Chapter 221- Reunion

When Astrid7Astridcharacter was finally aware of her current situation, she glanced around at the people sitting at the table, “Adams, I’m glad you came alone. Brian, it’s been a while, glad to see you. Elsa, I would be surprised if you didn’t touch my butt earlier. However, in these circumstances…” (Astrid)

As Astrid trailed off, she took a seat next to Kevin and gently held his hand before looking at the newest addition to the table.

The newbie seemed to understand her gaze as she said, “Ah, I’m Sergeant Jenny Bell Praiser, but you can call me Jenny. I am your military liaison. This came to be because I am Elsa’s fiance and I actually know Kevin quite a bit.” (Jenny)

Right after she finished, Elsa continued for her and said, “Kevin, you and Astrid actually know her from the original Sword Kingdom. She is the person who operated the toon known as Terrar, the one in two of your hall of fame videos.” (Elsa)

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Kevin looked through Astrid’s memory of their time in the game, but he still wasn’t sure, so Astrid turned to face the soldier and asked, “All right then! After Kevin defeated the Demon Bear and you attacked him, what item did you take?” (Astrid)

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Jenny paused for a moment to think about it, “It was his noble greatsword.” (Jenny)

Astrid nodded with a pleased expression. The only people that know about that incident are her, Kevin, and the one known as Terrar.

“I see… Anyways, that means we’re just waiting for Winter, Emma, and Johnny. ” (Kevin)

Jenny shook her head and said, “Emma is pregnant and Johnny is off planet, so I’ve been told. As for Winter, she arrived at the gates a short while ago. I will discuss the military plan with all of you when she arrives.” (Jenny)

Kevin nodded before activating the tablet in front of him.

“Ok, here’s the deal. There is a backdoor into the Green Corporations’ Ai Core that we can access. Records show that the GSP compound used to be the company presidents’ loft until what happened to him about twenty years ago. He was the sort of man that used the AI core for shady business dealings and personal use. Since it would be way too obvious and dangerous to keep a direct line in his home, he kept a secure line in the tool shed on his property. This line went undiscovered and unused until Astrid broke free from the confines of her artificial world. Long story short, we’re going to use that to get in.” (Kevin)

The other people at the table looked at Kevin with unsure expressions on their faces. 

“Won’t that be close enough for the terrorists to attack us?” (Brian)

“That’s right, which is why Kevin and I will get into contact with you and the military. The military will be acting as security while the rest of us will be doing the infiltration. The line we’ll be using to communicate is old, but it’ll work for us. Older lines were made to handle large loads of data before modern compression technology, so all of us can dive. Did you all bring your character data?” (Astrid)

Everyone nodded in unison before the door suddenly opened to reveal a blonde woman who looked like a model.

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