Chapter 866 – Manifest

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“I thought his Dragon Spirit Treasure was dying? How did have such a sudden recovery?”

“I don’t know, and I don’t care. As long as everything is over now.”

The people of Holy City were cheering and jumping with joy.

After a moment, Phoenix Feather Bell moved.

Ji Mo Ya walked out from underneath it, carrying an unconscious body in his arms. 

Ji Mo Ya had recovered as well and was looking amazing. Even though the clothes he was wearing was severely tattered, he still looked perfect. 

He carried the girl in his arms preciously and walked gently towards the back of the estate that remained in good condition still. 

The veins under his skin were visible, like some form of transformation was underway. There was a bloody glow, at least three feet tall, shining above his head. He had an ancient aura surrounding him that had people’s skin tingling with fear. 

Ji Mo Kai Yuan who was watching in front of the Ji Mo Clan Estate was laughing joyfully, “This little guy did it! He had awoken the ancestral bloodline.”

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“Haha! Finally, after a hundred years, someone in the Ji Mo Clan has managed to reach this step…”

“This is good! It can be considered a blessing in disguise.”

“Let’s go see him…”

“No. Nobody is allowed to go. If he is disturbed in the middle of the process of Blood Awakening, it might fail.”


Ji Mo Ya carried the unconscious Huan Qing Yan into the estate. The mighty dragon was circling the top of Cloud Estate, preventing anyone from getting near them.

It shielded them from everyone’s eyes.

Ji Mo Ya laid her down on the bed and kissed her cheek, “Yan Lass, I am lucky to have you around… I have underestimated you.”

He did not expect that her Spirit Treasures were so unique, her Spirit Treasures managed to buy his dragon enough time for the Ginseng Spirit Treasure to heal it. 

Huan Qing Yan fell unconscious as her two Spirit Treasures fainted after being struck by lightning. She will recover after resting for some time. 

Her reduced cultivation can be trained again.

The important thing was they were both still alive. 

The surge of power from his bloodline awakening was causing Ji Mo Ya some discomfort. Plus, he was fatigued from the Heaven Tribulation. He passed out on the bed with Huan Qing Yan in his arms.


Among the cheering crowd in the city, there were a few that felt unhappy.

Bai Li Zi Xi watched everything with a gloomy expression.

Ji Mo Ya managed to survive the Heaven Tribulation without her?

She could not believe it even at this point.

And what does the two little Spirit Treasures think they are? Don’t they fear death?

The whole situation had turned her into a joke.

She had been sure that Ji Mo Ya would not survive without her, and the people from Ji Mo Clan would come begging in the end… 

But the truth was, she was never needed.

As she was feeling dejected, the Demon Eye appeared once again on top of her head.

“Don’t be disappointed, my student. He may have survived the Heaven Tribulation, but it isn’t over. We don’t know for sure if it’s successful. Do not just look at the surface of things.”

“Really? Ok!” Bai Li Zi Xi wiped the tears from the corner of her eye and said, “Master, you have manifested quite frequently recently. I thought you said it is difficult and power-consuming to open the channel between the Upper-Lower Realms?”

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Thank you for the update x*x




This is the second time huang qing yang save ji mo ya live. That enough proof of their destiny, those elders just should back off.
And the ‘master’ of Zixi is suspicious and make me nervous for the future.
I hope there would be a happy ending.


I agree about the elders… but when have they ever backed off?.
And we needed an upgraded b*tch to keep the story going but pffff…



kitsune yaro

Thanks… Hopefully the charred bacon and little weed recover soon ;;

Assey lum

If this ain’t open those damn people doubting their love then i don’t know what will. Well even if those elders won’t bless them for tying a knot, we still have the half sage which HQY’s master.


Nice chapter