Chapter 864 – Treat This Old Pig Better!

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Occasionally, its tail would twitch. A sign that it was still conscious.

But its skin was split open, revealing the bare flesh underneath. Its veins severed.

It was no longer a white dragon, but a charred one.

The Ninth Lightning did not show any signs of slowing down. It struck even before the Eighth Lightning Tribulation dissipated!

It’s coming again!

This time, it sounded even more menacing. It had transformed into a color of deep purple hue!

Each of the nine lightning was more powerful than the previous one!

Huan Qing Yan cried as she watched. She could not stay in the dimension anymore. This may be the end of Ji Mo Ya. 

Why is the Heaven Tribulation so powerful? It was beyond anyone could imagine. 

It was relentless and merciless.

Huan Qing Yan got out of the Dimension. She summoned Piggy and Leafy, she does not want to live without Ji Mo Ya and would rather die with him.

Huan Qing Yan rushed in front of Ji Mo Ya before the ninth Lightning Tribulation struck.

His face was burnt. “Little Yan, leave me. Go back inside the dimension. It’s dangerous.” said Ji Mo Ya weakly.

Huan Qing Yan hugged him and cried. “No, I will die with you.”

There was no time for Ji Mo Ya to protest. The Ninth Lightning Tribulation has struck.

Phoenix Feather Bell has activated its second form. An elongated Phoenix Feather was laid over the two of them, covering them…

While on the spirit treasures side, Piggy and Leafy were rushing towards the weakened White Dragon!

Piggy raised its enormous wings and adopted a fighting stance, ready to fight. Its whole body turned fiery red in a second and it took on a blocking stance in front of the White Dragon.

Leafy used its vine to wrap around the White Dragon. From afar, the dragon looked as if it was a massive cocoon made of plants.   

At the same time, a ginseng root appeared under Phoenix Feather Bell and slid into the tightly wrapped cocoon. 

The approaching Ninth Lightning Tribulation tried to bypass Piggy to get to the White Dragon, but Piggy blocked its path.

Piggy puffed its body to its limit and it had a look more similar to a big, fat bird with enormous wings than a pig. Its belly was covered in meters of fat and meat. 

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The mighty reddish purple lightning brushed passed Piggy’s belly; a strong and fragrant smell of cooked meat was detected. 

Piggy grunted out loudly.

But it did not move from its spot. 

The Lightning Tribulation was able to target, the chance of not striking the target by mistake is low, this was to prevent others from helping to reducing its power…

Piggy: Oink Oink Oink!

Meanwhile, Leafy wrapped the white dragon even more tightly.

The two Spirit Treasures plan was for Piggy to first take half of the lightning’s force, and Leafy would reduce further what was left before it will allow it to strike the Dragon Spirit Treasure…

The powerful individuals who were watching faraway using Divine Sense displayed disbelieving expressions on their faces. 

“Even this old man’s King Spirit Treasure was unwilling to come out. Why would this two True Spirit Treasures dare to come out?” 

“And this is the Ninth Lightning Tribulation! Unbelievable! None of the Mystic Spirit Treasures dare to come out as well. This is the first time seeing such daring True Spirit Treasures in my long life!”

Just as the crowd was chattering, Piggy was struck by lightning again.

The lightning, once as thick as an old tree’s branch, shrunk slightly once more.

Pig Spirit Treasure oinked loudly. It could not speak, but its expression said to the dragon below:

“Hey, lazy dragon, this old pig is doing my best for you! Remember that I was the one who saved your life, if you survive this, better treat this old pig better in the future!”

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