Chapter 117 – Test Subjects

While Yang Tian was fighting, Li Xing used his gun to sneak an attack upon Hunger Zombie. 

From the attack, Hunger Zombie got covered in wounds; the damage dealt by the gun was not weak as Octa Hornstone Bullets crafted by Lei Xing were used, giving his attacks an additional 10% physical piercing effect.

A total of three bullets were embedded inside the Hunger Zombie.

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The three holes on its chest were all dealt by Lei Xing’s Octa Hornstone Bullets.

In effect with Yang Tian’s destructive Ravenous Wolf Blade, Hunger Zombie became covered in injuries.


While Hunger Zombie was retreating, Lei Xing aimed at the Hunger Zombie’s head. However, zombies would always instinctively place extra attention when it comes to protecting their heads; Hunger Zombie sensed a threat and twisted his body, thus avoiding the incoming bullet that had been targeting its head. The bullet pierced its left ear instead, destroying the left ear in the process.

Hunger Zombie quickly moved away to find a safe location to hide. It now feared to continue the fight, Yang Tian’s 20% agility buff effect had prevented Hunger Zombie from touching him. When it got careless, it would be sniped by Lei Xing and would then receive a follow-up attack from Yang Tian on top of that.

Hunger Zombie was already beaten to the point of suspecting its life as a zombie.

Mental Disruption

Yang Tian’s Mental Disruption hit Hunger Zombie which got it to slow down for a moment.


Lei Xing used that opening to take a shot.


The shot landed on Hunger Zombie’s brain.

Hunger Zombie’s skull was exceptionally tough, even the Octa Hornstone Bullet was unable to pierce through to reach its brain. Although half the bullet was exposed out of its head, the attack still dealt powerful damage to the Hunger Zombie.


Hunger Zombie roared, it wanted to hide behind Silver Armored Zombie, but Yang Tian did not give it any chance to do so.

Ravenous Wolf Blade hacked down at Hunger Zombie’s skull.



Hunger Zombie’s body instantly hardened, just barely blocking the blade attack.

Silver Armored Zombie had arrived at Hunger Zombie’s side at this time and the giant Silver Armored Zombie grabbed onto Hunger Zombie, planning to make their escape.

Continuing to fight would only be disadvantageous to them. Moreover, Silver Armored Zombie’s Giantification was about to end and it will not be able to win T-Rex when that time comes.

Dragon Roar

T-Rex used another Dragon Roar; the Hunger Zombie’s head was already heavily injured, receiving a Dragon Roar at that moment would only worsen its state.

Lei Xing was already aiming his next shot and his target was the Hunger Zombie.



The shot got blocked by Silver Armored Zombie as the Octa Hornstone Bullet was unable to break the defense of the Silver Armored Zombie.

However, at the same time Silver Armored Zombie blocked the shot, Yang Tian had appeared beside Silver Armored Zombie and leaped towards Hunger Zombie. Hunger Zombie was currently in a dazed state after receiving the Dragon Roar.

Ravenous Wolf Blade hacked towards the head of Hunger Zombie, the latter was in a defenseless state this time and thus it died on the spot; the Rank 3 energy crystal within its head was then removed by Yang Tian.

Silver Armored Zombie was enraged as it sensed the death of Hunger Zombie! It looked at Yang Tian who had killed Hunger Zombie and threw a vicious punch at Yang Tian.

Quickly, Yang Tian raised the Ravenous Wolf Shield on his left hand.


Yang Tian was sent flying; Ravenous Wolf Shield had blocked the punch of Silver Armored Zombie perfectly, but it was still unable to absorb the shock from the attack.

T-Rex appeared behind Yang Tian at that moment and caught the latter. With its strong physique, T-Rex was able to absorb the shock for Yang Tian, allowing him to suffer neither pain nor injuries from that punch.

Silver Armored Zombie used the opportunity to shrink, then it dived into a sewage tunnel.

“It escaped.”

Had the battle continued on, Silver Armored Zombie would undoubtedly die, but it managed to find an opening to escape.

Hunger Zombie’s energy crystal was Agility and Yang Tian gave it to Lei Xing. However, the energy crystal would not be enough for Lei Xing to reach Rank 3 even if he had completely absorbed it.

“Let’s continue our journey.”

Everyone returned to the armored vehicle and set off again.

The territory of Z City was rather vast, Lei Xing had to drive an entire day and night before they arrived at the largest research institute of Z City.

“This is it.”

The research institute was colossal and there were also no signs of damage as well.

“There are still human survivors inside the research institute?”

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Yang Tian used Examine and saw researchers inside the building.

Human experiments? To be more accurate, they were replacing the limbs of humans with that of otherworld creatures, this procedure would allow humans to obtain fighting power similar to those of metahumans.

Their overall image was roughly identical to a Beastman Metahuman, but there was a significant difference between them. Such experiments have been carried out in the early days of the post-apocalyptic era, but it had a fatal flaw, the lifespan of the person would be reduced to two to three years.

This experiment was considered a very great experiment for ordinary humans, they would have been dead anyway in the post-apocalyptic era, but the experiment could at least allow them to survive for a few more years. That was the very reason why people did not object to being experimented on; in fact, people would gladly volunteer themselves.

It was not limited to this particular research institute, many research institutes in various regions were also performing the same experiments. However, these experiments slowly became obsolete when the Abyss World invaded.

Using Inheritance Lights, ordinary humans could also obtain abilities, why bother with the risk of having a reduced lifespan? However, a point to note was that no organization would willingly give out Inheritance Lights to ordinary humans at this point yet, which was why the experiment was considered a pretty decent option at first.

However, as the overall power of humanity increases, low-rank Inheritance Lights could easily be obtained and these type of experiments would then slowly disappear.

Within the research institute, there were many free human test bodies.

“Are you guys here to participate in the experiment as well?”

“Follow me!”

There were ten security guards at the entrance of the research institute; Yang Tian and Lei Xing were invited inside, while T-Rex was left behind inside the vehicle.

These guards were not metahumans, all of them were Test subjects who had successfully completed the procedure.

“Hey! Why are the two of you standing there for?”

Seeing Yang Tian and Lei Xing not moving from their spot, someone unhappily voiced out.

“Boss, what do we do now?”

“Let’s go in and take a look first, prioritize on making sure the equipment we need is undamaged.”


Yang Tian and Lei Xing followed the Test Subject and entered the research institute.

This research institute was nearly completely sealed, they followed the Test Subject and soon arrived at an open area. The surroundings of this area were littered with the limbs of various specimen of otherworld creatures, there was also Test Subjects currently inside several huge containers filled with liquid. The replacement procedure for those was mostly completed, all they needed to do was to absorb the nutritional liquids within the respective containers to become like the guards of this research institute.

“Master, two more has come.”

The Test Subject approached an elderly man wearing a white lab coat; the elderly were displaying a compassionate expression. Had Yang Tian not known of the cruelty of these experiments, he would have assumed that the elderly in front of him was a kind and gentle old man.

“Okay, you can return!” the elder waved his hand and said.


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