Chapter 861 – Boom!

Despite that, Ji Mo Ya sucked in a cold breath, silently. 

That Magic Equipment he used was not common goods, it was one of his few high-level defense equipments.

And it was gone in the blink of an eye.

The lightning continued striking at the shield.

Ji Mo Ya and White Dragon joined forces to create this shield, so it was powerful. Although the shield was broken by the lightning, it managed to counter the lightning as well.

“That’s the Profound Night Cowl, right? It’s gone just like that?” One of the elders said in pity.

Madam Ru replied coldly, “What’s the use of saving so many items? Everything is alright as long as the person is fine.”

The elder realized that he had misspoken and he instantly kept quiet.

From afar, Bai Li Zi Xi was furious. However, her thoughts quickly turned to the fact that even if Ji Mo Ya had relied on a Magic Equipment to resist this time, could he do the same the next time as well? He would come to beg her sooner or later!

And so, she felt calmer.

The sky became darker and darker, as though black ink had  splashed across it. 

Traces of light swam in the clouds like a school of frightened fish which were scattering away. However, soon after, they had gathered together again.

Before anyone could think further, the third Lightning Tribulation fell!

The lightning was thicker and harsher than the one before. Its blinding radiance lit up the dark clouds around it.

The crowd squinted their eyes, unable to look directly at it.

Ji Mo Ya did not have time for a break.  He took a deep breath and threw out another Magic Equipment under the watching eyes of the crowd. 

It sent the spectators in an uproar.

“Wow! As expected of someone from a Great Clan. So wealthy!”

“What a waste. They should give it to me instead!”

“I guarantee that you will get one if you can defend against one Lightning Tribulation, why don’t you try it?”

“I was just kidding. Bro, no need to be sarcastic.”


Contrary to the rest, the people of Ji Mo Clan were silent.

The two Half-Sages were also silent.

Bai Li Zi Xi’s expression did not change, but she was grabbing the railing in front of her tightly. 

The Lightning Tribulation this round was obviously stronger. It still managed to strike White Dragon’s body even after it crushed the Magic Equipment and shield.

White Dragon roared in pain while its body twisted about, it was unknown how substantial were its injuries. 

On the other side, Ji Mo Ya was also sharing the pain, his body was shaking while smoke appeared on top of his head…

It had triggered the anger within Ji Mo Ya instead.

Come on!

Show me what the legendary Lightning Tribulation is made of!

Better to die with pride than to live as a coward!

It was as if the dark clouds had spirit. They rumbled louder when they saw that they have missed the target.

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One lightning after the other flashed within the clouds, causing scalps to go numb when looking at it. 

Soon after, the fourth lightning struck like a gigantic sharp sword!

Ji Mo Ya let out a shout. This time, there was no Magic Equipment, because he had used up everything he has.

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He threw his outer robe aside, slightly parted his legs and quickly moved his hands, forming seals. 

He wanted to set up another shield the moment the first was shattered!

Bai Li Zi Xi frowned. What is this? A final struggle?

Plant Sage knew naturally what Ji Mo Ya was planning, but he thought, “Is that enough?”

A person can only hold up one shield. It was the norm in Spirit Treasure Continent.

How fast is the speed of the Lightning Tribulation?

To activate another shield right after the first one was broken…

How could a human react faster than the speed lightning?

“Believe in miracles!” said Wine Sage.


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