Chapter 335: Ye Jian, you’re too Haughty

The vice principal, who had finally stopped sweating after much effort, now had beads of sweat dripping off from his chin. Realizing Ye Jian still dared to pressure him, he slammed his hand on the table and shouted, “You’re acting so rebelliously! Do you even intend to continue your studies?”

“Yes I do, of course I do.”

Facing the vice principal, who had become enraged out of embarrassment, Ye Jian’s smile was still equally unconcerned. When she replied “yes”, the Vice Principal snorted. He pointed at the acceptance letter that was torn to shreds and hollered furiously, “You do? And you are still capable of thinking, look at what you have done…”

“I still do, but if I do intend to continue, I definitely won’t study at your school.” Ye Jian spoke unhurriedly, in a tone that could infuriate anyone, and she continued slowly with a smirk on her face, “That’s why I have decided that I am really not going to continue studying.”

“I’m really sorry, and you had to personally come all the way here. I also don’t intend to trouble the school too much. I’m not continuing my studies; I’m not enrolling in this school – everyone is satisfied.” Finishing in that manner, Ye Jian playfully winked at the vice principal. She turned around and the crowd automatically parted, and she exited the vice principal’s field of vision through the ‘path’ created.


Truthfully, this result was … something that no one had anticipated.

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When the vice principal, who was flushed with rage, chased after her, Ye Jian was already nowhere to be seen. As for the crowd behind him … It had garnered the students’ admiration of Ye Jian.

She’s so cool! When she said that she would tear the paper apart, she really did! When she said that she was going to quit school, she really did!

How is she so confident and at ease! With such a personality to boot, too! If it were them in her place, who would dare to do so? None of them would!

“She’s that girl who received the gold medal in Australia … Oh my, she’s so awesome! She’s so bad*ss!”

“No wonder, just based on the kind of results she has, she’s free to pick which school she goes to.” 

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“If I was as smart as her, I could also say cool stuff like ‘I’m quitting school’. But no, after my tremendous efforts, I barely got into First City High. She, on the other hand … She rejected both First Provincial High and the Capital’s First Experimental High.”

When the Vice Principal, who hadn’t yet left, heard those words, he almost puked out blood!

A student tore apart her acceptance letter, and … and also said that she would quit in front of him. This … How was he going to explain this to his superiors!

“Principal, we have a bit of trouble now. Ye Jian just tore apart our school’s acceptance letter and announced in front of the parents and students enrolling that she’s quitting the school.” Standing under the blazing sun, the vice principal, who was covered in sweat, immediately called the principal, who was having a meeting with the city’s leadership and continued, “The commotion she started was completely unexpected. What do you think we should do now?”

The Principal of City High was now terribly busy. After hearing the complaints of his vice principal, his head started hurting even more, “Why is that kid so disobedient to us teachers! What’s so bad about her being a guest student at our school? She can still enjoy all of the school’s necessary educational resources! You get her calmed down, I’m still in a meeting right now, I’ll go there personally to convince her after I’m done here.”

“You should also tell her that the school has problems on our own, and we are trying our best to provide her with better benefits.” First City High’s Principal was also feeling helpless. He, too, desired for the school to have such an excellent student, but his superiors had spoken and given him an order. No matter how badly he didn’t want to do it, the best he could do was with their current decision.

The point was: he had fought to at least keep her as a guest student!

Hearing the principal’s order, the vice principal’s face became even more unsightly, “She’s gone; by the time I ran after her, she was already long gone.”

Of course, Ye Jian, who had already made her decision to leave, wouldn’t allow the vice principal to find her. After she found Zhang Jingyi, she joyfully said to him with confidence and ease, “I’m sorry, I can’t accompany you for the three years of high school here. I’m taking a break from school to play around. Zhang Jingyi, study well. I’ll be watching you! Good luck!”

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