentian enquired with a smile as he stared at Mo Yizhan.

“That’s right!” Mo Yizhan nodded his head slightly.

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