Chapter 337: Complacent Crook

There was a phone call from the province, and Director Li had also phoned him; they also hoped for Ye Jian to report to their schools for enrollment because student files had to be recorded into the educational system as soon as possible. Once the deadline had passed, no more files could be submitted.

Principal Chen’s answer was still the same: let Ye Jian take a year’s leave; everything else could be discussed next year.

Who was the happiest because of this event? Naturally, it was Ye Zifan and his family.

When Ye Zifan, who was going through enrollment procedures in First Provincial High while buying necessities and sundries for Ye Ying, received the phone call about the event, he had to suppress the happiness in his heart. Instead, he spoke in a distressed tone, “This kid, this kid! They only wanted for her to admit her mistakes, who would have known that she was that rebellious to not even respect her teachers, making impertinent remarks, and even dared to tear apart her acceptance letter!”

“This event, it really isn’t your fault. When I return, I’ll definitely extend you a formal apology, it really is … Sigh, I didn’t expect her to be this bold!”

Another long sigh, another apology – it seemed like he was extremely distressed.

Once he ended the phone call, Ye Zifan was heavily laughing even while paying the bills. Stupid little girl, how dare you challenge me in a battle of wits? Ha, just once was enough to put her in her place!

Ye Ying stood there in disbelief, “Dad, you … are you really sure that she tore apart her acceptance letter? Really? Truthfully?”

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“Of course, why would Dad lie to you?” Ye Zifan placed the toothpaste and toothbrush on the table and replied to his daughter, who had her brows cocked upwards, “Ying Ying, Ye Jian was never your equal, and there’s no need for you to treat her as your opponent. Did you see, Dad remained calm and collected until it was the right time to move, and when I did, I sliced away her future!”

“Ying Ying, remember this, don’t act before you plan, but plan before you act – that is the best plan! The small arguments that you have made in the past, those will only do you harm.”

His words were much more meaningful than Sun Dongqing’s, and they were also much more convincing to Ye Ying. Ye Ying, who was so happy that her face flushed with joy, answered excitedly, “I know Dad, I know! I’ll follow Dad’s advice!”

Ye Jian, Ye Jian … What skills do you have to contest with me, hahaha, what skills do you have! 

I’m now studying in the best school in the province, and you, you can only quit school! Hahaha, you said to let me wait, deal, and now I’ll wait! I’ll wait for the day that you make a fool of yourself, and the day that you live your life worse than livestock!

Not only was her smile dark, but it was also very sinister.

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It was as if she had seen the unsightly days of Ye Jian’s future, the day that she became one among the royalty and Ye Jian a slave.

“Ying Ying, work harder now. Dad can help you now, but eventually, you will have to walk your future. Ye Jian is nothing to be afraid of. A person who can’t even study in high school … No matter how amazing she is, she can only stay at the bottom of the social hierarchy.”

Ye Zifan reminded Ye Ying all the time that she needed to use her own trump cards to get the life that she desired. “Don’t always think about Ye Jian. You have to mold yourself into someone whom she can never dream of being close to!”

Once she thought about how Ye Jian would always be inferior to herself, Ye Ying suddenly felt that the haze clouding her judgment had been swept away. She hugged Ye Zifan’s arm and said affectionately, “Dad, I know, I know! Rest assured, I used to throw tantrums all the time because of Ye Jian, but I won’t anymore. She’s always been inferior to me, and she will stay that way in the future! I’ll make you proud! I definitely will!”

Sun Dongqing, who was hanging the clothes outside to dry, still didn’t know about this. Only when they had gone back to Fu Jun town did Ye Zifan tell her about it.

She knew that in no time, all of the villagers in Shui Kou village would catch wind of it. Each and every one of them would feel sorry for Ye Jian. She was such a good kid, and clearly, she had such a bright future ahead of her, but she somehow destroyed it by her very own hands.

destroyed it by her very own hands.

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