Chapter 859 – The End Of The World Has Arrived

Ji Mo Ya’s words were like a slap to their faces. It would be pointless to talk about it anymore.

Furthermore, it was not the time to make amends to the Bai Li Clan but to help Ji Mo Ya survive the Heaven Tribulation. 

Ji Mo Ya and Huan Qing Yan looked at each other, they went into Cloud Estate holding hands, ignoring what the others were thinking.

No one could enter once the doors of the estate close and the spell formation get activated, not even celestials.

Just before the door closes, Mu Rong Xin Nuo spoke out, “Cousin, since we can’t change your mind, why don’t you let Miss Huan come with us, so she doesn’t get hurt by the tribulation.” 

Ji Mo Ya replied sternly, “No need.”

He would not allow Huan Qing Yan to leave his sight, especially now when his power was not enough. Moreover, with Madam Ru around, it was possible that they would do something to Little Yan before he could complete his tribulation and be out.

The door closed.

A few King Spirit Masters of Ji Mo Clan, Madam Ru, and Mu Rong Xin Nuo waited outside, sighing and cursing before silence hung in the air.

Ji Mo Kai Yuan said, “Wu Chang had calculated that if the marriage proposal doesn’t work, we will use the second method…”

With that, he took out a small shield. He pointed at it and waved patterns in the air. A glaring white rune appeared and then disappeared into the shield.

Ji Mo Kai Yuan then threw the glowing shield into the air, it quickly expanded before it suddenly turned invisible, disappearing. 

“I did not expect that you would have brought the Sky Blending Celestial Shade! This item will increase Ya Kid’s success rate by 10 percent.” an elder commented. 

Ji Mo Wu Chang said helplessly, “There are truly few treasures that could help resist the Heaven Tribulation. This treasure was given by Sage Lai personally, but even with this, it can only help block one out of nine Lighting Tribulation. The rest will be up to him!”

Everyone kept quiet.

After setting up the Sky Blending Celestial Shade, they looked at the sky above the Holy City which gradually turned darker and darker and then silently left.


Ji Mo Ya reached the Grand Hall of Cloud Estate. The spell formation he set up to handle the Heaven Tribulation was at this spot.

“Little Yan, I’m going to release my Dragon Spirit Treasure to face the tribulation! Don’t come near while I am facing the tribulation. Wait in the resting chamber and enter the dimension. No matter what happens, do not come out until I have completed my tribulation.” 

If it weren’t for Huan Qing Yan’s dimension, he would not have dared to bring her in with him.

Huan Qing Yan did not protest. She could not distract him at a moment like this.

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“Okay, I know.”

Ji Mo Ya watched an obedient Huan Qing Yan walked into the chamber and then entering her dimension, only then did he feel relieved.

The stone ceiling of Cloud Estate slowly shifted opened and turned into an open-air estate.

The Lightning Tribulation would turn the estate into ruins if he did not make such arrangements.

The spell formation was activated along with the change.

Dark clouds had gathered in the sky. 

The people in the entire Holy City felt immense pressure in their hearts, as though the end of the world has arrived. The spirit treasures, insects and beasts all went silent.

The people in the Holy City were all in discussions as they looked at the sky.

“What’s happening? Why is the sky turning dark?”

“Could this be the end of the world? I have not confessed my feelings to Little Hua!”

“You clueless people! This is Young Master Ji Mo’s Heaven Tribulation! Just watch!”

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