Chapter 860 – That Bit Of Method


The members of the Bai Li Clan did not go far. In a loft, they were observing, secretly.

The expressions on Bai Li Ren and a few other elders were complicated.

Bai Li Zi Xi did her best to display calm externally, but she was fuming on the inside.

Ji Mo Ya does not know what’s right for him. He will eventually regret and come begging her.

Does he think the Heaven Tribulation is child’s play? How many stages can he survive?

When the time comes, she will make him remember this mistake forever! 

Plant Sage and Wine Sage sat, still inside the Holy Court, but they knew everything that had happened outside.

Plant Sage was silent for a long time before finally letting out a sigh, “They are ultimately still young people…!”

Wine Sage took a sip of wine, “Everything has its ways, why force it? There is no need for us old fogies to be concerned.”

Plant Sage was also well aware of this fact, but he could not help but worry when he thought about the danger that Ji Mo Ya would be facing.

However, the people most worried was undoubtedly the members of the Ji Mo Clan.

“Boom! Crack…”

A deafening thunder broke the silence, along with it was blinding lightning that lit up the darkness as it sliced through the sky like a meteor heading towards Cloud Estate.

The dark clouds were hanging so low they could literally touch them with their hands.

Ji Mo Ya grunted and activated several spirit seals in his hand, enabling the spell formation while releasing White Dragon at the same time.

The roar of the irritated dragon rang through half of the Holy City. It could not wait to face the destined tribulation that wanted to strike it down. 

“Be patient. There will be more coming for you later.” Ji Mo Ya said in a low voice and gave it a pat. “No matter what happens, I will face it with you!”

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Just as he spoke, the tribulation lightning fell, but it was stopped by a huge drum that appeared above his head.

“Bzzzz!” The lightning came into contact with the Giant Drum and released a distinct noise, the lightning entered the drum and disappeared.

The Giant Drum shook violently for a moment before everyone saw it split apart and dissipated. 

Ji Mo Ya’s face changed instantly.

That was only the first round, and it had broken the spell that he had carefully prepared. What about the remaining eight rounds…?

The power of the Tribulation Lightning had once more exceeded his imagination!

The crowd faraway commented, “He is indeed humanity’s genius. He managed to defend it so easily!”

“Of course, look at who you are talking about.”

 “You are talking as if you were the one facing the tribulation.”


Bai Li Zi Xi was slightly surprised, but she quickly regained her composure and gave a cold snort.

It would take a lot more than that bit of method to overcome Heaven Tribulation.

The members of Ji Mo Clan calmed down a little.

Plant Sage mumbled to himself, “That kid’s spell formation is unexpectedly strong, how rare.”

Wine Sage glanced at him and took another sip of wine.

Ji Mo Ya’s strength was reaching its limit after delaying the Heaven Tribulation for more than a week. He did not have any time to rest after the first strike.

The first Tribulation Lightning just passed, when another web of lightning appeared in the darkness of the sky, the sparks created by it made it seemed like the sky was collapsing.

The second Tribulation Lightning quickly gathered, turning into the size of an arm before it struck towards White Dragon!

Ji Mo Ya did not hesitate. He threw out a net-like Magic Equipment to face the lightning. 

At the same time, the eager White Dragon summoned all the spirit energy in its body to form a shield. 

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The White Dragon did not know spells, it could only stand with its master and form a spirit shield through the magic equipment.

The Net Magic Equipment disappeared instantly after coming into contact with the lightning and the lightning continued to strike down.

However, the lightning was doubtlessly smaller than before as well. 

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