Chapter 201 – Unbearable!


Yan Bing struggled to tear open her white robe, revealing her jade-like skin and her white undergarment. She bit her lips and her eyes blurred as her brows wrinkled. “Sister… Sister… I can’t tolerate this anymore… Kill… Kill me.”

Her body was burning hot, as though small, hot bugs were crawling all over her body. A sinister flame rose up. At this moment, Yan Bing’s mind had fallen into a state of semi-confusion.

Yan Xin firmly guarded her consciousness, fighting as hard as she could to resist. However, the more she used her Qi, the stronger the desire. It was just like fanning the flames. Seeing Yan Bing’s expression of suffering, Yan Xin felt extremely pained. Staring at Zhou Wei with cold eyes, she angrily said, “Zhou Wei, hand over the antidote quickly.”



“Good, good, good.”

Zhou Wei laughed loudly, saying “good” three times. Immediately, he untied his robes and spoke excitedly, “I am the antidote. Wait till we have fun and the poison will naturally be cured, haha……”

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“Zhou Wei, you…you……”

Yan Xin was speechless. Furiously, she stared at Zhou Wei with killing intent.

In return, she received a lewd stare from Zhou Wei, “Little Sister Xin, I know you hate me now and want to kill me. But wait till we venture through danger and brace the storm. At that time, you will no longer be able to leave me, haha.”

:I…I…I want……:”

Like a cat that smelled fishes, Yan Bing crawled towards Zhou Wei.

“Yan Bing.” Yan Xin pushed herself to hold Yan Bing down. At this very moment, her body was also burning hot. She desired to have her clothes removed.

“I want……want……”

Yan Bing struggled, wanting to pounce at Zhou Wei.

“She needs a man, haha……”

“Little Sister Xin, soon you will be just like her, crawling before me to lick my toes, becoming the sluttiest slut under the heavens, haha……”

“I’ve treated you with sincerity, yet you’ve turned a blind eye towards it. Today, I’ll let you taste my prowess. Come, Little Sister Xin, let us brace the dangers together.”

Zhou Wei had removed his outerwear completely, leaving only his underwear on him which was greatly expanded. Palm to palm, his hands moved. Seeing Yan Xin still maintaining her firmness, he laughed, “Little Sister Xin, stop the futile struggle. The poison of the nine acacias’s antidote is man. Once we venture through the unknown together, everything will be fine.”

“It will do you no good if you continue to struggle.”

“Look how uncomfortable Little Sister Bing is. If she doesn’t get a man soon, she may be burnt to death by those sinister flames……”

“Come, my precious!”

With that, Zhou Wei walked up towards them.

“Snatching Laozi’s woman, courting death.”

A dense, murderous aura erupted outside the door. As Qin Tian entered the room, he saw Yan Bing’s clothes torn into pieces and Yan Xin’s red face with a painful expression.

Upon seeing Zhou Wei, Qin Tian roared thunderously and threw a punch.

When Yan Xin saw Qin Tian, she suddenly felt relieved in her heart even though she was unsure why. The turbulence that she felt in her heart mysteriously quietened as though she had clutched a life-saving straw in the ocean.

A violent temper flashed across Zhou Wei’s eyes. Hearing the burst of air behind him, his heart immediately shook and he turned his head to see Qin Tian. A wave of inexplicable anger suddenly surged forth and he shot out a punch.


Two punches collided with each other and a dull crash sounded.

Qin Tian was pushed back and immediately retreated to the corner of the room to stabilize himself. Staring in shock, his heart thudded dully. “Rank 4 Berserk……”

“Qin Tian, you keep ruining my good intentions. Today, Laozi will resolve everything with you.”

Zhou Wei snorted coldly, thinking back when he had been degraded a few days earlier. He was filled with anger that he spat out everything he ate during the next few days, even almost spitting out his Dantian.

Seeing Qin Tian right now, both his eyes became red. His Rebirth Force instantly exploded and a powerful pressure surged out. Looking at Qin Tian, he smiled, “Let’s see who will save you today…”

The aura of his Rebirth Force was like a mountain weighing a million pounds. Qin Tian’s eyes trembled slightly as his heart felt heavy, feeling breathless.

“Emperor’s Descend, suppress the world, come forth.”


Qin Tian did not want to say anything else. There was only one thought in his mind and that was to kill him.

The azure dragon burst out of the void, immediately reinforcing Qin Tian. At the same time, the colossal elephant also reinforced his body. A thick aura shielded Qin Tian’s body, desperately resisting the pressure of Zhou Wei’s Rebirth Force.

The Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture was a godly ability that Qin Tian had cultivated to the third stage. The power that erupted was immense, but it also consumes his Qigong greatly.

Emperor’s descend blessed him with godly power. He felt a little relieved. Immediately, the azure dragon’s illusory figure extended outwards, rushing towards Zhou Wei.

“Merely at the rank 3 Ascension realm and you want to fight me, courting death.”

Zhou Wei was not flustered in the slightest. As he saw the powerful dragon body charging towards him, he smiled coldly. The power of his Rebirth Force suddenly increased, a long sword appearing in his hand, glinting. It was clearly extraordinary at first glance.

His face showed a disdainful sneer, brows knitted firmly. Rebirth Force permeated his blade as he wielded the sword.

At once, the room was filled with a blue light and the incomparably strong Sword Qi slashed violently.

The azure dragon’s long horn was chopped off and the illusionary figure dissipated. Facing the sword of rebirth, Qin Tian’s heart sank. To him, the Rebirth realm was still incomparably powerful. It seemed that it would not be possible to defeat Zhou Wei using only his own strength.

Glancing out of the corner of his eye at Yan Bing and Yan Xin, he felt anxious.

By now, Yan Xin was also unable to withstand it, her face crimson and her heart swaying. Yan Bing was more lascivious, even her silk undergarment had been torn into pieces, twin peaks faintly visible. Both of her hands were constantly touching herself, kneading her chest. The poison of the nine acacias was in full effect.

If this was dragged on any longer, the two of them may not be able to resist it.

“Little Demon.”

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“Boss, I have long been ready.”

“Good, listen to my command.”

“Boss, rest assured. Even daring to snatch boss’ woman, he must be killed.”

Within the Dantian, the Little Demon’s body was bigger than yesterday. He had absorbed the Datura, the flower of immortality, which made him grow stronger. Looking at Zhou Wei’s disdainful face, he was already angry. He could not wait to come out and crush him.

Qin Tian avoided the blue light of the sword. His face darkened as he sped up. From all directions, countless number of shadows were formed, directly surging forward.

“Too slow.”

Zhou Wei smiled savagely. Facing a roomful of shadows, he was calm without any trace of panic. He felt that Qin Tian was unworthy, being in the rank three Ascension realm. How could he be his opponent?

Watching Qin Tian’s charge, Zhou Wei waved his long sword in an arc, the sword emitting a buzz. Seeing that Qin Tian was almost upon him, he suddenly thrust the sword upwards.

“Little Demon…” Qin Tian called out the command in his heart.

Inside the Dantian, the Little Demon smiled, “Understood.”

“Great Art of Control, Thousand Winding Threads, controlling all.”

“Ci, ci, ci…”

Sharp cutting sounds like that of glass being sliced apart filled the room.

Many felt their eardrums turn numb, including Qin Tian. In a split second, Zhou Wei’s body was motionless, the anger in his eyes frozen in place. Reflected in the pupils of his eyes was Qin Tian lunging forward.

“Go and die.”

 Qin Tian put all his strength into this two fists and relentlessly punched Zhou Wei in the chest.


With a tremendous crash, Zhou Wei was like a kite that had snapped free of its line. The violent impact sent him back, breaking through the wooden walls and falling down into the abyss below.

After a long while, a sound burst out from the deep darkness, a pitiful, irregular sound, “Ah…”


Qin Tian breathed heavily. The problem of Zhou Wei was dealt with, but there was an even bigger problem still waiting for him to solve.

“Qin Tian… I… I want… Hurry…”

Against Zhou Wei, Yan Bing had harbored a trace of resistance in her heart. Now that there was only Qin Tian in the room, she felt no resistance. Right now she only had one thought; to pull off Qin Tian’s clothes and form a union…

Qin Tian had no time to react. Yan Bing hugged his thighs, climbing up with her lithe body. Without waiting for Qin Tian’s reply, her tongue reached into Qin Tian’s mouth, sucking crazily.

The fragrance emitted from Yan Bing filled his nose, her twin peaks slightly firm, pressing against Qin Tian. The evil being below the waist had been provoked…

“Qin Tian… Give… Give me… Hurry…”

Yan Bing’s hands drifted around Qin Tian’s neck, her breath was fragrant. Between words, her long tongue kept reaching inside Qin Tian’s mouth.

“Yan Bing, Yan Bing, calm down a bit.”

Qin Tian pushed her away hard, turning his head to shout. However, he found that Yan Bing was surprisingly strong currently.

Without waiting for him to finish, she was already biting him.

“Qin Tian, save us…”

Her entire body was rosy and she was now breathing heavily. The iceberg-like Yan Xin also felt desire rippling through her at this moment. Looking at Qin Tian with burning eyes, the clothes on her body were mostly gone. The two well-maintained twin peaks were like bomb shots, able to swallow up a man’s eyes.

Her eyes were unfocused as she laid in a half-lying position on the ground. Out of control, she pulled at the last piece of clothing on her body.


The last piece of clothing was torn to pieces and Yan Xin’s body was revealed.


Qin Tian gulped. He was not able to tear his eyes away from Yan Xin’s body. With her enchanting eyes and delicate white body, she was like a perfect piece of art.

For Qin Tian, it was the first time he had seen such a perfect naked body.

At this moment, Yan Xin looked at him with burning gazes. Without thinking, she approached Qin Tian step by step and with each step, feminine sounds came from her mouth. The sounds and the swaying of her twin peaks brought infinite temptation.

(Note: Moans)

“Damn it, I can’t resist anymore.”

Qin Tian’s heartbeat accelerated and he could no longer control the burning sensation in his heart. Like an octopus, Yan Bing was feeling all over him blindly. When she touched his ‘little brother’, he was suddenly excited.

Qin Tian shook violently, shrinking back slightly.

“I’m not a casual man, but I’ve decided to be casual just this time!”

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