Chapter 120 – Nacre Vine

The other crazy vines had only displayed an enhancement in their lifeforce after being injected with the gene fluid, only this crazy vine showed a crazy reaction by transforming into its present state.

Ouyang Ge had tried injecting the gene fluid into the crazy vine and see if it would become larger, but it seemed like it had already grown its biggest size. Ouyang Ge continued to try several times, the results were all the same. Ouyang Ge proceeded to extract the sap of the crazy vine and his discovery was shocking; the powerful lifeforce of this crazy vine had resulted in its sap possessing excellent healing properties.

Ouyang Ge told everything to Yang Tian.

“So you are saying, it no longer possesses capable of fighting, instead it had turned into a healing treasure trove?”

“Yes, I have also given it a name, Nacre Vine.”

“Nacre Vine? Not a bad name.”

Yang Tian initially thought that this Nacre Vine possessed powerful combat capability and was prepared to tame it, but when he learned that it only has healing properties, Yang Tian discarded that idea. However, the size of Nacre Vine was a problem.

“We found the equipment you needed.”

Yang Tian took out the equipment stored inside his Archaic Bronze Ring first and as for the equipment in the vehicle, he instructed Crazy Vine to carry them in.

“Boss, what are we going to do with these people?” Xu Dafu asked.

“I believe Teacher Ouyang require test subjects and they are decent test subjects, all of them are metahumans.” 

Yang Tian looked at Ouyang Ge and said. Compared to white mice, metahumans are much better for experiments.

“Rest assured Brother Yang, I will ensure that their lives would not be in danger due to my experiments.” Ouyang Ge did not expect for Yang Tian to bring him a group of metahumans as test subjects, Ouyang Ge was moved.

“No matter, Teacher Ouyang can do anything you want.”

After moving all the equipment into the vine house.

“Boss, how are we going to use the equipment without electricity?”

“Dafu, compared to electricity, we now have a better source of power as a replacement.”

Ouyang Ge pointed at the energy crystal in his hand and a machine that looked like a power generator beside him.

This was a power generator created by one of the researchers under Ouyang Ge, anyone who could join Ouyang Ge’s team is definitely not mediocre.

“Isn’t this made by Xiao Li?”

Xu Dafu was very close to the ‘Xiao Li’ he mentioned.

“That’s right.”

“Brother Yang, we have one more thing to tell you.”

“While you are gone, I released the researchers who were unwilling to remain in the manor. Only Xiao Li remained with me now.”

No wonder he had only seen very few researchers around when he entered the place, only one left was a young man in spectacles and he was focusing on his work.

“It’s fine.”

“Thank you.”

After Ouyang Ge thanked Yang Tian, he called Xiao Li over.

“Manor Master Yang.”

Xiao Li bowed at Yang Tian and stopped talking.

“Brother Yang, as you can see, all Xiao Li can think about is researching and does not know the manners of the world. However, he is an absolute genius; at only twenty he already completed his masters and Ph.D.” 

“I am not a narrow-minded person as well.”

Yang Tian remembered the technology using energy crystal as a power source only appeared during the middle of the post-apocalyptic era, yet Xiao Li had created a prototype now. This Xiao Li is undoubtedly a genius.

“That’s good to hear.”

Ouyang Ge breathed a sigh of relief, one could easily see that Ouyang Ge cares for Xiao Li greatly.

After placing the equipment inside the house, Xiao Li placed an energy crystal inside the energy crystal generator and the equipment within the room started to power up.

“No problems now.”

Ouyang Ge was extremely delighted, even Lei Xing was excited. That was because he will require the aid of machinery to craft his equipment.

“Boss, what about the people outside?”

“Get them to come in.”

Yang Tian got Crazy Vine Matrix to create a small house with ten square meters of space for the new arrivals to live in. With Yang Tian’s tamed beasts dislike of living in small enclosed areas, and Wang Yu and Xu Dafu stay in the warehouse, Crazy Vine only to create two buildings so far; the research building and small house.

The people sulkily entered the manor.

“You guys will stay here from now on, I will call you when I need you.”

“Understand, understand.”

The group entered the small vine house under Xu Dafu’s urging.

“For them, four boxes of hard tacks and a bottle of water per day will do.”


Yang Tian got Xu Dafu to take care of them and he also told Xu Dafu of their primary purpose as Ouyang Ge’s test subjects.

“Boss, a team has appeared nearby.” Lei Xing softly told Yang Tian.

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They must have been attracted by the huge Nacre Vine; from the outside, the manor looked like a giant green rock with a huge tree growing out of it.

“Since they want to die, we will fulfill their wishes.”

Yang Tian used Examine; under Yang Tian’s vision, they will not be able to hide and thus were quickly exposed. 

It was a team formed by thirteen Rank 2 metahumans, within their backpacks were powerful technological weapons. They came prepared.

“Team Leader, is the secret treasure here?”

“It is possible. Other than that huge river that is special, I can feel that this place is also extraordinary!”

“We came from afar and saw this huge tree, even if there is no secret treasure, it would surely possess something good.”

“We can try going in. Many forces are eyeing the secret treasure and we might not be able to acquire it. If that’s the case, we might as well try our luck here, we might even acquire a precious treasure which will make reporting back easier.”

“I agree.”

“I agree as well.”

While they were discussing, Xu Dafu was already blocking them while riding atop the Brain-Eating Terror Hog.

“Just a few of you and you want to obtain treasures?”

After Xu Dafu devoured Dark Storm Eagle he did not only grew a pair of wings, he also obtained the Dark attribute and reached Early Rank 3.

And the skill that Xu Dafu learned upon reaching Early Rank 3 was the Dark Element skill: Black Mist.

Black Mist possessed the ability to paralyze the enemy’s nervous system and cause the enemy’s mind to become chaotic.

By the time the team was aware of Xu Dafu, the latter had sprayed copious amounts of black mist from his mouth to envelope the entire team.

“All of you would have been dead if not for Boss’s request to keep all of you alive.”

Xu Dagu took out a green potion, a sleep potion Ouyang Ge created by using the Green Fruit, a few sniffs from the vapor released and it would cause people to fall asleep.


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Xu Dafu threw the sleep potion at their feet, the sleep potion shattered and the effect was immediate.

Drop Drop

The thirteen Rank 2 metahumans all collapsed onto the ground, Xu Dafu used crazy vines to tie them up and he then threw them onto the back of Brain-Eating Terror Hog. As the duo were prepared to return.

“You, in front, stop! Who are you?”

A team of soldiers appeared behind Xu Dafu and Brain-Eating Terror Hog, they had their rifles all aimed at the Xu Dafu and Brain-Eating Terror Hog.

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