Chapter 200- Poison of the Nine Acacias

“Kill me?”

Qin Tian sneered, “Wutian, it would be best to reconsider, else if I were to escape, your secret……”

Qin Tian did not continue but laughed coldly.

The thousand snake army is strong, but Tianji sect is stronger. Wutian understood the capabilities of the sect very well. Now is not yet the time, for his father isn’t around. If Tianji sect really wanted to eradicate them, they would not be able to stand their ground.

The news leaking was a huge threat.

However, Wutian was not afraid. Emitting killing intent, he blandly stated, “You are threatening me?”

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“Qin Tian, don’t you know that only a dead man will keep a secret?”

“Once I kill you and absorb your blood essence, half of the evil fruit of immortality’s power will be mine. I’ll break through the Rebirth realm to the Void Piercing realm. At that time, Liu Shuanghan won’t be my match and I’ll become the first in the Hundred Strong Inner Disciple Ranking Competition. I’ll gain a God-grade tool Fan Tianyin and enter Sky Beyond Sky, finding out the secret behind the Golden Hepta Energy. With that, Tianji sect is mine, haha……”

“È……” Qin Tian shook his head, “What a wonderful imagination, but you need to have the ability to kill me first.”

“Qin Tian, don’t overestimate yourself. If you had not appeared, perhaps I can do nothing. But with your real body here, you won’t be able to leave alive.”

“Thousand snake army, kill.” Wutian cried out.

Thousands of snakes strike towards Qin Tian, burying him within. His flesh was bitten off one after another, blood splattered all over the ground.


Wutian laughed. All of a sudden, his eyes widened, “Illusion?!”

When the snakes strike towards him, Qin Tian did not react but stood still dumbly. When his body was being torn to pieces, he had no reaction too. This was baffling.

Immediately, Wutian thought of the evil fruit of immortality’s power, illusion.


“When did I fall under an illusion?” Wutian narrowed his eyes and bellowed, “Qin Tian, I will not let you off……”


At this moment, Qin Tian had already left the abyss and was within the Thousand Snake Valley.

Wutian and Liu Shuanghan aren’t any good stuff. Hence when Wutian wanted him to appear, he used the evil fruit of immortality illusion power to create a fake body, allowing the real body to leave.

In games, what should one do after stealing a treasure?

Definitely leaving as soon as possible. Who would remain and wait to be killed by others?

Wutian didn’t manage to figure out due to Qin Tian leaving a spiritual mark behind on the fake body. In actual fact, that move wasn’t an illusion, but the evil fruit of immortality’s second skill.

Although the evil fruit of immortality is the treasure of the Thousand Snake Clan, Wutian never absorbed it before. His understanding of it was only in theory, he did not know about its other usages.

Of course, if it was other people and not Qin Tian, who’s shrewder than thieves, they would be in Wutian’s hands.

As he traveled out, he smoothly dealt with 2 rank 9 monsters, removed their cores and a huge chunk of their tender meat.

Singing in delight, he walked out of the Thousand Snake Valley.

“Second Senior Brother, you finally came out.”

“You cannot meet with any mishap, we still need someone to help us vent our hatred.”  

Seeing Qin Tian coming out, the two disciples guarding the entrance of the valley greeted.

In a good mood, Qin Tian spoke, “Relax, wait for the good show.”

Both disciples were tasked to guard such a dangerous place because they offended Zhou Wei. The words Qin Tian spoke excited them greatly,  “Second Senior Brother, we’ll leave everything to you. “

“Seeing how affectionate you are, wait till I deal with Zhou Wei. At that time, you’ll no longer need to guard this place again everyday. “

“Many thanks, Second Senior Brother. “

“Take care, Second Senior Brother. “

Qin Tian waved his hand and carried on towards his residence.

The night was quiet, stars filled the sky.

Qin Tian’s residence shone with red light, before returning back to normal.

“Hehe… …”

Qin Tian laughed, “Success. “

“Who in the world can resist?”

“No matter how pretty a girl is,  she won’t be able to resist. “

“Laozi don’t believe that your icy cold heart won’t melt. “

Qin Tian mumbled and kept the items he refined. He headed towards Yan Xin’s residence.

In his previous world,  he was poor and useless. No girl would fall in love with him, else it would not be necessary for him to settle his urges with the butcher woman next door.

Although he had never been in a relationship, he knew how to chase a girl.

Using two rank 9 cores, he refined two rings which could even move himself. They were specially made for the two sisters, Yan Xin and Yan Bing.

He believed that they will love it a lot after seeing it.

Qin Tian traveled in elation until he heard an argument within Yan Xin’s residence when he got close, “Zhou Wei!”

“You son of a bi*ch dares to steal my woman? Laozi will kill you. “

In a rage, his pace quickened.

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In the wooden house.

“Little Sister Xin, do you still not understand my feelings?”

“Fierce Sun Pillar has many girls, but I only love you. It’s been so many years, can’t you feel it? “

“As long as you follow me, I will treat you well forever. “

Reeking of booze, Zhou Wei stared at Yan Xin lovingly.

Nothing was smooth ever since the appearance of Qin Tian, refinement failed several times in succession. 9 rank cores were refined and actually resulted in spirit tools. He was consumed by hatred towards Qin Tian.

The more he thought about it, the angrier he became. Rage had engulfed him completely. He then thought about Yan Xin and lust erupted within him, “Laozi will eat you today. I’ve already lost my patience……”  

“Zhou Wei, roll out for me!”

Yan Bing was incensed and she pointed her finger at Zhou Wei.

Barging in reeking of booze, Yan Bing sensed that something was amiss. His words agitated her greatly, making her wish that she could just give him a few slaps to cool herself off.

“None of your business, stay at the side.”

Zhou Wei swept his hand and Rebirth force shot out like an extension of his arm.

Yan Bing was only in the rank 9 Ascension realm, where would she get the strength to resist?


She flew a few Zhangs away, landing onto the ground heavily.

[1 Zhang is about 3.3m]

Zhou Wei’s face turned ugly and he stammered in shock, “My apologies, my apologies, it was an accident. I…I was too rash. Little Sister Bing, please forgive me.”

Yan Bing climbed up with eyes seemingly spurting out flames. A hit is a hit, what’s with the ‘Little Sister Bing’ after that? What’s with the ‘forgive me’ after that? “Zhou Wei, Lao Niang is not done with you!”

Immediately, a crimson sword appeared in her hand which thrust towards Zhou Wei.

Yan Bing was a hot-tempered girl, whether she could achieve victory or not doesn’t bother her in the slightest. She was currently like an enraged lioness, no one could stop her.

The edge of Zhou Wei’s mouth rose up as his plans resurfaced in his mind, “I’ll let you taste the poison of the nine acacias and turn you into a sl*t first before dealing with your sister. One dragon with two phoenix. Even if this incident was reported to master, I just need to act drunk. Let’s see what you can do to Laozi.”

He already had a plan.

Drink some booze, act drunk, enjoy life and then act as if he couldn’t remember anything.

It was truly sinister.

At the sight of Yan Bing’s sword thrust, Zhou Wei revealed a flustered expression. He spun and his sleeves swayed, scattering out the poison of the nine acacias.

Seeing the white dust-like powder, Yan Bing did not think too much. “Zhou Wei, if you don’t get out, don’t blame Lao Niang for mistreating you.”

“Yan Bing.”

Yan Xin walked towards Yan Bing’s side and lowered her(YB) sword. “Eldest Senior Brother, please leave. This place doesn’t welcome you.”

“Little Sister Xin, must you be so cold?”

“You still dare to say Little Sister Xin, Lao Niang will pierce you……” Yan Bing cursed and wanted to rush forward, but was stopped by Yan Xin.

At this moment, Zhou Wei was inwardly laughing maniacally, “Good, continue to circulate your Inner Qi and let the poison of the nine acacias show effect quicker. Soon, your body will burn and you will beg Laozi for mercy.”

Zhou Wei took a step forward, revealing an expression of loneliness, wanting to speak but swallowing the words back. He took a deep breath and waved his sleeves, dust-like powder scattered all over. “All right, I’ll leave.”

Yan Xin did not take notice of it, assuming it to be dust.

A few seconds later, he remained unmoving.

“Didn’t you say you’re leaving? Why haven’t you left?” Yan Bing questioned angrily.

“Leave? Where should I go?”


“Soon, you’ll be begging me to remain……”

Zhou Wei laughed lustfully, the moment he was waiting for so many years was finally coming.

“Zhou Wei, you shameless bastard……”

Yan Bing cursed, before feeling her body burning all of a sudden. Her face started to turn red and she began removing the sash around her robe, “So hot… so hot……”

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“Yan Bing, what’s wrong?” Yan Xin was anxious. Zhou Wei’s lustful expression made her furious, “Zhou Wei, what did you do to her?”

Yan Xin had never felt so angry before. The sight of Yan Bing tearing her robe apart made her wish to kill Zhou Wei.

“Poison of the nine acacias, great stuff. I’ve sacrificed a lot just to get my hands on it. And how do you feel, Yan Bing? It will soon get even hotter, haha……”


Killing intent emerged. All of a sudden, her body was also attacked with a wave of heat.

Yan Xin was startled and she guarded her state of mind.

“Stop wasting your efforts. The poison of the nine acacias is a grade 10 saint medicine. Not only you, even Universe realm experts would not be able to force out the poison. Just remove your clothes obediently and let us enter the forbidden zone together.”


Zhou Wei was delighted beyond measure!

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