Chapter 865 – Ninth Tribulation Lightning…

The Dragon Spirit Treasure wriggled its body in the cocoon as its reply.

In mid-air, Pig Spirit Treasure oinked loudly again as it made its stand. Slowly, from Late-Stage True Spirit Treasure, it regressed to Mid-Stage Spirit Treasure, and finally to Early-Stage… 

Its body was becoming smaller and smaller.

It became a roasted fragrant flying pig and fell from the sky.

Leaf Spirit Treasure had already formed a layer of green covering on top of Dragon Spirit Treasure’s body. Saplings were growing on the green cocoon…

Without the Pig Spirit Treasure, the Ninth Lightning Tribulation came striking hard immediately!

The saplings immediately withered and were turned into ashes. 

But the Ninth Tribulation Lightning’s size had also become smaller with each obstruction. It was now the size of a child’s arm and as it came down…

There was still a layer of vine wrapped around the dragon…

Over at the Holy Court, Wine Sage had forgotten to drink his wine as he watched this fascinating but tormenting event.

He said in doubt, “Are the both of them married and have they already formed a Heart Union Knot? If not, how is it possible that she can help him to wear down the Lightning Tribulation? No one other than a spouse and their Spirit Treasure could share the burden…”

Plant Sage shook his head. “There’s no Heart Union Knot on them!”

Wine Sage’s jaw dropped in shock, “Impossible, There is no Heart Union Knot? How is it impossible for them to help Little Ya’s Spirit Treasure? Even our Sage Spirit Treasures will not be able to do anything about the Lightning Tribulation!” 

This was beyond everything that they knew.

Plant Sage looked puzzled as well, “That pair of Spirit Treasures must be extraordinary species. They could be Ancient Spirit Treasures, just like Ya Brat…”

“Even so, they have to be married first, no?”

“Did you notice that they only managed to take some of the burden but not half? Perhaps due to some profound reasons, they could help, even without Heart Union Knot. What a pity! Unfortunately, the spirit treasures’ levels are too low. They will die if they continue to get struck and that lass will become a cripple.”

Wine Sage panicked, “What should we do? What a waste of good talent…”

“They are good Spirit Treasures, but their ranks are too low. It is unlikely that they will survive this Lightning Tribulation. I’m afraid Little Ya will perish with this girl.”


Just as the two sages were contemplating with regret.

The dragon broke out of the cocoon and reappeared. It was no longer looking charred and battered but was instead full of life.

It had returned to its previous glory. Its long silver-white torso showed a tremendous might that could shake anyone to their core. Beautiful, yet lethal.

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It had no traces of injuries on it as well!

It flew towards the Ninth Lightning Tribulation and faced it head-on…

It opened its large mouth and swallowed the lightning into its stomach!

Exceptionally brave.

Just like that, the Ninth Lightning Tribulation… devoured by the dragon.

The dragon became an electrical dragon instantly. It flew left and right, up and down, in pain and anger; trying to fight and resist the lightning.

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Slowly, the White Dragon started to stabilize. 

It looked up to the sky and let out a soft roar. The dark and thick black clouds dissipated, and the sky of the Holy City became bright and sunny again.


“This is incredible! Young Master Ya had successfully overcome the Heaven Tribulation!”

“Yes. This Heaven Tribulation had scared my Spirit Treasure so badly that it even sealed its conscious from me. But it’s finally fine now.”

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