Chapter 116 – Silver Armored Zombie

Blade Form

Slash Slash

The men lay in a pool of blood with terrified expressions.

After some time, Lei Xing returned. The latter saw the bodies on the ground, but as a smart individual, he did not ask about it.

“Boss, with the parts that you brought back along with what I have, I will be able to complete repairs by tonight.”

Lei Xing eyed the foraged parts that Yang Tian had piled in front of the vehicle, and since he had also found quite an amount, it was enough to fix the vehicle.

While Lei Xing was repairing, T-Rex also returned. There were several traces of blood around its mouth, it likely been a pretty good harvest. 

Daylight was slowly approaching when Yang Tian and Lei Xing resumed their journey. It was still Lei Xing driving and Yang Tian sat beside him, while T-Rex was seated at the back seat.

(Cuppa: Imagine a dog riding a car but change it to a chibi T-Rex.)

The city center was were the zombie wave was the most severe, within an hour, the group had encountered three different attacks. They were all Rank 1 zombies and were quickly dispatched.

“Stay sharp.” Yang Tian suddenly said.

Yang Tian sensed an anomaly and activated Examine. He discovered that they had gotten surrounded by zombies.


Lei Xing emergency braked, stopping the vehicle.

The armored vehicle was surrounded by a dense horde of zombies, at its front were a few dozen Storm Zombies and Flame Zombies.

Along with them was their leader, a Rank 3 zombie.

High Rank 3 Elite Zombie, Silver Armored Zombie. The evolved form of Bronze Armored Zombies, its defense was never doubted.

“Let’s go out.”

The moment T-Rex exited the vehicle, it returned to its original size. T-Rex was a Mid Rank 3, the Silver Armored Zombie was one step higher. However, T-Rex was of Commander Tier, one step higher than the latter.

“Lei Xing, just focus on protecting yourself properly.”

Yang Tian handed Ravenous Wolf Shield to Lei Xing, the latter’s physique was not high enough and will be in danger if anything manages to get too close to him.

“Boss, this shield is too heavy, it will be more perilous for me if I am holding it.”

Lei Xing returned the shield to Yang Tian, the Ravenous Wolf Shield has a strong defense, but it was also heavy defensive equipment. Lei Xing would be required to give up on his agility if he wants to use the shield; but as it was not to Lei Xing’s combat style, so he chose to reject the shield.


Yang Tian entered Venom form; he had overlooked how the weight of the shield would affect Lei Xing until the latter informed him.

With both Ravenous Wolf Blade and Ravenous Wolf Shield equipped, the Ravenous Wolf buff was activated. Yang Tian obtained a 20% boost in agility.

Beside Silver Armored Zombie, there was also an Early Rank 3 Common Zombie standing next to it.

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Hunger Zombie

It has sharp teeth and nails, its choice of weapons when attacking.


The Silver Armored Zombie released a cry and the zombies attacked.

The dense amount of Rank 1 zombies attacked Yang Tian’s group, while the Flame Zombies and Storm Zombies harass their flanks. The Silver Armored Zombie and Hunger Zombie did not move, they wanted to observe their opponents’ battle power.

“Watch me.”

Lei Xing took out a rocket launcher from his storage bracelet and placed it on his shoulders. This was a rocket launcher specially modified by Lei Xing.


The rocket launcher was fired, the huge recoil nearly caused Lei Xing to fall onto the ground.


A mushroom cloud appeared where the rocket landed. The power was undoubtedly equivalent to a full-powered attacked of a High Rank 3 creature, even the Silver Armored Zombie was looking at Lei Xing with a very human-like expression of fear.

The dense group of zombies was left with less than half of their original numbers. Moreover, Lei Xing had targeted the Storm Zombies and Flame Zombies which were flanking them; and the two types of zombies no longer exist.

The special rocket launcher was very powerful; after using once, it would require twenty-four hours before it could be used once again. 


T-Rex used Dragon Roar, the skill possessed a powerful piercing and shock effect. Against Rank 1 zombies, Dragon Roar could easily shatter their brains.

Pop Pop

A continuous display of white “fireworks” appeared, occasionally, there would also be energy crystals falling onto the ground along with it.

“Eat this.”

Yang Tian instructed Lei Xing, the recoil from the rocket launcher had left a massive bruise on the latter’s shoulders and was starting to swell.


Lei Xing did not argue and immediately stuffed the Red Fruit inside his mouth.

Silver Armored Zombie had initially wanted to use the zombie horde to test the fighting power of Yang Tian’s group, it did not expect that they will be able to quickly deal with them. Moreover, the Silver Armored Zombie did not know that the rocket launcher could only be used once, and so would be watching out for the rocket launcher when fighting with Yang Tian.

Yang Tian held Ravenous Wolf Blade with his right hand and Ravenous Wolf Shield on his left. He gathered power in his legs before jumping towards the Hunger Zombie and hacked down with the Ravenous Wolf Blade in his hand at the zombie’s head.

T-Rex also attacked Silver Armored Zombie.

Giant Dragon Ram

An illusion of T-Rex twice its size appeared behind it, with the massive size of T-Rex, it was strange that it was able to move fast when using Giant Dragon Ram.


The body of Silver Armored Zombie started to expand and soon reached the size of T-Rex, its strength and defense had also obtained a significant boost.


The two parties collided, the shockwave of the collision caused Yang Tian and Hunger Zombie to be forcefully pushed apart.

T-Rex took three steps back while Silver Armored Zombie took seven steps back, T-Rex managed to hold a slightly better advantage in this collision. However, Silver Armored Zombie was using a buff while T-Rex used an attack skill, Silver Armored Zombie would be able to maintain the power of its attacks at this level.

Silver Armored Zombie bent its legs and pounced at T-Rex. This time, Silver Armored Zombie, undoubtedly, held the advantage; T-Rex was forced to retreat, step by step under the barrage of Silver Armored Zombie’s attacks.


T-Rex used Dragon Roar, although Silver Armored Zombie has a higher rank, it would still be stunned when receiving a Dragon Roar directly.

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Fire Dragon Claw

T-Rex’s small, slender front limbs suddenly emitted flames and formed a large flaming dragon claw.


Fire Dragon Claw left three charred traces on the silver armor of Silver Armored Zombie.

Silver Armored Zombie quickly retreated in pain. However, T-Rex would not allow it to make an escape.

Each time Fire Dragon Claw struck, it would leave traces of damage on the body of Silver Armored Zombie.

Silver Armored Zombie did not relent as well, using the advantage of its high defense, it would counterattack whenever T-Rex attacked it. When exchanging injury for injury, Silver Armored Zombie held an upper edge.

The grey skin of T-Rex was also displaying traces of Silver Armored Zombie’s attacks.


Silver Armored Zombie suddenly used Bodyshock, causing T-Rex to go into a daze. However, T-Rex has a relatively high resistance and was only dizzy for a second.

When it saw an incoming attack, T-Rex could only use Fire Dragon Claw to perform a simple guard.


T-Rex retreated several steps, after the constant exchange of attacks, both parties were covered in injuries. Moreover, that exchange significantly consumed their stamina.

Yang Tian and Hunger Zombie also moved away from each other. Hunger Zombie not only needed to face Yang Tian’s attacks, but it also needed to be careful of Lei Xing’s ambush.

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