Chapter 118 – Institute Director

The Test Subject returned to his post upon the elderly man’s order.

“The two of you wish to obtain the power to survive in this post-apocalyptic era as well?”

“If you wish to obtain such a  power, you will need to work in this institute for three years, you are free to do whatever you want to after. Moreover, the institute will provide lodging and food, what do you think of it?”

For a normal human being, this was undoubtedly an excellent treatment, food was provided as well? Yang Tian knew that these Experimental Subjects were likely fed rotting meat which could not be considered regular food. As for the work duration of three years? The life expectancy of Test Subjects was only three years as well.

The elderly man in front of him was planning to squeeze the value of these Test Subjects dry.

“Do you have a Particle Analysis Apparatus here?”

“We have, why?” the elderly man was startled for a moment, he did not expect Lei Xing’s first question to be this, but he still answered truthfully

“Do you have an Ion Desticker?”

“A Recombiner?”


When Lei Xing kept on asking a series of unrelated questions, the elderly man knew that something was not right.

“Who are you?”

“You just have to answer if you have or not.”

Lei Xing took a shotgun out from his storage bracelet and pointed it at the elderly man’s head.

“Don’t… don’t shoot, we have everything you asked about here.”

The elderly man was terrified, the other members of the research institute immediately surrounded Yang Tian and Lei Xing.

“Release the Director now!”

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“Do you people know the situation?”

Yang Tian got another shotgun from Lei Xing and shot at the nearest person.


“Don’t shoot, just tell us what your conditions are.”

“Does that mean that you can make the decisions here?”

“Yes, I can.”

“Good, call all the Test Subjects in the research institute here.”

“Okay, Ah Fu, go gather the Test Subjects and bring them here.”

A researcher immediately ran out of the place when he heard the command of the elderly man, he was likely the ‘Ah Fu’ that the latter mentioned.

Very soon, twenty Test Subjects were brought inside by Ah Fu.

“Tell them to carry out all the equipment that I mentioned.”

“Okay… okay.”

The Elderly Man instructed the Test Subjects to move several pieces of equipment within the research institute, nearly emptying the entire place.

“Boss, the armored vehicle does not seem big enough to carry all of them.”

“You do not need to worry about this matter.”

With the Archaic Bronze Ring, transporting the equipment would not be a problem. Yang Tian was only worried about any unforeseen accidents that they might encounter, that was why he drove the armored vehicle along, to split the equipment into two places.

“Okay, let us go out and take a look.”

Having obtained the equipment they needed, Lei Xing tossed the elderly man aside and followed behind Yang Tian.

“Catch them!”

After being thrown onto the floor, the elderly man instantly shouted.

The twenty Test Subjects were already prepared and immediately after the elderly man spoke, they pounced at Yang Tian and Lei Xing. However, their fighting power was only equivalent to Rank 1 metahumans, Yang Tian only saw them as laborers and nothing else.

Bang Bang 

At the same time, Yang Tian and Lei Xing used their guns, the might of a shotgun was not something their opponents could have gone against.

The twenty test subjects were all killed, the ones left standing were the elderly man and the researchers.

“Release him.”

“Yes, Director.”

Behind them was a vessel, within the vessel was a Test Subject with multiple enhancements. The other Test Subjects only had a single body part which was swapped with a creature’s, but for this Test Subject only has its head remaining the same; the rest of his body was an amalgamation of various otherworld creatures.


Upon being released, the Test Subject released an inhuman roar.

All the researchers looked at him with fear. The elderly man contained his fear and said:

“Kill the two of them, and I will let you be free. Else, you should know what would happen even if you run away…”

“I understand.”

The eyes of the Test Subject struggled for a moment before agreeing to the elderly man’s request in the end.

“This Test Subject has Rank 2 fighting power.”

Yang Tian judged.

However, it was only of Rank 2, even the current Lei Xing would be able to deal with it easily.

“Kill him.”


Lei Xing kept his shotgun and took out a new weapon.


The bow was a conventional bow, but the arrow nocked was not anything simple. The arrowhead had been made from a combination of Octa Hornstone and Firecloud Rock.

These were crafted by Lei Xing within a short time. Gunmasters are different from Smiths; smiths could create equipment which can be used universally by anyone, but Gunmasters craft equipment that can only be used effectively by themselves.

Lei Xing did not have any forge for his use, the basic crafting methods used were actually thought by Yang Tian. However, Yang Tian only taught him the basics and chose to let Lei Xing craft the materials based on his own instincts and understanding.


In the instance of the arrow’s release, the arrow’s temperature shot to 270 degrees. Before the arrow reached the Test Subject, the powerful heat being emitted from it could be already sensed by the Test Subject.


The Test Subject wanted to catch the arrow, but how will he be able to endure the high heat?

The very moment he touched it, the Test Subject released his grasp and the arrow pierced his chest.

The flames instantly destroyed his body internally, their so-called trump card could not even survive a hit.

“I originally wanted to let you off, a pity you people do not know how to cherish it.”

Yang Tian pointed the shotgun at their heads.

Bang Bang 

All of them were killed.

“Let’s go.”

After leaving the research institute, Yang Tian and Lei Xing shifted some of the equipment onto the armored vehicle, while the remaining stuff was kept inside the Archaic Bronze Ring.

After the loading was completed, Yang Tian had Lei Xing plant bombs around the research institute.

“Boss, it is done.”

Lei Xing returned to the armored vehicle and passed the detonator to Yang Tian.

“Okay. Drive!”

After traveling a distance of three kilometers Yang Tian pressed the detonator and a huge explosion followed shortly after the detonation.


Yang Tian does not care about the organization supporting that institute. This had always been Yang Tian’s style; if he is in a good mood, Yang Tian would treat it as a trade and offer them some compensation. If he is not, he will just have all of them killed, like what just happened. Everything will be dependant on his mood.

“Ignore them, if anyone dares to block the road, just run them over.”

They came across a group of people who were waving at the armored vehicle in front of them, seeking aid. Unfortunately for them, they encountered Yang Tian.

The armored vehicle sped on without slowing down. This intention was noticed by the group in front and they immediately avoided the vehicle.

“What’s wrong with them! They tried to knock us down!” a female had spoken and she was covered in some filth while trying to quickly avoid the vehicle.

“So be it, this is the post-apocalyptic era, why would they help us?”

This was a group of five, of mixed gender, and the one who replied was a male who was adoringly stroking the head of that female.

Moreover, rather than displaying the rough state of most people in the post-apocalyptic era, they looked more like they were on a road trip.

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