Chapter 336: She’s That Domineering

The village boy, Zhang Jingyi, who was standing outside, didn’t know what had happened inside. All he could see was Ye Jian pulling her luggage and moving so quickly that it seemed like she had wheels on her feet. She hopped onto a bus that was headed to god knows where … and just like that, she was gone.

She wasn’t afraid of quitting school. Instead, she was afraid that if she didn’t move faster, then it would be troublesome when the vice principal caught up to her!

Ye Zifan, I’ll let your wish come true for this year. It just so happened that she didn’t really want to spend three years in high school.

Ye Jian, who didn’t really want to be too far away from Principal Chen and Grandpa Gen, now had enough reasons to take a leave of absence from school for a year. That same night, she started her joyful journey back to Fu Jun town.

How would Ye Jian, who had gone home, know that she had become the center character of the most impressive news of their city? She tore apart her acceptance letter in front of so many students and announced in front of them that she was quitting school! To act as haughtily as she did, one had to possess the necessary qualifications and qualities.

It just so happened that Ye Jian also had the necessary qualifications and qualities to act as such.

Meanwhile, the whole of Anyang city was in an uproar because of Ye Jian’s actions, causing First City High, which was already in the spotlight, to be flooded with another wave of discussions and complaints.

After Secretary Wu was notified of this, he broke three glasses in succession, and he also broke the chair in his office after kicking it one too many times.

“Corruption, corruption! Bureaucrats! Bureaucrats!! They’re hopeless, the lot of them are beyond redemption!” All of his efforts were now officially wasted, and it also caused the Education Bureau to face a huge setback! No wonder Secretary Wu was so enraged.

Principal Chen accepted Secretary Wu’s phone call, but he kept it brief, “Secretary Wu, I’m only worried that the kid’s future will be destroyed once she enters the school. I’m more relieved that she didn’t. The lass is intelligent. If she’s taking a leave this year, then so be it, it’ll be the same if she continues from next year.


For Ye Jian to act haughtily, she had to have someone, a family member behind her back that can support her acts of arrogance!

After hearing that, what could Secretary Wu reply with? He let out a long sigh, “It’s me. I almost wronged Ye Jian.”

It’s not quite a wrong yet, at least Ye Jian quit school happily, so it wasn’t really a ‘wrong.’

Not only did Secretary Wu call him, but the next day, Principal Chen also received a phone call from First Provincial High’s Principal Cao, and this principal immediately started his line of questioning, “Old Chen, what’s the meaning of this! Did First City High explain their reasons! They forced a brilliant student to quit school? And tearing apart the acceptance letter in the spur of the moment! This, we need an explanation for this!”

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They, First Provincial High, allowed a good seedling to leave their grasp with gritted teeth while gulping back blood, who knew … the school that managed to be graced with her presence did not cherish the opportunity, but instead, they forced her to quit school!

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“You get Ye Jian to report to First Provincial High in two days; our school gates are unconditionally opened for her!” Principal Cao had personally witnessed Ye Jian’s abilities, and even personally sent her to the capital, and then overseas to participate in competitions, so he completely believed in her abilities!

He firmly believed that Ye Jian was worth waiting for by the school!

After Principal Chen heard that, even his eyes were smiling. He replied joyously, “Old Cao, I’ll thank you for that. As to where the child is studying next year, we really haven’t decided. Let me tell you the truth. In the summer, Ye Jian glanced through high schools’ textbooks, and I also gave her a test. The average top schools aren’t a problem for her.”

“That’s why, it’s not too big of a deal for her to take a one year leave of absence, but I still have to thank you on behalf of that kid.”

Principal Cao listened to his friend’s speech. After quite some time, he asked inquisitively, “So, Ye Jian … really quit school out of her own will?”

“You’re correct, only recently did I know that the kid didn’t want to study in high school for three years. She rather believes that … it’s a waste of her own time, and I  support her decision.” Principal Chen did not hide the truth, and he continued chatting on with Principal Cao with a smile on his face.

After ending the phone call, Principal Cao relaxedly drank a cup of herbal tea. In such hot weather, drinking herbal tea cooled down his whole body, and it felt extremely enjoyable.

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