Chapter 863 – To Awesome

“Boom!” Except for the man and dragon, everything surrounding them was turned into ashes!

This time, Ji Mo Ya was covered in red and black injuries even though he was still stepping on a metal spear.

The black was the burns, and the red was from his blood.

His whole body trembled and it took him a while before he could stabilize his stance, but he felt lucky.

If it weren’t for Huan Qing Yan’s strange idea, he would likely not have been able to resist that attack at all.

No human could withstand the force of continuous lighting strikes.

Plant Sage shook his head.

This Lightning Tribulation exists to kill Dragon Spirit Treasures. Yet it foolishly tried to stake its life to fight against it. 

The crowd was excited at such a spectacle. 

“This… Lightning Tribulation is so powerful! Dazzling!” 

“The Mighty Lightning!”

“So powerful! Truly powerful, I cannot believe he manages to last this long!”

“Wuu… Young Master Ya is so pitiful. I want to marry him and take care of him!”

“Your idea is not bad, but… in your dreams. If he isn’t killed by the Lightning Tribulation first, you will also have him frightened to his death!”


During the seventh Lightning Tribulation, the chain lightning turned from one into three!

Everyone could see that the force had also more than doubled in power!

Ji Mo Kai Yuan could not help but let out a long sigh. “I believe even Lai Sage cannot predict that the Lightning Tribulation will have such power?”

With that, he used his hands to form a seal and a transparent half-dome shield covered the cloud Estate. 

He had activated the Sky Blending Celestial Shade.

Lai Sage had told him to wait for the right moment to activate the Sky Blending Celestial Shade.

The shield was not that powerful that it could resist the entire might of Lightning Tribulation, it can at most reduce some of that power.

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It was not easy for Ji Mo Kai Yuan to hold off using this spell, until that very moment.

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With a loud crash, the lightning struck onto the transparent shield.

The surface wobbled like water, lasting for a short moment before disappearing. 

However, the lightning became much smaller, giving Ji Mo Ya and White Dragon a chance to block it off easily.

The crowd started their commentary again.

“What is that thing? What a powerful defense!” 

“As expected of a Great Clan. A treasure like this could likely take a Half-Sage’s attack?”

“It’s a shame that a treasure of such power is gone after a single use! This Lightning Tribulation is really…”

It was something beyond the human’s ability to resist!

This was the thought in everyone’s mind.

Bai Li Zi Xi was infuriated once again.

During the eighth Lightning Tribulation, the lightning turned into a giant net, descending from the sky to cover the earth!

This time, more scales fell from White Dragon’s body and blood covered its body.

Even a worm would have felt pity upon seeing the wounds on the dragon’s body. 

They had started fighting back from the sixth Lightning Tribulation. Even though the outcome of their fight was the same, they also managed to shave off some of its power. 

Ji Mo Ya sustained heavier injuries with each fight, the black areas turned darker, while the red regions turned black.

One could even smell the burning of flesh had they been near him. It would be coming from the dragon or the person.

The entire cloud Estate was half collapsed. Everything around Ji Mo Ya turned into ash, while the other areas were severely damaged by the Lightning Tribulation.

Ji Mo Ya looked terrible, but he was still standing straight up; anyone with a keen eye would notice that it was the unique stature of Young Master Ya!

White Dragon lay still on the ground and looked like it died.

In normal times should such an incident happens, it would have sought protection by hiding inside the body of its master. However, for as long as the Lightning Tribulation continues, it will be unable to enter its master’s body to heal.

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