Chapter 119 – Detach

“Let’s move! Based on First Elder’s instructions, the so-called Child of Heaven should be somewhere in this region.”

The one who spoke was a masked woman, who was also the leader of this team.

If Yang Tian were to stop just now, he would certainly be able to recognize this woman; she will be very familiar to him as well.

However, Yang Tian was already on the road to leave Z City.

“Boss, it seems like they are waiting for us.”

Lei Xing noticed the metahumans from city management, they were at the same spot as before and seemed to be waiting for Yang Tian and his group.

Yang Tian gazed at them, pondering.

“Make a stop.”


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The armored vehicle stopped in front of the group, the female metahuman who had the Violent Corpse Worm walked to the window where Yang Tian was sitting.

“Can… can you bring us along?”

“To follow me, you must adhere to all my arrangements, are all of you willing?”

“Yes, we are all willing!”

The metahumans from city management all agreed, following Yang Tian would significantly increase their hopes of surviving the post-apocalyptic era. Moreover, they had already planned to follow any requirements that will be established as well. 

“Remember your words, if anyone of you violates the agreement, I will kill you.”

“Yes… yes…”

“There is no space within the vehicle, just sit on the roof of the vehicle.”

There was a total of nine metahumans; except for the one who has a Violent Corpse Worm implanted inside of her, the rest of them were all Rank 1 metahumans.

While driving, Lei Xing asked in confusion:

“Boss, they are all useless, just a bunch of baggage.”

“How are they useless? Did you forget that we have someone called Ouyang Ge? His experiments need to have test subjects.”

Lei Xing finally understood Yang Tian’s intent, all these metahumans will turn into test subjects for Ouyang Ge.

However, compared to limbs replacement that was being done in the research institute, Ouyang Ge’s research was the most suitable for humans. It was also why Ouyang Ge became so famous during the late period of the post-apocalyptic era in his previous life.

After leaving Z City, the group soon reached the vicinity of the manor.

“Boss, there are people up front, they look like they are from the military.”

Lei Xing was not the only one who saw the armored vehicles in front of them, Yang Tian too had seen those armored vehicles in front; in that convoy, three tanks were also present.

The secret treasure has yet to be found and the team that was sent out had already been wiped out. It was inevitable for the military to take action; the team it had sent this time was obviously more powerful than the previous unit.

Two of the soldiers saw Yang Tian’s armored vehicle and wanted to stop them.

“Just go.”

There will only be trouble if they were stopped. This was originally a military armored vehicle; Yang Tian will not be bothering with an explanation as well, and only be a tough fight would be waiting for them.

Lei Xing stepped on the gas and quickly escaped from their sights.

“Hey! Why are you running, don’t they know that we are from the military?”

“Nevermind! Others would only run towards us when they see us, this is still the first time I saw someone running away instead.”

“They might have been deceived by some evil people before as well, it has happened before.”

Many people had donned military uniforms to deceive others in the post-apocalyptic era, such incidents were quite commonplace.

“Their vehicle looked familiar though…”

“You are too sensitive, how could you be familiar with a tattered vehicle like that?”

Previously the armored vehicle was damaged in an explosion so its exterior was looking extremely tattered. However, the vehicle had been modified internally by Lei Xing, allowing the speed of the vehicle to perform as normal.

“Boss, I feel that the army is not the only ones around here.” Lei Xing suddenly spoke.

“Oh? What did you notice?”

“I saw the markings of the organization I was from, there were also several other markings left behind by other organization.”

Lei Xing’s expression was slightly ugly, with so many organizations leaving their marks around here, it showed how much they value the secret treasure.

“Then just let them fight for the secret treasure!”

Yang Tian casually replied. That was because, Yang Tian was certain that the Zombie King was the one who had taken the secret treasure; even if the secret treasure was to be discovered to be in the hands of the Zombie King, would the others even have the ability to take the secret treasure from it?

“I am afraid that if they are unable to find the treasure, trouble will come to find us instead.”

“That is also possible.”

Yang Tian agreed with Lei Xing’s train of thought, but Yang Tian did not show any traces of nervousness on his face. It was as though the organizations mentioned by Lei Xing were insignificant in front of him.

The manor was just up ahead, Lei Xing slowed down the speed of the vehicle.

“Gosh, what is that darn thing.”

The walls of the manor were initially covered by dark green crazy vines, but there was now an additional huge, long red vine on it. The red vine was over thirty meters in height and has a thickness of three adult men combined.

“You guys wait here.”

Yang Tian and Lei Xing ran inside the manor.

“Could this be the work of Ouyang Ge?”

Yang Tian believed that only Ouyang Ge would be able to create such strange things about the manor.

“Boss, you guys have returned!”

When Wang Yu saw Yang Tian and Lei Xing, she quickly approached them holding a small device.

“What happened?”

For the manor to have such a thick and sturdy vine growing was a fact simply too eye-catching.

“Teacher Ouyang took a crazy vine for an experiment, the result is what you are seeing.”

It had indeed been the work of Ouyang Ge.

Yang Tian immediately communicated with Crazy Vine Matrix.

“Can you control that vine?”

“We still have a connection, but I can no longer control it. Moreover, its power is becoming stronger.”

“So you are saying that it will soon detach away from you and become an individual life?”

“That is possible.”

Generally speaking, it was impossible for the spawns of a maternal body to escape the latter’s control. If that were to happen, it would mean that the spawn has established its own bloodline which will not be any weaker than the original source. Like the Violent Exploding Corpse Worm inside Blazing Flame King which has become an individual life as well.

And this Crazy Vine, it was also about to escape the control of the Crazy Vine Matrix; Yang Tian was very interested in how Ouyang Ge achieved it.

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Ouyang Ge was currently with Xu Dafu.

A pair of black wings grew on Xu Dafu’s back; the wings were eighty centimeters, allowing for low altitude flying, not exceeding mid-altitude.

“Teacher Ouyang, do you have a potion that could make my ‘thing’ here bigger?”

“Hmm, what is that ‘thing’ you are referring to?” Ouyang Ge teased Xu Dafu.

“You know, that ‘thing’ we have. Teacher Ouyang, please don’t keep me in suspense.”

“Some time ago I had successfully researched that but I did not bring it with me!”

“You can just make it again, just tell me the materials you will need, I will search for them.”

Xu Dafu said, excitedly.

Yang Tian was currently standing behind Xu Dafu, he broke into a cold sweat upon hearing Xu Dafu’s request! In the post-apocalyptic world, it was likely only Xu Dafu will be the one with time to think about such matters.

“Brother Yang, you have returned.”

Ouyang Ge saw Yang Tian’s arrival and quickly retracted his teasing face.

“Teacher Ouyang.”

Based on the contributions that Ouyang Ge gave to the humans in the post-apocalyptic era, he was deserving of Yang Tian to refer to him as a Teacher.

“I am sure you know what I am thinking to ask you about.”

“I combined the plant sap gathered from the mutated plants inside the manor and the nutritional fluid I made to create a gene liquid, the liquid could enhance a creature’s lifeforce. However, that crazy vine was a bit more special and had reacted differently from the other crazy vines.”

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