Chapter 43: No.12

“Mo Wentian, you better obtain a spot in today’s Battle of the Sword Son contest. Otherwise…”

Coldness flashed in Mo Yizhan’s eyes as he spoke to Mo Wentian.

“Patriarch can be at ease. I know what to do!” Mo Wentian smiled indifferently.

He was certainly going to obtain the position of Sword Son.

The contest over the position of Sword Son was not for Mo Family. Rather, was for… himself!

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As long as he became the sword son, he would be able to participate in the ranking battle, between the four cities. Following which, he would be able to join the Three Great Sword Sects. Furthermore, the sword son title wasn’t just for show. There were some benefits to it as well.

According to tradition, whoever obtained the sword son position would be awarded a spiritual crystal stone from the Central Sword City. A spiritual crystal stone is the essence of spiritual stones which has accumulated a large amount of dense spiritual qi.

If it was the Mo Wentian a few days ago, he wouldn’t care about it too much. But now that he had refined his undying body art to the first layer, his physique would be sufficient to fight against those Leaving Sword Realm swordsman once he had sufficient spiritual qi.

Therefore, not only does Mo Wentian wished to obtain the sword son position, he wanted the spiritual crystal stone as well!

“En en!” Mo Yizhan nodded his head satisfyingly. Subsequently, he yelled: “Mo family disciples, follow me to where the Battle of the Sword Son is held!”

“Yes!” Those Mo Family disciples that were in the hall turned excited instantly.

Finally, the Battle of the Sword Son was about to start and a group of people made haste towards the centre of the East Sword City in a majestic manner.


At the centre of the East Sword City.

A ten feet tall arena was located. This arena existed for countless years and would only be used during the Battle of the Sword Son. Meanwhile, countless martial artists had gathered around the arena. The Battle of the Sword Son was the grandest event in the East Sword City. No sword cultivators here would be willing to miss such a spectacular scene.

“Mo Family disciples are here!” An uproar arose instantly along with the emergence of the Mo Family’s disciples.

“Mo Yizhan, you came!” A cold voice echoed over. Two terrifying mighty aura soared from the audience’s seat. They were from Yuan Family’s Patriarch, Yuan Tianmo and Qiu Family’s Patriarch, Qiu Li!

Both of them were in the Four Constellation Realm and are also two out of the three great swordmasters in the East Sword City.

“Hahaha… Brother Yuan and Brother Qiu had arrived quite early!” Mo Yizhan laughed. In a flash, he disappeared from his spot. When he reappeared, he was already at one of the audience’s seats.

“What a fast speed!” Mo Wentian eyes flashed in radiance. The movement arts that Mo Yizhan executed was at least in the peak of the black grade!

“Where’s Mo Han?” It was at this moment, an alarmed cry echoed out suddenly. When the cry resonated out, countless eyes fell onto the Mo Family. Behind the grand elder Mo Yu, there were only Mo Wentian and four other disciples. There was not a trace of Mo Han around.

“Hmph…” Mo Yizhan harrumphed coldly. His eyes were flickering in coldness.

“Hahaha… Perhaps, you realize your Mo Family no longer stands a chance. Therefore, Mo Han had decided to become an ostrich to avoid being humiliated in front of so many people?”

It was at this moment that a cold mockery rang out. Everyone turned their eyes towards the direction where the sound originated from. A youngster walked out unhurriedly. His face was filled with arrogance but the aura on him was extremely sharp.

Qiu Yuan, 3rd layer of Leaving Sword Realm!

He was the number one genius of the Qiu Family and also the most popular candidate that would likely obtain the sword son position in the East Sword City.

“It’s Qiu Yuan!”

“Qiu Yuan has come. I heard that Qiu Li had purchased three Leaving Sword Pills three days ago. I’m afraid the current Qiu Yuan had already reached the 4th layer of Leaving Sword Realm!”

“4th layer of Leaving Sword Realm? Isn’t this too terrifying? Wouldn’t he seize the sword son position easily?!”


Instantly, discussions could be heard around the arena.

When Qiu Family’s Patriarch, Qiu Li, heard those conversations, he grew complacent. Meanwhile, the expression of Yuan Tianmo and Mo Yizhan turned gloomy instantly.

It was the 4th layer of Leaving Sword Realm they were talking about! With this cultivation, he would be countless of times stronger than their disciples. Even if Mo Han had participated, he wouldn’t be able to withstand several moves!

“Indeed, Mo Han didn’t come. However, it wasn’t because he had become an ostrich. Rather, he was crippled by someone else!” It was at this moment that another cold voice resonated.

“Crippled?” Everyone was shocked. Even the other two patriarchs had also glanced over in astonishment. And the person who spoke of this was Mo Qingcheng!

“Qingcheng…” The coldness in Mo Yizhan’s eyes rose drastically.

“Mo Han had been crippled by others? What a joke. Who would dare to cripple Mo Han in the Mo Family?” Qiu Yuan laughed coldly while looking at Mo Qingcheng.

“Him!” Mo Qingcheng gaze fell onto Mo Wentian.

Instantly, everyone vision had been gathered onto Mo Wentian.

“It’s him?” Coldness had also exploded out in Qiu Yuan’s eyes. In the past, it was Mo Wentian who had snatched away the Vermilion Fruits before the many geniuses.

“Hahaha… You are saying the number one Mo Family’s trash had managed to cripple Mo Han? Mo Qingcheng, you need not find such a crappy excuse, even if Mo Han wishes to become an ostrich!” A mockery resonated out. When everyone turned their head around, they say Yuan Chong staring at Mo Qingcheng in sarcasm.

“How is this possible? Mo Han was a Leaving Sword Realm swordsman. Although Mo Wentian had awakened his spiritual root, it was only a useless 1st grade spiritual root. How could he possibly defeat Mo Han!”

“That’s right!”

“If a trash is able to defeat Mo Han, isn’t Mo Family filled with trash?”


Everyone stared at Mo Wentian in disdain, even though they knew that Mo Wentian had murdered Qiu Sanjin. However, Qiu Sanjin’s cultivation was only at the Pinnacle of the Qi Condensation Realm at that time.

“Cough cough…”

Mo Wentian felt the need to explain himself after he saw the audiences started to discuss about him. After coughing lightly, Mo Wentian advanced a step. Immediately after, he chuckled: “I used too much strength and had accidentally crippled him!

Not sure if these two geniuses would be crippled by me as well!”


“He wish to cripple Qiu Yuan as well? But Qiu Yuan is a genius at the 4th layer of Leaving Sword Realm!”

“Mo Wentian is too arrogant. Mo Han was just a trash if he had been crippled by him. However, Yuan Chong and Qiu Yuan are the absolute geniuses of our East Sword City!”


Anger could be seen in the disciples from both of the clans. Even Yuan Tianmo and Qiu Li were glaring at Mo Wentian. ‘Mo Han was actually being crippled by Mo Wentian.’

“Battle of the Sword Son begins!”

The arena quietened down only after Mo Yizhan had shouted out coldly. However, everyone continued to look at Mo Wentian in disdain. It was as if they were waiting to watch Mo Wentian make a joke out of himself.

“Some people would only know they had been injured after they see blood!” Mo Wentian eye’s were extremely apathetic as he smiled coldly.

Mo Wentian had never once treated the Battle of the Sword Son a competition. Rather, he only came because of the Sword Son position as well as the spiritual crystal stones. As for the two geniuses from the Yuan and Qiu Family, he wouldn’t mind awakening them from their dreams if they dared to provoke him!

“All the disciples that are participating from the 3 clans are to come forward to draw lots!”

Mo Yizhan shouted. Following which, 12 silhouettes could be seen walking to the arena. Among the 12; 4 were from each family. Other than Mo Wentian and Mo Qingcheng who were from the Mo Family, there was also Mo Xuan and Mo Yu, who were from the tutelage of the grand elder and second elder.

“I will personally kill you myself, Mo Wentian!” Qiu Yuan glared at Mo Wentian as killing intent surged within his eyes.

“Qiu Yuan, this brat is mine. Since he dared to snatch the Vermilion Fruit before me, I wish to let him experience what is called despair!” Yuan Chong eyes were incomparably detached.

“I’m waiting!” Mo Wentian smiled nonchalantly when he saw how desperate both of them wished to kill him. After he drew a lot, he went back to the audience’s seat.

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“I’m number 3!”

“I’m number 7!”


Mo Xuan and Mo Yu had picked the 7th and 3rd lots respectively.

“Brother Wentian, what number are you?” Suddenly, Mo Xuan inquired curiously.

“12!” Mo Wentian replied tranquilly.

“I’m also number 12!” A cold voice echoed over and the person who spoke was Mo Qingcheng!

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